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Help us keep Simon's love of life alive!

SIMON CRAIG VODOSEK MEMORIAL FUND ACTIVITIES Fun stuff like Billy Jonas, Gemini, and Two of a Kind!

Updated 1/21/07. Please note the address and contact person for Simon's Fund at the Calvert Foundation has changed since 2005.

Simon's Memorial Fund as of 9/2/05
Donations received in Simon's Fund: $45,891.33
Pending new gifts at First Unitarian (since 8/1/05): 200.00
Cash donations: 543.84
Total donations to date: 46,635.17
Change in investment value at Calvert: +2,019.01
Expenditures in grants: -5,159.60
Publicity expenses from cash account: -102.42
Current Fund balance: $43,392.16

The incredible list of donors to Simon's Memorial Fund continues to grow. Take a look and see the many people from many places who have been touched by Simon's story, and please let us know if we have left off any donor names (last updated 9/2/05--we'll be adding names from the Billy Jonas weekend soon!).

A Fund in Simon's Memory Established on August 18, 2004

We are happy to announce that we have established the Simon Craig Vodosek Memorial Fund. The fund is part of the Calvert Giving Fund, a donor-advised fund and 501(c)(3) public charity administered by the Calvert Social Investment Foundation. In keeping with Simon's strong personal commitment to fairness in human relations, money given to Simon's memorial fund will be invested in socially responsible mutual fund portfolios managed by the Calvert Group, as well as in Community Investment Notes managed by the Calvert Social Investment Foundation.**

The Simon Craig Vodosek Memorial Fund sponsors activities to celebrate the spirit of Simon. It honors Simon's many interests, ranging from live music and theater to science to playgrounds. Our initial goal is to raise a mini-endowment of at least $50,000, which will allow the fund to donate $2,500 annually and enable Simon to touch people with his spirit for many years to come.

How to Make a Contribution

All contributions to the Simon Craig Vodosek Memorial Fund are fully tax-deductible. Donations can be made now and at any time in the future. We would be honored if you would consider Simon's Fund for an annual or special occasion contribution in the future as well.

Donations of $250 or more

Via check in US dollars
The Calvert Social Investment Foundation requires a minimum donation amount of $250. If you are considering a gift of $250 or more, please make your check payable to the "Calvert Foundation" and write in the memo line "Simon Craig Vodosek Memorial Fund." Then, send your charitable contribution to:


    Ms. Tracey Jarmon
    The Calvert Foundation
    7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1100 W
    Bethesda, MD 20814

    Direct Line: 301-961-4768
    Fax: 301-280-1399

Via bank wire
For donors unable to write checks on US dollars, the Calvert Foundation can receive your gift via wire as follows. We are currently not able to accept gifts via credit card.

City/state of bank: Rockville, Maryland 20850
Bank Address: 1400 Research Blvd.
Bank ABA Routing Number: 25 4070116
Account number at Bank: 24 00 87 52 (Money Market Acct.)
Name on the account at Bank: Calvert Social Investment Foundation
Designation: Simon Craig Vodosek Memorial Fund
Bank charges for the transaction will be deducted from the gift, and the remainder will be deposited into Simon's Fund. To ensure that the funds are properly received, please send an email message to Ms. Tracey Jarmon at the Calvert Foundation. Her contact information follows:


    Ms. Tracey Jarmon
    The Calvert Foundation
    7315 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1100 W
    Bethesda, MD 20814

    Direct Line: 301-961-4768
    Fax: 301-280-1399

The Calvert Foundation will send you an acknowledgment of your contribution for tax purposes.

Donations under $250

If you are planning a donation of less than $250, please send your donation (check or cash) to Simon's family. We have set up a memorial account in Simon's name, which enables us to pool smaller donations and transfer them to the memorial fund at the Calvert Foundation in a lump sum once they exceed the $250 minimum. Please make your check payable to "Mary Craig/Simon Memorial Fund". Then, send your contribution to:

Thank you for your interest in helping us preserve Simon's memory. We look forward to keeping you posted on the activities we are able to sponsor. We know that as a family we will benefit from this opportunity to remember Simon by creating opportunities that we would have enjoyed with him.

**Family members may be pleased to learn that Simon's great grandfather, the Reverend Melville Owen Williams (Grann's father), was an enthusiastic investor with the Calvert Foundation. We learned this from Grann/Ann when we asked her to be a secondary advisor on Simon's Fund. We have also asked Sally Blodgett Olson to serve as a secondary advisor to Simon's Fund. We are grateful to both Ann and Sally for their willingness to help.

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