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Last updated on April 11, 2012

Additional data appears in Statistical Resources on the Web

Agency for International Development Budget Request

    • Arranged by country with country economic information included in rationale for development funding request
    • Further editions available at its Publications List

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation

    • Organization of Pacific Rim nations promoting business development
    • News releases and the full text of major publications
    • Member nation profiles include brief descriptive information and extensive links to economic and business web sites

Asia Week

    • Weekly business, political, economic, health, and environmental news for the Middle and Far East beginning June 9, 1995
    • Use the "Newsmap" to access information by country and "Archives" for entire issues
    • Each issue ranks about 60 Asian and developed countries on basic economic and population data while individual issues cover additional subjects, such as immunizations and energy

Capital Cities and Cities of 100,000 or More (UN)

    • Population of large cities throughout the world, date of population total, latitude and longitude
    • Arranged by region and country, then alphabetically
    • Explanatory footnotes

City Population

    • Population data for numerous cities in the world in a variety of formats
    • Choose and country and then locate cities by province or name
      • Includes population of province; population data for the city from the last two censuses
      • Locate city on a map; some maps also permit zooming for population density
      • Netscape 4.06 or 4.5 or Internet Explorer 4.0 required for this feature
    • Data may also be downloaded for manipulation with spreadsheets

Central Banks of the World

    • Links to national banks arranged by country
    • Most central bank web sites provide monetary and economic statistics

CIA World Factbook

    • Brief information about a country's population, ethnicity, politics, and economics
    • Demographic data includes age, sex, birth and death rates, ethnicity, and literacy
    • The corresponding paper copy is in Doc.Cen. G 122 .U56--Doc.Ref.

Correlates of War

    • Correlates of War Data Sets (Peace Science Society)
      • Data Resources Section of the web page provides data from the Interstate System, 1816-1994 and Militarized Interstate Dispute, 1816-1992
      • Data must be ftp-ed by user
      • Site provides a bibliography describing the data sets
    • Correlates of War (ICPSR)
      • Search for study 9905
      • Codebook freely available for ftp
      • Data requires authorization from your local ICPSR representative
    • Correlates of War Project (UMich)
      • Descriptive background on the project, headed by Dr. David Singer
      • Text of books and articles written by project researchers

Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade

    • State Department annual reports on economic policies of individual countries beginning 1993
    • Key statistical indicators (GDP, prices, exchange rates, balance of payments) for past three years
Elections (UMich)
    • Annotated links to web sites with election information and data from around the world
Ethnocultural Characteristics in Censuses (UN)
    • World map can be altered to show which countries asked ethnicity or religion questions, 1994-2004
    • Click on country to obtain text of questions


    • Comprehensive dictionary to 6500 world languages
    • Arranged by language and lists speakers per country
    • Country data provides number of speakers per language, percentages of religious groups, number of blind persons, and number of deaf institutions

Election Resources on the Internet (Alvarez-Rivera)

    • Extensive list of countries with their election web sites
    • Current foreign election news

Elections (Social Science Information Gateway)

    • Internet books, data sets, journals, news, and government web sites
    • Worldwide coverage with separate coverage of elections by world regions, countries, electoral systems, and woman suffrage
    • All entries are richly annotated


    • "Facts through Figures" downloadable in PDF format

Foreign Statistical Agencies (Census Bureau)

    • Links to the web sites for foreign government statistical agencies
    • No annotations

Foreign Trade Data

    • Specific sources for foreign trade data, primarily U.S.

