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Named After Simon

Brighton Ski Resort named a beginner's run after Simon on April 14, 2006. The run is called "Simon's Way." For details on this naming and future endeavors to name things after Simon, visit Named After Simon.


These pages hold photos and text pulled together in our efforts to archive and recollect important events in Simon's life, such as his Celebration of Life party on July 1, 2004.

The Simon Craig Vodosek Memorial Fund

We are pleased to announce that the Simon Craig Vodosek Memorial Fund has been established with the Calvert Giving Fund. Please see the Memorial Fund page of this Web site for further information about the Fund and how to make a contribution.

Pop over to Simon's Fund Activities for the latest on projects we are sponsoring with the Fund.

Here is the growing list of donors to Simon's Memorial Fund.

Memories of Simon in Audio and Video

Visit this page for clips from videos and audio recordings of Simon's life.

Memorial Services for Simon

Memorial Gathering on June 3, 2005 in Ann Arbor, Michigan
A second memorial service for Simon was held on Friday, June 3, 2005 with the
First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor. The service took place around 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary. Before the service, friends and family gathered in the Social Hall for a potluck supper at 5:30 pm. During the potluck gathering, we shared conversation, and the children enjoyed the vast fields outside the church building by running round. Simon would have like that part!

It was harder to pull together a gathering of this size so far from our new home, but we had wonderful help from Sandra Walls, Jane Bishop, Katie Kyndeley and others in setting up the meal and making the room look nice. Our last minute production of a printed program for the service led to a tableful of folders to put the two sheets together to form the 4-page booklets. Everyone pitched in. The food was delicious. We made sure we had plenty of good bread from Zingerman's in Simon's favorite flavors.

At the end of the potluck gathering, we showed slides of Simon's life. Markus had devoted several days in May to selecting photos from our early years (pre-2002, when we went digital). He had sent off a few hundred negative sheets to an online company (Digital Memories Online) to have the negatives scanned into high-resolution digital files. It took a lot of eliminating to get the show down to about 200 images.

It was so much fun, so touching, so sad to watch photos of Simon with a roomful of people who had known him with his piles of curly hair and his pre-cancer vigor. Of course, he was pretty energetic and delightful even with cancer, but those early years, before illness, really came back for us on June 3rd in Ann Arbor. We also shared photos of Simon as his life came to an end. It has been difficult to feel ready to show these photos of him so changed. When we shared them before the service with Bonnie Marquis, and later Henry Reynolds and Kerianne Tupac, each said, through many tears, that we absolutely must leave these photos in the show. It seems to be one way to comprehend Simon's death.

(Kerianne, a graphic designer among many other things, gave generously of her time and expertise to make the program come together on short notice on the afternoon of the June 3rd service. She had been out in Salt Lake City last July, and was visiting with us on July 28, 2004, the day that Simon had a seizure/stroke that left him unable to speak to us. I still remember her face peeking out the front door to call me in from the rose patch, telling me something was wrong with Simon.)

The memorial service was led masterfully by the Reverend Kenneth W. Phifer, just two months shy of his well-deserved retirement from the ministry. He was assisted by Director of Religious Education Laura Spencer. Laz Slomovits of Gemini was joined by his wife, Helen, on the harp to perform three songs at the service. It was serene, surreal, sublime.

Thanks to all who made this important event possible for us. There is more to tell, and we will continue with the telling.

Memorial Service on August 28, 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah
memorial service on August 28, 2004 was a wonderful event. So many people shared in so many ways to make this gathering possible and deeply meaningful. We intend to provide photos, texts, and other reminders of this event on the site, eventually.

  • Mary's Remarks at Simon's Memorial Service

  • Der Mond is aufgegangen
    Text in German and English of Simon's favorite German lullaby, plus photos of the performers.

    Lemonade Stands for Simon

    Inspired by Alexandra Scott and her incredible determination to raise money for pediatric cancer research by selling lemonade, many friends and family have held lemonade stands in Simon's honor. Alex also suffered from neuroblastoma. She was diagnosed just before her first birthday, and she struggled with the disease and many treatments until she was eight years old. Alex died on August 1, 2004 just five days before Simon.

    Visit the Lemonade Stands for Simon pages to learn more about our efforts to raise money for pediatric cancer research in Simon's memory. In Salt Lake City, we hold an annual Simon's Birthday Lemonade Stand on May 17th.

    Tributes to Simon

    If you have a tribute about Simon, please send it to us at, and we'll add it to this section of the site.


    Lessons Learned

    Visit the
    Lessons Learned page for presentations and other ways we are sharing what we have learned through our experience of caring for Simon.

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