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Last updated on March 26, 2009

National Governments

Comprehensive Lists

    • Adminet - World
      • Meta index to information for over 200 countries
      • Includes government, defense, sports, cities, health, industries, environment, universities
      • Arranged by country with separate indexes for subjects and regions
      • Although Adminet is French, the text for this segment is English

    • Foreign Information by Country (University of Colorado)
      • Most extensive internet guide available to all countries of the world
      • Includes government agencies, country profiles, databases, country profiles by governments and country profiles by international organizations
      • Supplemented by its Subject Index to Foreign Governments

    • Foreign Governments (Intl.Docs.Task Force)
      • Approximately 400 links to agencies in about 80 countries
      • Focus on ministries, parliaments, and statistics
    • Foreign Governments via Yahoo
      • Foreign government web sites
    • Google Web Directory: Regional
      • Annotated guide to the best web sites by and about countries, arranged alphabetically by country and/or region
      • Coverage varies depending on country
      • Includes some government web sites as well as business, society, culture, entertainment, and news
    • Governments on the WWW
      • Comprehensive listings of national, regional, and municipal government sites as well political party information for most Eastern and Western European Countries
      • Includes language of site and name of government agency translated into English
      • Lengthy sections for African, American, Asian, and Oceanic governments with national web sites and embassies
      • Table in each section lists number of entries and when last updated
    • Independent States of the World (State Dept)
      • List of independent countries
      • Includes short and long form of name, capital, and official two-digit abbreviation
      • Symbols note diplomatic relations with the U.S. and United Nations membership
    • Keele Guides to Government and Politics on the Internet (University of Keele)
      • Foreign government officials, constitutions, election results, flags, anthems and web sites
      • Links to political theory web sites and the full text of publications
    • Nations of the World (Law Library of Congress)
      • Separate web page for each country of the world links to constitutions and laws available on the web
      • Links to executive, legislative and judicial branch web sites
      • General sources include area studies, human rights reports, refugee reports, travel advisories
    • Portals to the World (Library of Congress)
      • Extensive links to government agencies as well as helath, education, history, language, religious and culture subjects for most countries in the world
      • The Media section includes major newspapers
    • Search Engines Worldwide
      • List of over 850 internet search engines around the world
      • Arranged by country and region
      • Includes classified and keyword search engines

Regional Lists

    • Eurasia Research Center
      • Geographic coverage: Russia and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Middle East, Central and South Asia
      • Links to country home pages (some produced outside the country) and news sources, including the Clarinet News
      • Links to international and human rights organizations with interests in the area
    • United Nations and Decolonization
      • Eighty colonies have gained independence between 1945 and 1999
      • Web site documents the United Nations efforts with history, original sources, and a description of the Trusteeship Council
      • Reports on the economic, social, and political status of the 17 remaining colonies, including American Samoa, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
      • Maps of the world in 1945 and 1999

Ministry Lists

    • Archives Portal (UNESCO)
      • Directory of national, state, and local archives with web links
      • Also includes subject lists, such as parliamentary, diplomatic or family archives
      • No annotations; project under development as of 2007
    • Environmental Ministers (UNEP)
      • Pull-down list of countries provides and name, address, telephone, email and web site of ministers of the environment in most countries
    • International Chamber of Commerce Directory
      • Search chambers of commerce by city, province/state, or country
      • Links to web sites and provides e-mail addresses
    • International Directory of Utility Regulatory Institutions
      • World Bank directory of transportation, energy, and water/sewage regulatory agencies
      • Arranged by country and by sector (e.g. aviation)
      • Each entry includes agency contact information and regulatory responsibilities
      • Accurate through 2000
    • Military Watch
      • Links to armed forces web site around the world
      • Military Watch is a lobby group
    • Ministries of Education (UNESCO)
      • Arranged by region and country
      • Address, phone, fax, e-mail and web site as available
    • National Health Related Web Sites
    • National Libraries (IFLA)
      • Links to national libraries on the web, arranged by country
      • Related list of all national libraries, addresses, and phone numbers
    • Parliaments of the World (IPU)
      • List of all countries with a parliamentary system
      • Links to their web sites if available
      • PARLINE provides basic parliamentary and electoral information (e.g. constituencies, voter qualifications) for all countries as well as the latest election results (voter turnout; statistics on elected officials by party, profession, sex, and age; textual analysis
    • Political Resources on the Net (Italy)
      • Hundreds of links to parties, movements, elections, political organizations, government, and embassy web sites arranged by country
      • Searchable by country or world region
      • Web site has outstanding coverage and merits its high ratings
    • Statistical Agencies (Census Bureau)
      • Links to web sites of national statistical agencies by country

Foreign Embassies

    • Diplomatic List (U.S. State Department)
      • Personnel and contact information for foreign embassies in the United States
    • Embassy Pages (Escape Artist)
      • Embassies worldwide, consulates, and United Nations missions for most countries
      • Escape Artist has also made links to meta sites, news, and map sources for many of the countries included
    • Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
      • Contact information for consular offices, arranged by foreign country and then U.S. location
    • Foreign Embassies in Washington, D.C.
      • Foreign embassy addresses in Washington, D.C.
      • Links to travel information abroad
    • Foreign Embassies Worldwide
      • Links to foreign embassy web sites and gophers in the United States, Canada, and other selected countries
      • Includes web pages of U.S. embassies and USIA outposts abroad
    • Permanent Missions to the United Nations (UNDP)
      • Links to web sites of UN missions from various countries
    • United States Representatives Abroad
    • Visaforu: Ultimate Visa Information
      • Visa information for each country in the world provides details of various types of visas (travel, temporary worker, business, immigrant, etc.), visa application forms and embassies of the the country around the world

Local Governments

European Local Government Officers Data Base

    • Web site primarily an advertisement for a commercial data base not available at the University of Michigan
    • Links to national and international organizations of local governments on the web site free-of-charge

International Chamber of Commerce Directory

    • Search chambers of commerce by city, province/state, or country
    • Links to web sites and provides e-mail addresses

Official City Web Sites

    • Extensive list arranged by state
    • Foreign cities arranged by region and country with some annotations

Sister Cities International

    • List of sister cities by U.S. state and city and by foreign government

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