Gale Country and World Rankings Reporter

    • Ranks countries and regions on an extensive variety of demographic, education, economic, health, political, marketing, and production data
    • Countries are selected and vary with each table
    • Sources include books, articles, and government publications
    • Paper copy only; Graduate Library Reference Desk: HA 154 .G351

Global Development Finance (UMich Only)

    • World Bank data for 197 countries with 217 series on various aspects of national debt
    • Data begins with 1970 and covers 10 years into the future
    • Choose countries or groups of countries (e.g. low income,
    • Choose series with the tree or alphabetical view
    • Choose years
    • Once you view the data, choose the orientation (columns or rows), scaling options, display (chart, index, raw)
    • Download into ASCII or Excel format

Global Insight (UMich Only)

    • Business database with news and time series data on general economics as well as the automotive, energy medical and pharmaceutical, and telecommunications sectors
    • For ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL DATA, choose DataInsight-Web on the lefthand side of the screen
      • Under historical data, choose Global Economy, Financial Markets, US Economy or US Regional Economy
      • Select in a separate box the indicator , the geography, and source; then choose frequency (e.g. monthly quarterly); then press GO
      • Highlight the table of interest and note any INFORMATION in the lower lefthand box (sometimes the spreadsheet doesn't identify a country or other information
      • Export the selected data
      • Subjects include IMF, Direction of Trade, Balance of Payments and OECD main economic indicators
      • US economic indicators include Daily Treasury Statements, housing, prices, retail trade, industrial output, labor markets, national accounts as well as state breakdowns for many of the indicators
      • Some time series date back 40 years
      • Sample search
    • For Automotive, Energy, Healthcare and Telecoms, use the link provided under MYINSIGHT SERVICES on the lefthand side of the main screen to select options which will eventually appear on the lower part of the lefthand side
      • AUTOMOTIVE - production and sales by country and by automotive company
      • ENERGY - primarily country reports on oil, gas, electricity, government policies, and political risks
      • HEALTH CARE - country data on causes of death, health care expenditures per capita, the pharmaceutical market; US FDA approved drug list
      • TELECOMMUNICATIONS - country data on land line and mobile phone as well as internet users; market penetration by company

Global Urban Indicators Database (UN Center for Human Settlements)

    • Detailed socioeconomic indicators for 237 cities in 110 countries,, mostly in the Third World
    • Data includes poverty level and percent in poverty, family income distribution, per capital gross city product (under health), size of school classrooms, per capita murder rates, home ownership, land use
    • Data in pdf and text formats


    • Rankings of countries of the world on statistical indicators found in the CIA World Factbook
    • Subjects include land area and elevation, population, life expectancy, fertility, mortality, and AIDS
    • Economics, poverty, income ratios, electricity use, GDP
    • Communications, internet use, IP providers, televisions
    • Transportation, military personnel and expenditures

Handbook of International Economic Statistics

    • Economic profiles, GDP, foreign trade, energy use, environment, agricultural and manufacturing data for over 100 countries
    • Emphasis on OECD, European Union, Africa, and CIS nations
    • Data for selected intervals since 1970 with annual figures since 1990
    • Selected statistics on life expectancy and literacy

Human Development Report (UNDP)

    • Web version summarizes regional and country statistics on economic, social, and educational development
    • Each annual version focuses on an individual topic
      • 1995 issue addressed gender equality
      • 1997 issue carried poverty statistics by country with additional data on life expectancy, literacy, and per capita gross domestic product
    • 1998 issue carries a human development index (life expectancy, literacy, education and GDP) with data by sex and women in managerial or parliamentay positions
    • Paper copy (Doc. Cen. HD 72 .H92) carries murder, rape, drug crime, and prisoner statistics for selected industrialized countries appear in the statistical appendix

Index of Economic Freedom (Heritage Foundation)

    • Rates over 100 countries on economic freedom, with 1 being the most and 5 being the least
    • Factors include trade and price regulation, taxes, banking, and wages
    • Includes explanatory text
    • Download maps, selected tables, and information about individual countries

Info Nation (UN)

    • Current statistics on 185 countries
    • Thirty-seven variables include: population, life expectancy, fertility, school enrollment, illiteracy, homicides, and motor vehicles
    • Carbon dioxide emissions, threatened species, and energy consumption are among the environmental data
    • Separate section on Twenty-One Cities of the World focuses on population and environment

Inter-American Development Bank

    • Basic social, economic, monetary and trade data for North and South American countries accessed via a clickable map
    • Approved projects by country

