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Last updated on April 11, 2012

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Africa Business Network (IFC)

Agency for International Development

Asia in the World Economy

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

Asia Recovery Information Center (Asian Development Bank)

Asia Week

Asian Economic Crisis (NYU)

Camena Country Profiles (IFC)

Commonwealth of Nations

Country Briefings (Economist Intelligence Unit)

Country Commercial Guides (State Dept)

Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade

Davidson Data Center and Network (UMich)

Development Centre Studies: The World Economy (UMich Only)

Earth Trends (World Resources Institute)

Eco5 (European Business School)

Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN)

Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia

Economic Commission for Africa (UN)

Economic History Services

Economic Intelligence Unit Country Indicators (UMich Only)

Foreign Aid

Foreign Trade Data

Gale Country and World Rankings Reporter

Gini Coefficient (World Bank)

Global Development Finance (UMich Only)

Global Edge (Michigan State University)

Global Insight (UMich Only)

Global System for Sustainable Development (MIT)


Gross Domestic Product by Country and Sector (World Bank)

Gross City Product

Handbook of International Economic Statistics

How Much is That?

Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation)

Info Nation (UN)

Inter-American Development Bank

International Accounts Data (BEA)

International Economic Database (FRB/St. Louis)

International Finance Corporation

International Monetary Fund

International Relations Data Page (FSU)

International Standards Organization Country Codes

International Statistical Agencies (Census Bureau)

ISI Emerging Markets(UMich Only)

League of Nations Statistical Yearbook (Northwestern University)

MacroData Guide

Millennium Indicators (United Nations)


National Trade Data Bank

National Trade Performances

Official Statistics on the Web (Auckland NZ)

Org. for Economic Cooperation and Development

Oxford Latin American Economic History Data Base

Penn World Tables (UPenn)

Regions (Doc. Cen HA 1107.5 .A4 R33)

Sectoral and Trade Barriers (European Union)

Service Industries Trends

Source OECD (UMich Only)

Statistical Data Locators (Nanyang Technological University)

Statistical Office of the European Union

Statistical Universe (UMich Only)

Trends in Developing Countries (World Bank/CIESIN)

Trends in Europe and North America (UNECE)

UN Statistics Common Data Base (UMich Only)

Which World? (Cal Tech)

World Bank

World Bank Africa Database

World Competitiveness Yearbook

World Development Indicators (UMich Only)

World Development Report (World Bank)

World Economic Situation and Forecast for 1999 (UN)

World Investment Report (UNCTAD)

World Tables(World Bank/CIESIN)

World Tax Rates

See also Foreign Governments and Eurodollar

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