Arrival in a new country often leads to confusion and disarray. Sometimes travelling from point A to point B can be a disaster without the convenience of our guide to public transportation, bus schedules, certified travel agencies, airport shuttles and cab services. All of our suggested modes of transportation provide a reliable and efficient way to navigate on unfamiliar territory.


Public Transportation: Public transportation serves as a convenient and low cost option for reaching desired destinations. Times and locations account for the widespread range of Washtenaw County inhabitants and travelers.

The RIDE (Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, AATA)

The Ride is one of Washtenaw Counties modes of public transportation. Fares for single rides with no ID are $1, students with ID, seniors between the ages of 60-64, and individuals with Medicare/Medicaid cards pay a reduced fee of $0.50 per ride. Seniors 65 and over pay $0.25 and children under the age of five ride free. 30 day passes are also available for purchase. Route and schedule information is provided on the website as well as by phone (734-996-0400 ). The Ride will only stop at one of their 1500 designated bus stop signs. The AATA also provides a senior ride, a night ride, and a holiday ride.

UMTS (University of Michigan Transportation Services)

The University of Michigan provides transportation and commuter services. Any one is free to use these services to get around campus. The buses go between north campus, central, south campus, and Northwood. Buses run on the weekends however there are fewer active buses during the weekend causing a longer wait time. During the week the buses usually run at a good pace and waiting time is only around 5 minutes.

MPT (City of Milan Public Transit, City Bus)

Milan Public Transit buses run on Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm. Rides can be scheduled for that day or for future dates. Milan Public Transit boasts curb to curb service and buses equiped with lift services. Personal care persons ride for free. Fees range from free to $3.75 and depend on where the final destination is located. Fees are higher for rides outside city limits. These services can be used for doctor's appointments, transportation to after school activities, the library, or parks.


Travel Agencies: Travel agencies serve as an additional service of professional helping individual on the most personal of levels. Although standard rates often apply, a complete assessment of competing travel companies are collected and presented for your discretion.

STA Student Travel - 1218 S. University Ave 734-998-0200 or 528 S. State St 734-769-2555

STA Student Travel was created with a student's budget in mind. They aim to provide affordable travel options to those that wish to explore the world. They offer value, flexibility, first hand experience, and genuine advice. They have special agreements with airlines and land products that ensure the lowest prices and the best service for their customers. Customers are protected through insurance policies built into the travel deals. The global distribuition of STA offices ensures that customer will be able to get help or ask questions whenever they arise.

Conlin Travel - 3270 Washtenaw Ave 734-477-6000

Conlin Travel agency has been serving the Ann Arbor area since 1958. Conlin travel is not just one agency, but a family of interconnected agencies that ensure the lowest prices for customers. They specialize in all types of travel from business to vacation and even specialty travel. Conlin travel is partners with American Express. They offer a long list of services that include on-line travel booking, vacation planning, corporate travel management, and athletic tours.


Great Lakes Cruises - 3270 Washtenaw Avenue 888-891-0203  

Great Lakes Cruises was created with the intention of revitalizing the cruise market on the Great Lakes. They offer deals and make reservations for all the cruise lines and ship currently touring the Great Lakes. These currently include MV Columbus, Spirit of Nantucket, Grande Caribe, Grande Mariner, Georgian Clipper, and Canadian Express. In addition to cruises on the Great Lakes they also offer cruises in the Amazon, a California wine cruise, a Columbia river cruise, and European cruises. Bookings are made over the phone or in person at their office on Washtenaw Avenue.


Airport Rides: Travelling is stressfull enough without having to worry about getting to and from the airport. The following links provide various transportation options whether is be for getting to the airport or returning home after a long trip these services are here to help.

Metro Car Express - 248-410-7114, 734-674-9555

Metro Car Express offers business class transportation to and from the airport. Reservations can be made on their website or by phone (numbers provided above). Metro Car Express provides luxurious and comfortable Lincoln Town Cars for all transportation needs. They serve Southeast Michigan but longer trips can be arranged. Rates are found on their website based on departure city going to Detriot Metro airport. While Metro Car Express usually provides rides to the airport, they can also be booked for proms, weddings, and funerals.

Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle - 734-394-1665

Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle provides reliable service for students and families at a low cost. Drivers are familiar with the area and are licensed and insured with the state of Michigan. Although called Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle, they also service Canton, Plymouth, Livonia, Westland, Ypsilanti, Garden City, Northville, and Novi. Customers should plan to make reservations at least one day in advance and have their flight number and cell phone number handy. The shuttle is a shared service so it is recommended that customers schedule a pick-up at least 2 hours in advance. Rates for one passenger range from $25-$32. SPANISH SPEAKING/HABLAMOS ESPANOL

Select Ride (Airport Shuttle) - 734-663-8898

This airport shuttle was designed with providing a low cost option for travellers. Rates for one passenger are $24 one way. For pick-ups from Detroit Metro airport are subject to a $7 airport tax. Hours of operation are from 5am-11pm everyday except for major holidays. Customers are asked to call at least two days in advance to guarantee a pick-up. Passengers are limited to two suitcases. Reservations are held with a credit card. Passengers may be picked up by a taxi, limo, black car, or van.

Crown Ride - 734-239-2222, 800-517-5060

Crown Ride is a 24-hour service that provides shuttle service to and from Detriot Metro airport as well as taxicab pick-up and delivery, door-to-door service and delivery service. All cars are car conditioned and drivers are familiar with the area and directions. All major credit cards are accepted and corporate accounts are welcomed.



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