International Economic Database (FRB/St. Louis)

    • Links to over 700 official publications of foreign national governments with economic data
    • Includes prices and price indexes, monetary reports, employment and GDP
    • Browsable by subject, country, title, and agency and searchable by keyword
    • Descriptions in English even though the web site may be in the native language

International Population Censuses on Microfilm (UMich)

    • List of foreign population censuses on microfilm at the University of Michigan Documents Center and years of coverage
    • Prepared by the UMich Population Studies Center Library

International Population Data Base

    • Summary vital statistics data for all countries, 1996 and 2000 as well as mid-year estimates, 1950-2020
    • Additional data on marital status, ethnic origin, religion, literacy, labor force, income and poverty
    • Data may be downloaded directly or viewed via a spreadsheet
    • Display Mode provides a user-friendly pull-down menu for viewing on the screen

International Standards Organization Country Codes

    • Two letter abbreviation for countries arranged by abbreviation
    • Useful for statistical manipulation and web site identification

ISI Emerging Markets(UMich Only)

    • Commercial data base of emerging markets
    • Baltic States, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, China, India, and Colombia as of September 1996
    • Financial news, company reports, market data, and selected legal information
    • Macroeconomic section includes production by industry, foreign trade, foreign investment, and employment
    • U-M access provided by the Kresge Business Administration Library, William Davidson Institute, and Center for International Business Education and International Affairs
    • Use ethernet connection or 213-7970; click on "Registered Users"

MacroData Guide

    • Database of inter-governmental and non-governmental data sources arranged by country and subject
    • Subjects include economics, health, religion, and politics
    • Extensive annotations

MSU Center for Intl Business Education and Research

    • Impressive guide to international business, economics and marketing
    • Annotated links to regional and country information, laws, trade leads, trade shows, journals, and government sources
    • International business programs at Michigan State University


    • Create graphs, maps, and country rankings for a very broad range of social, economic and cultural statistics
    • Subjects include individual crimes, currency, sports, religion, transportation, electoral system, budget, trade balance, health, education, economics, marriage rate
    • Countries may be ranked by region as well as worldwide from the top 100 to the bottom 5
    • Sample: Papua-New Guinea has one of the lowest crime rates in the world while Saudi Arabia has the largest car theft rate in the Middle East

Nations Online

    • Worldwide population characteristics, including race, religion, access to sanitation
    • Maps and detailed information about individual countries including links to government agencies, major newspapers, sports, city populations, time zones, flags
    • Currency converters and international airport codes

Official Statistics on the Web (Auckland NZ)

    • Extensive links to official country statistical publications by name of country
    • Subject index to international data

Penn World Tables(UPenn)

    • Time series data, 1950 to 1992, for 152 countries on 29 subjects, most related to Gross Domestic Product
    • Label codes must be used for multiple countries or subjects
    • Names rather than labels can be used under "Retrieve a Single PWT Series by Label"
    • Another set on the web through the University of Toronto

Population and Housing Censuses, 1995-2004 (UN)

    • Dates individual countries held censuses throughout the period
    • Links to online versions

Population Reference Bureau

    • Nonprofit educational organization
    • Excerpts from its publications and bulletins include data on U.S. and foreign population topics
    • Articles and reports on gender, migration, labor, environment, children, income and poverty
    • Data Finder allows user to compare 95 demographic variables (fertility, abortion policy, GNP, labor force) for 220 countries

Poverty Net Data (World Bank)

    • Numerous studies and reports on poverty
    • Links to wealth as measured by the Gini coefficient
    • World Bank Social Indicators provides 32 poverty measures downloadable in Excel format for individual countries

Progress of Nations (UNICEF)

