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Last updated on April 28, 2009


Background Notes on Countries of the World
    • Summarizes each country's history, economy, and foreign policy
    • Updated on a staggered basis every few years
    • The latest edition of the paper copy is in the Map Library as G59.U58

CIA World Factbook

    • Brief information about a country's population, ethnicity, politics, and economics
    • The corresponding paper copy is in Doc.Cen. G 122 .U56--Doc.Ref.

Columbia Gazetteer of the World

    • Dictionary of places and place names, including cities, bridges, maritime or geological features, states, provinces
    • Each entry provides detailed information on the place, its history, and current economy as appropriate
    • Search by place name, type of place or keyword

Commonwealth on Line

    • Brief identification of the 53 British Commonwealth countries with information on their society, history, geography, and politics
    • Links to official government web pages

Country Commercial Guides (State Dept)

    • Economic and political factors for U.S. citizens exporting to various countries
    • Includes laws, contacts, key imports and exports
    • Choose name of country and report type country commercial guides from the main menu

Country Briefings (Economist Intelligence Unit)

    • Brief economic and economic policy forecasts
    • Summary economic data for past four years (GDP, unemployment, consumer prices)
    • Lengthier summary of recent political history
    • Current exchange rates
    • More extensive analysis (country reports, country surveys, risk data, cost of food) are available to UMich Users through EIU campus license

Country Profiles (ELDIS)

    • Arranged by country with links to newspapers, profiles, government agencies and statistics as well as economic, demographic, and environment reports
    • Sources primarily include US and international documents, such as the IMF country reports or FAO special studies

Go Global

    • Calculate distances and compare time between major world cities
    • National holidays for the current month
    • Voltage and power converter requirements in various countries
    • Use the links on the lefthand side of the screen

Historical Abstracts (UMich Only)

    • Indexes 2000 journals on world history since 1450 (excluding U.S. and Canadian)

Human Development Report (UNDP)

    • Web version summarizes regional and country statistics on economic, social, and educational development
    • Each annual version focuses on an individual topic
      • 1995 issue addressed gender equality
      • 1997 issue carried poverty statistics by country with additional data on life expectancy, literacy, and per capita gross domestic product
      • 2001 on technology and 2006 on the global water crisis
    • Paper copy (Doc. Cen. HD 72 .H92) carries murder, rape, drug crime, and prisoner statistics for selected industrialized countries appear in the statistical appendix

eHRAF Collection of Ethnography (UMich Only)

    • Books and articles on cultures of the world
    • Texts converted by the UMich Humanities Text Initiative on an on-going basis
    • Search by simple keyword, Boolean logic, or Outline of World Cultures classification

INCORE Internet Country Guides

    • Guides to 15 Third World countries where ethnicity has spawned conflict
    • Countries include Chechnya and Russia, Burundi, Myanmar, India, Pakistan
    • Includes annotated links to governmental and non-governmental organizations addressing the conflict, news sources, and e-mail groups

International Network Information Centers (UTexas)

    • Sections on Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Russia/Eastern Europe
    • Considerable background information on individual countries
    • Includes references to discussion and newsgroups

Libary of Congress Country Studies

    • Extensive discussion of a country's social, economic, defense, and foreign relations policy
    • For approximately 71 countries
    • For additional printed reports, consult MIRLYN with a search: (name of country} and "country study"
    • Previously known as Army Area Handbooks

MSU Global Access

    • Database of countries of the world
    • Information includes history, socio-economic data, languages, and travel information
    • State Department and CIA publications supply the backbone but country information includes unique links to business and travel information
    • Searchable by country, theme, resource type, and constituent

Nations Online

    • Worldwide population characteristics, including race, religion, access to sanitation
    • Maps and detailed information about individual countries including links to government agencies, major newspapers, sports, city populations, time zones, flags
    • Currency converters and international airport codes

Orders, Decorations and Medals

    • Military and civilian medals awarded by individual countries

Parliaments on the Web (IPU)

