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Cancer and Healthcare Information

Neuroblastoma Hope Foundation
An overview of neuroblastoma including classification, staging, treatments, and psychological issues.

Neuroblastoma Resource Center at the American Cancer Society Website

Therapy shrinks advanced tumours.
This BBC News Online article gives a good sense of how MIBG therapy is used to treat neuroblastoma.

Miracles at Mott
An article about Mott Children's Hospital from the Fall 2001 edition of the magazine "Medicine at Michigan."

Inspirations and Coming to Terms

Mary's Journey to Unitarian Universalism, February 29, 2004
On Sunday, February 29, 2004, Mary shared her Journey to Unitarian Universalism as part of a worship service at the First Unitarian Church in Salt Lake City.

Hopes for 2004, December 28, 2003
On Sunday, December 28, Markus shared his Hopes for 2004 as part of the last worship service in the year 2003 at the First Unitarian Church in Salt Lake City.

A Mother's Musings, July 13, 2002
Mary reflects on the anguish of putting Simon through cancer treatment.

A Mother's Musings (2), August 18, 2002
Mary reflects on life-giving moments for Simon.

Chalice Lighting, June 30, 2002
On Sunday, June 30, the four of us lit the chalice at the beginning of the worship service at First Unitarian Universialist Church in Ann Arbor.

Ken Phifer's Sermon on Hope, March 24, 2002
Ken Phifer, senior minister at First Unitarian Universialist Church in Ann Arbor, spoke meaningfully about Hope on March 24, 2002.

    "A woman undergoing treatment for a grave illness asked her doctor if there was cause for optimism in her case. The doctor told her to live in hope not optimism. It was wise counsel.

    Optimism is about thinking things will turn out all right. When they don't, optimism easily becomes pessimism, even cynicism.

    ...Hope is a stronger force. Hope is the sure conviction that all will be well no matter how things turn out."

Sites about other Cancer Sojourners

Joshua Leyrer
Joshua Leyrer is another neuroblastoma patient we met at the cancer clinic in Ann Arbor. He is 11 years old and was diagnosed when he was about Simon's age. Joshua is an avid writer carrying with him journals and comic books that he is working on incessantly. One of Joshua's poems, titled "Me", is published on


There aren't many people,
quite like myself.
I have drawings on my wall,
and hats on my shelf.
My eyes are both different,
one's green and one's blue.
Surely that makes me,
way different from you.
A boy like me,
would be found really rare.
I can't run fast,
and I haven't any hair.
I'm eleven years old,
but yet very short.
I can ride a bike,
and in my chest is a port.
A kid like me,
is a big, big treat.
I'm really friendly,
and I hope we can meet.

Copyright �2002 Joshua Kyle Leyrer 

 If you want to send him your kudos, you can e-mail him at

A Short Good Life
From the WNYC Radio program The Next Big Thing aired on March 23, 2002.

    "When Liza Lister was first diagnosed with leukemia at age four, her parents hoped she would still have a chance to grow up. She never did. And yet the way that she guided them through her death suggests that she held an understanding of life most adults never attain."

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