    • Annual report with country statistics on social indicators for women and children
    • Each issue has slightly different focus
    • Progress of Nations, 1999
      • Features a new Child Risk Measure based on mortality, malnutrition, war, schooling, and AIDS with country rankings
      • Focus of this issue on external debt and its affect on children
    • Progress of Nations, 1998
      • Focus on the civil rights of children
      • Data on birth registration, teen pregnancy, AIDS, health and education benefits
    • Progress of Nations, 1997
      • Primary emphasis on water and sanitation
      • Country data on access to sanitation, fertility and mortality, nutrition, AIDS, and per capita GNP
    • Progress of Nations, 1996
      • Emphasis on the condition of women
      • Country statistics on children include age, mortality rate, nutrition, immunization, and education
      • Maternal mortality rates and female mutilation cases by country

Sectoral and Trade Barriers (European Union)

    • Text discussing trade barriers in 34 non-European Union countries
    • Trade statistics between the EU and those individual nations

SIPRI Yearbook

    • Lengthy annual summaries of international military affairs, conflicts, and disarments
    • Includes statistics and signatories to major treaties
    • Paper copy: UA 17 .S12 with current in Doc.Cen.--Doc.Ref.
Social Indicators (UN)
    • Brief data on population, housing, education and literacy, income and uncemployment
    • Data for individual countries with varying dates of collection given

Source OECD (UMich Only)

    • Statistical data bases and periodicals of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
    • In-depth time series of data for the Western European countries, United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia
    • Main Economic Indicators, Historical Indicators, and National Income and Product Accounts appear under PERIODICALS/STATISTICAL PERIODICALS
    • Economic Surveys are under PERIODICALS

State of the World's Children (UNICEF)

STAT-USA (Commerce Department) (Doc Cen Password Only)

    • GLOBUS, National Trade Data Bank and Trade Opportunities Program Bulletin analyze the business climate in foreign countries and provide trade leads (contacts, requests for proposals)
    • Includes basic foreign trade statistics

Statistical Data Locators (Nanyang Technological University)

    • Annotated guide to country and international data sites worldwide
    • Extensive in subject and national coverage
    • Arranged by continent and country

Statistical Resources on the Web

Statistical Universe (UMich Only)

    • Indexes and abstracts federal government statistics since 1974; business, association and state government data since 1980, and international agencies since 1983
    • Access through the Statistical Sources menu
    • Delimiters include Boolean operators and numerous proximity indicators, frequency, and comparative data (by city, by foreign country, by age, by disease)
      • Sample Search: population projections and by city
    • About 15% of the abstracts link to full text
    • For items not hot-linked:
      • Write down abstract number (e.g. ASI 1997 9391-7) and bring to the Documents Center for the microfiche version
      • Consult Statistical Universe Guide for various web searching alternatives and a Slide Show for further details

Statistics - National Agencies and Compendia (Vanderbilt)

    • Extensive, comprehensive links to the main statistical agencies of each country and their statistical yearbooks where available

Trends in Developing Countries (World Bank/CIESIN)

    • Click on "search interface" to access the data
    • Brief descriptions of economic trends in World Bank borrowing countries
    • Requires WAIS proxy under Netscape's "preferences" toolbar to view
    • See World Bank for updated information

Trends in Europe and North America (UNECE)

    • Brief statistical data for 55 European and North American countries
    • Latest population, life expectancy, trading partners
    • Seven-year history of industrial output, employment, and exchange rate
    • GDP, per capita GDP, percent of GDP spent on education and health care

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

    • "World" section includes statistical reports on refugees by country
    • "RefWorld" section also provides "Country" reports with descriptive text and statistics on the status of refugees by country as well as laws, treaties and United Nations Documents
    • Information about the UNCHR and its publications

UN Monthly Bulletin of Statistics

    • Times series of unemployment, consumer prices, energy, exchange rates, population, and transportation for individual countries
    • Password available in the Documents Center for in-library use
    • University of Michigan uses the paper edition of the United Nations Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (Doc.Cen. HC 57 .A1 M79 - Stat.Ref.)