    • List of all countries with a parliamentary system
    • Links to their web sites if available
    • PARLIN provides basic parliamentary and electoral information (e.g. constituencies, voter qualifications) for all countries as well as the latest election results (voter turnout; statistics on elected officials by party, profession, sex, and age; textual analysis

Peace Corps

    • Summary of Peace Corps activities in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean
    • Summarizes the agricultural, environmental, economic, educational, and health situations in each region
    • Links to information about individual countries

State Department Travel Advisories

    • Includes health, crime, potential conflict, and embassy information for travellers
    • Revised periodically as needed


Chiefs of State and Cabinet Ministers (CIA)

    • Quarterly list of officials arranged by foreign country

Political Leaders, 1945- (Univ.Basque Country)

    • Lists rulers of individual countries, 1945 to the present
    • Arranged by country with the name, office, dates of term, regime (civilian/military) or party membership
    • Related data bases include contemporary women leaders, African rulers, and heads of state dying under suspicious circumstances

Political Obituary (Univ. of the Basque Country)

    • Brief death notices for major political leaders throughout the world
    • Arranged by year and month, 1990 to present
    • Index is in English; entries are in Spanish


    • Chronological list of rulers and primary ministers arranged by country or international agency
    • Provides dates in office as well as birth and death dates
    • Essentially begins during the early 19th Century


Foreign Government Information on the Web
    • Links to web sites by and about foreign governments
    • Foreign policy usually found on the web pages of the Head of State as well as defense and trade agencies

Additional Sources of Foreign Government Policy

    • Background Notes on Countries of the World
      • Politics, foreign policy, human rights, history, economic and demographic information from U.S. State Department
    • Country Economic Policy and Trade Practices
      • Economic statistics and foreign trade practices
      • Annual publication of U.S. State Department
      • Updated through January 20, 2001; further updates at State Department website
    • Embassies
      • Foreign web sites in various countries
    • International Relations
      • Peace and conflict networks, simulations, treaties, international think tanks
    • Newspapers
      • Includes foreign newspapers and U.S. sources, such as World News Connection and Open Media
    • Military Statistics
      • Correlates of war, military expenditures, strength of armed forces
    • Periodicals
      • Several scholarly political science periodicals provide the lead article in the current issue
    • United Nations
      • Speeches not available on the Internet but often the text of draft letters and UN press releases often reflect developments

United States Foreign Policy

    • Historical and current sources
    • President as well as defense, intelligence, state, and trade agencies
    • Includes books, articles, news, peace networks


Amnesty International
    • Annual country reports on human rights practices
    • Multiple investigations for individual countries

Annual Report on International Religious Freedom (State Department)

    • Extensive country reports on religious rights
    • Includes percent of religious adherents, outbreaks of violence
    • Government laws protecting religious freedom
    • Updated through January 20, 2001; further updates at State Department website

Bibliography for Research On International Human Rights Law

    • Extensive bibliography of paper, electronic and Internet sources
    • Covers treaties case law, research guides, periodicals, and country situations

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

    • State Department annual report on human rights violations in individual countries beginning 1993

Crosspoint Anti-Racisim

    • Annotated links to 1500 organizations fighting racism around the world
    • Primarily arranged by country

For the Record

    • Summary of human reports reports given by individual countries to the United Nations
    • Hot links to the full text
    • Part of the Human Rights Internet

Forced Migration Online

    • Special reports on forced migration
    • Covers causes and repatriation issues, such as property laws

Gendercide Watch

    • Gendercide is the extermination of one sex (e.g. men of fighting age, women of child-bearing age, etc.)
    • Detailed case studies of 20th Century gendercide incidents
    • Current news articles

Human and Constitutional Rights (Columbia University)

    • Links to foreign national web sites on human rights (e.g. Supreme Courts, human rights watch groups)
    • Links to international and regional organizations monitoring human rights
    • Human rights treaties

Human Rights on the Internet (ACRL)

    • Annotated bibliography of human rights activist sources on the Internet
    • Includes Meta sites, annual surveys and lsits

