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Single-molecule studies of amyloid-beta oligomer binding on live cells

Determine the size distribution of amyloid-beta oligomers which bind to living neural cells at physiological concentrations; Characterize the kinetics of oligomer binding and growth on live cell membranes; Explore possible binding sites of amyloid-beta on the cell; Characterize the motion of membrane-bound oligomers.

Techniques: Fluorescence Lifetime Measurement by reverse-mode Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting; single-molecule Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy; TIRF microscopy single particle tracking; fluorescence colocalization; fluorescent calcium indicator studies.

Single-molecule studies of amyloid-beta oligomer binding on the model membrane

Study the aggregation mechanism of amyloid-beta(1-40), amyloid-beta(1-42), and their mixture on the phospholipid membrane.

Abeta-liposome interactions
Single molecule study of Abeta interaction with black lipid membrane

Single molecule membrane interactions

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