UN Statistics Common Data Base (UMich Only)

    • Hundreds of data elements for almost all countries, 1946+ present
    • Subjects include agriculture, economics, health, prices, men and women, education, labor, development assistance, environment
    • Basic View allows selection of single data series for up to 10 countries for 20 years
    • Advanced View supports multiple series, years, and countries with downloading capability into Excel, ASCII, or CSV formats
    • Web site includes definitions, sources of the data, and a topical list of subjects
    • To be replaced by UN Data in July 2008

United States Committee for Refugees

    • Annual reports and statistics about refugees by country
    • Glossary of terms and links to refugee service organizations

World Audit

    • Ranks countries on overall democracy and on individual measures (political rights, civil liberties, press freedom, and corruption

World Bank

    • Catalog of publications and CD-ROMS
    • Many publications appear in its Digital Library
    • Policy Research Working Papers provides abstracts and full text in 10 subject areas, including macroeconomics and poverty
    • Selected country economic and social data (latest gross national product, life expectancy, adult literacy) from World Development Indicators under name of country
    • Country approach includes index to articles appearing in its World Development Sources CD-ROM; direct web link to article limited to registered users
    • World Development Report provides detailed country economic data and trends
    • Economic Growth Research
      • Indexes articles, working papers, and corresponding data sets
      • Data must be downloaded to disk
      • Sample topics include military spending, inflation, educational attainment, finance

World Bank Africa Database

    • Provides 1154 variables for individual African countries, 1965 to present
    • Subjects include economics, population, labor, agriculture, social characteristics, infrastructure, foreign trade and business
    • Twice as detailed as World Development Indicators
    • Data may be downloaded in various formats
    • CD-ROM in Documents Center (DoX148) and on Documents CD-ROM LAN

World Competitiveness Yearbook

    • Ranks 46 countries on 225 competitive factors
    • Factors include government, domestic economy, internationalization, finance, people
    • Web site provides summary ranking
    • A paper copy of Global Competitiveness Report is available in the Business Administration Library

World Culture Report (UNESCO)

    • Statistical tables provide data for individual countries on cultural matters
    • Books and newspapers, radios and TV, leading musical artists (e.g. U2 in Ireland), language, three most frequent religions
    • Cultural sites visited, tourism, cellphones and personal computers, tourism
    • Income, human rights laws, social security
    • Also available in paper copy in the Documents Center as CB 430 .W78

World Development Indicators (UMich Only)

    • World Bank data base with 593 series of demographic, economic, and environmental information for 226 countries
    • Time series covers 1960 to present when annual data are available for a given country
    • Choose countries or groups of countries
    • Choose series with the tree or alphabetical view
    • Choose years
    • Once you view the data, choose the orientation (columns or rows), scaling options, display (chart, index, raw)
    • Download into ASCII or Excel format
    • For the University of Michigan, this replaces access provided by the dear departed CITRIX server
    • The Documents Center will maintain a CD-ROM for single workstation access

World Development Report (World Bank)

    • Full text of annual report addressing international economic issues
    • Appendix of statistical tables provides country data with trends
    • Subjects include poverty, income distribution, population, Gross Domestic Product, foreign trade, finance, environment, education, and health
    • Classifies countries into developing, most developed, etc.
    • Adobe Acrobat format with tables and chapters segmented for easy viewing

World Population Trends (UN Pop Info Network)

    • Historical and world population growth, 0-2150 A.D.
    • Population estimates by country, 1994
    • Fertility and child mortality rates, 1990-95

World Resources, 1998/99 (World Resources Institute)

    • Numerous statistical tables in Adobe Acrobat format with country data
    • Population: projections to 2025, birth, death, health, education
    • Economic: gross national and domestic product, prices, development assistance
    • Environment: forestry, fisheries, water, weather

World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers (ACDA)

    • Military expenditures, armed forces, GNP, and population for 172 countries, 1984-
    • Arms transfers by supplier and recipient
    • Summary of world military forces and arms transfers for various years, 1961 to present
    • United States policy on arms control and export
    • 1995 version in HTML format; 1996 version in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format

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