The University of Michigan accounts for 10% of Ann Arbor’s workers, offering a wide range of jobs from manufacturing, health care and biomedical research.  Trade and information publishing are a unique career option available in Washtenaw County.  Borders bookstore chain maintains its original headquarters in Ann Arbor Michigan, offering employment for students and graduates alike.  Its original location is located in the heart of Ann Arbor, where it was founded by two University of Michigan graduates.  It is currently a Fortune 500 company, providing another example of Washtenaw county’s employment opportunities with heavy emphasis on book printing and manufacturing.  Ann Arbor is home to many successful software companies, recruiting individuals capable of computer programming and creation of technological devices found within the automotive industry.  A well respected local program is the WDC, better known as the Washtenaw Development Council.  This free information source aids in the expansion of major business, including company relocation services as well as financing services.  In the Washtenaw county area, as of 2004, the size of the non-agricultural labor force was 201,900 with an overall unemployment rate of 4.7% 2004. [6]

Transitioning into a new field or place of employment can sometimes be an unpleasant and intimidating process.  The following links are provided to assist individuals in their career quest by including desirable positions and training services necessary to obtain career goals.  Many of the career search websites include, but are not limited to the Hispanic population while some specifically aim to serve the Hispanic community.  The websites provide a guide to resume building, climbing up the corporate ladder, and adjusting to the expectations of working in a variety of industries. According to a 2004 census of the Washtenaw county area, the total population was 322,895 and Hispanics accounted for 2.7% of the community.  The average wage for individuals working in that year was 41.390 [2].   



The following links are helpful resources for finding employment:

Michigan Works Association - 555 Towner St. P.O. Box 915 Ypsilanti, MI 48197, 734-544-6850

Michigan Works association provides various employment programs for the adult, youth, and dislocated worker as well as anyone interested in our services as we serve a universal population. The service center holds Face-to-Face Job Fairs with employers and job seekers every Thursday. Additionally job retention and morale training for the job seeker is also available. Transportation services are provided such as bus tokens and taxi fares. Michigan Works is a great way to actively engage in finding a job.


Training for Adults

This program offers classroom training, work experience, on-the-job training, job search assistance, job search skills training, and other supportive services. The classroom training is designed to provide job seekers with the skills they need to fulfill their job roles. The work experience may be used to increase an individuals comprehension of the work field. On the job training will be used as a method in which to ensure the employer and employee are satisfied. The job search assistance and skills training will serve useful when looking for a job. Other supportive services include transportation assistance and childcare. The site is translated and available in various other languages including Spanish.


Weekly Job Fairs

One of the available options for job fairs is the face-to-face job fair that takes place every Thursday. They take place at 304 Harriet Street Ypsilanti, MI 48197 and run from 9:30am to 12pm. the job fairs provide on-site interviews and boast a variety of employers and positions.



Work First

Started in October 1994 by the Michigan Jobs Commission, the Work First program was designed to serve recipients of Temporary Aide to Needy Families (TANF). The Work First program provides educational and training services to individuals in government assistance programs such as the TANF. Work First has a job club/job search component that provides structured job search and placement activities. The program lasts four weeks and requires a minimum of twenty hours per week for a single parent and the secong parent in a two parent household or thirtyfive hours per week for the firs tparent of the two parent household. If after the four week program one has still not secured a job position, they will be reassessed and transfered to another component based on these results.



CareerBuilder.com is a national website dedicated to helping unemployed individuals find the job that is right for them. It allows users to search for jobs by location (zip code), category, company, and degree status. Users are also able to create a personalized account where they can upload their resumes, personalize new job posting alerts, and even request a job recommendation through the website. Also available on the website are various resources for job seekers including career fairs, advice, and salary calculators. Careerbuilder.com is also translated into Spanish for Spanish-speaking users.


Careers at the University of Michigan

The website provides visitors with an array of information on available jobs and how to obtain one at the University of Michigan located in Ann Arbor, Flint, and Dearborn. Individuals who wish to apply for a job must first use an email address to register for an account. Once a registered user, they can access various job listings as they become available. Users can search the job database using date posted, department, and job title/description. Part-time jobs are also available. The website details the benefits of working at the University of Michigan including generous time off and live insurance.



Like CareerBuilder.com, HispanicJobs.com is a national website that provides job listings. HispanicJobs.com however, is dedicated to serving employers who want to reach bilingual or Spanish-speaking individuals. For individual job seekers, registration and applying to jobs is provided at no cost. By creating an account, job seekers are able to post and modify their resume and keep track of the places they have applied to. There are also support services provided to registered users.




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