Human Rights Watch

    • Full text of country reports on human rights in various countries
    • Breaking news and background reports
    • Web site includes search engine
    • Last updated January 25, 1997

Human Rights Web

    • Extensive guide to human rights organizations, databases, and newsgroups worldwide
    • Includes inter-governmental and private web sites and documents


    • Web site for 150 of the world's relief, development and refugee assistance agencies
    • Links to information on refugees and disaster relief
    • News items, such as the status of foreign aid bills, Kurdish refugees
    • Description of the American Council for Voluntary Action's humanitarian programs

International Freedom of Expression Clearing House

    • Searchable data base of 4500 action alerts and news items on freedom of expression abuses in various countries

Internet in the MidEast and North Africa: Free Expression and Censorship (Human Rights Watch)

    • A 1999 report examining the laws and censorship in Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia and Yemen
    • Policy recommendations

Press Freedom Online (Committee to Protect Journalists)

    • Approximately 2000 short reports on harassment of journalists worldwide
    • Reports include name, country, harasser, and type (imprisonment, censored, etc)
    • Searchable by data, country, region, news organization

Privacy International

    • Individual reports for 50 countries on privacy issues and laws
    • Extensive material on general privacy issues, including Freedom of Information, national ID cards, electronic money, electronic surveillance, And workplace surveillance

Religious Rights (UNESCO)

    • Religious rights provisions of individual national constitutions
    • International treaties with religious rights provisions
    • Bibliography of sources and discussion groups

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

    • "Refworld" is an extensive, searchable data base of United Nations, legal, treaty, and statistical information on refugees
    • "Refworld" also includes "Country" reports with descriptive text on the status of refugees by country as well as statistics
    • Information about the UNCHR and its publications, news releases, and documentaries

United States Committee for Refugees

    • Annual reports and statistics about refugees by country
    • Glossary of terms and links to refugee service organizations

Women 2000: Gender Equality, Development and Peace for the 21st Century

    • Web site of the Special UN General Assembly Session of June 2000, known as "Beijing +5"
    • Progress and obstacles to women's progress in health, poverty, safety, education, economics
    • Country reports from government and non-government sources
    • Links to UN web sites on improving the status of women

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

    • International human rights treaties arranged by subject and searchable by keyword
    • United States human rights laws, speeches, reports, and historical materials
    • International refugee and asylum information

Women's Human Rights Resources (Univ.Toronto)

    • Treaties, conventions and web links to resources on women's rights around the world
    • Subjects include education, genital mutiliation, girls, housing, health, marriage, slavery, and violence
    • Carefully annotated


Columbia Gazetteer of the World
    • Dictionary of places and place names, including cities, bridges, maritime or geological features, states, provinces
    • Each entry provides detailed information on the place, its history, and current economy as appropriate
    • Search by place name, type of place or keyword

Google Maps

    • Detailed physical and geopolitical maps of the world
    • Use frame in lower righthand side to navigate
    • Can switch to and from geographic to satellite view

Map-Related Web Sites (Univ.Texas)

    • City, state, and country maps from around the world
    • Historical and weather maps
    • Reference section includes gazetteers, distance locators, and time zone maps

National Symbols

Anthems of the World
    • Audio of national anthems using Midi
    • Text of national anthems available selectively in English and/or native language

Flags of the World

    • Large color illustrations of national flags

Related Web Pages (UMich)

News Media
    • Links to newspapers from around the world
    • Information on Foreign Broadcast Information Service/World News Connection translations
    • United States radio broadcasts (Voice of America, Open Media)
    • U.S. media coverage of world events


    • Political parties and political issues from around the world
    • Election web sites, world-wide election calendars, and election news


    • International sources with world-wide statistical coverage
    • Primarily demographics and economics
    • Additonal sources found under Statistical Resources on the Web (UMich)


    • International Taxes
      • Annotated links to web sites explaining the tax codes of individual countries
      • Limited list of countries but web sites often provide good information in English

    • Taxman International
      • Extensive links to the finance ministries and taxation web sites of individual countries

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