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Donor list as of 9/2/05. Return to the Memorial Fund page.

Tobias and Family

Losing a Buddy to Cancer

Tobias Rosenberg was one of the many friends who joined Simon for his Celebration of Life Party on July 1, 2004. Simon spent most of the party seated in his reclining lawn chair. He handed out gifts and interacted with his guests. He was on a constant infusion of dilaudid (a narcotic) to control pain from his tumors. Simon's classmates were well aware of Simon's pump because we had discussed it and demonstrated it in class back in May. At the party, Tobias and Mary (Simon's mom) had this beautiful conversation:

Tobias: "I feel funny when I see that pump."
Mary: "What do you mean?"
Tobias: "It makes me feel quivery, looking at it."
Mary: "Why do you feel that?"
Tobias: "Because I feel bad about Simon having cancer."
Mary: "We all feel that way."

At left, Simon's classmate Tobias Rosenberg lights a candle at Simon's Memorial Service in Salt Lake City on August 28, 2004.

Donor List as of September 2, 2005

We are touched and honored by the generous donations to Simon's Memorial Fund from around the world. Below is an initial list of donations that we know have been received either at the First Unitarian Church in Salt Lake City or at the Calvert Giving Fund. If you have made a contribution but do not see your name listed here, please notify us by emailing Your gift is probably in process, but we'll be sure to check on the status for you.

We also extend our thanks to those people who have given in Simon's memory to other organizations. For those who have given to the Alex's Lemonade Stand fund, we are humbled to report that Alex's fund has made a $1,000 grant to Simon's Memorial Fund in recognition of amazing fundraising done in Simon's name. Alex's fund supports pediatric cancer research, and her family feel that the inspiration of Simon's life and his Memorial Fund further that cause, albeit outside the laboratory.

Families and Individuals
Martin and Susan Ackermann, Oberlin, OH
Harry and Shauna Agnew, Torrey, UT, in memory of Claudia Austin
Donna Ainsworth, Ann Arbor, MI
Erik and Michelle Andrews, Davidsonville, MD
Tobias George and Marlene Andrews, Oberlin, OH
Carol Anilowski, Ann Arbor, MI
Lindy Archambeau, Salt Lake City, UT
Margaret and David Atwater, Dayton, OH
Marjorie Barritt, Ann Arbor, MI
John and Frances Baumann, Oberlin, OH
Jeanne Bay, Lorain, OH
Kay Beaton, Park City, UT
Hanni and Franz Bienart, Stuttgart, Germany
Amy Nicole Bishop, Salt Lake City, UT
Jane Bishop, Ann Arbor, MI
Barbara Blodgett, New Haven, CT
Jane Blodgett, Oberlin, OH
Linda Britt, Ann Arbor, MI
Smith Brittingham IV and Jeannie Beddard, Alexandria, VA
Nancy and David Browne, Oberlin, OH
Kenneth and Keven Burchfield, Brighton, MI
Liza and Michael Burger, Ithaca, NY
Priscilla and Frank Burton, Salt Lake City, UT
Paula Caproni, Ann Arbor, MI
Hugh and Gisella Chace, Salt Lake City, UT
Uladzimir Charniauski, Ann Arbor, MI
Marlys Christianson, Ann Arbor, MI
Bart Cocke and Tina Diekmann, Salt Lake City, UT
Constance and James Cook, Ann Arbor, MI
Paul Courrant and Marta Manildi, Ann Arbor, MI
Ann and Norman Craig, Oberlin, OH
David Craig and Jocelyn Sisson, Indianapolis, IN
Stephen and Karan Cutler, Essex Junction, VT
Gerald Davis and Christine Brown, Ann Arbor, MI
Harold and Sonja Decker, Salt Lake City, UT
Marion and Robert Drummond, Oberlin, OH
Tobias David and Jill Elliott, Ypsilanti, MI
Muffy Ferro, Salt Lake City, UT
Kent and Susanne Foster, El Dorado Hills, CA
Laurie Gendron, Brighton, MI
Lisa Greco, Ann Arbor, MI
Daniel Gruber, Ann Arbor, MI
Cathy Hanson, Boca Raton, FL
Ralph Harding, Toronto, Canada
Rosemary Harvey, Plymouth, MI
Caroline Helton and Matt Kaplan, Ann Arbor, MI
Herbert and Sabra Henke, Oberlin, OH
Richard Holubkov and Dai Cui, Salt Lake City, UT
Kristen and Robert Hopkins, Clinton, NY
Beth Hospadaruk, Ann Arbor, MI
Julia Ann Hower, Ann Arbor, MI
Heidi Ingham, Salt Lake City, UT
Ragna Lara Jakobsdottir and Ivar Gunnarsson, Ann Arbor, MI
Jodi and David Johnson, Ann Arbor, MI
Roderick Johnson and P. Schnaper, Salt Lake City, UT
Dorte Junker, Ann Arbor, MI
Hidong Kim, Bainbridge Island, WA
Ulf and Silvia Knöbel, Switzerland
Ken and Kitty Kress, Elyria, OH
Jochen, Saskia, Jonas, and Katinka Kurz, Munich, Germany
Katie Kyndely, Ann Arbor, MI
Mary Laughlin, West Jordan, UT
Julia Craig Lautens, Toronto, Canada
Margot Lautens, Toronto, Canada
Mark Lautens, Toronto, Canada
Nathan Lautens, Toronto, Canada
Katherine Lawrence, Ann Arbor, MI
Judith Layng, Washington, DC
Martha Lee, Tuscson, AZ
Lisa Mari Lemble, Ann Arbor, MI
Robert and Constance Lippert, Ann Arbor, MI
Robert and Carol Longsworth, Oberlin, OH
Ann Longsworth-Orr, Bryan, OH
James and Toria Magelby, Salt Lake City, UT
Daune Mahy, Oberlin, OH
Christopher Marquis, Ann Arbor, MI
Emma and Delbert Mason, Oberlin, OH
Albert Matlin, Oberlin, OH
Margery Mauck, Midvale, UT
Scott and Constance Maves, Salt Lake City, UT
Jeanne McCall, Salt Lake City, UT
Russell and Jackie Menk, Herriman, UT
Daniel and Marlene Merrill, Oberlin, OH
Fabienne Morck, Salt Lake City, UT
Dan and Cristina Negrut, Ann Arbor, MI
Eric and Mary Neuman, Ann Arbor, MI
Ruth and William Ohlsen, Salt Lake City, UT
James and Sally Olson, Seattle, WA
Emily Acton Phillips, Dallas, TX
Ryan and Amy Quinn, Chesterfield, MO
Donald and Marion Robertson, Chevy Chase, MD
Eva Rosenblumova and Brian Rosenblum, Ann Arbor, MI
Stella and Sidney Rosenfeld, Oberlin, OH
Lance Sandelands and Jane Dutton, Ann Arbor, MI
Dina and Richard Schoonmaker, Oberlin, OH
Kathy, Nathan, Marina, and Jane Schwadron, San Antonio, TX
Marina Schwadron, San Antonio, TX
Julia Schwartz, Frauenfeld, Switzerland
Dorothy and David Seiter, South Hamilton, MA
Jacquelyn Shambaugh, Oakton, VA
Karen and Roger Shambaugh, Ann Arbor, MI
Amy Sheon, Ann Arbor, MI
Kristin Smith-Crowe, Salt Lake City, UT
Eduardo Silva and Carla Waehneldt, Ann Arbor, MI
Shannon Sims, Salt Lake City, UT
Kristen Speidel and Mark Elder, Havertown, PA
Priscilla and Ira Steinberg, Oberlin, OH
Christine and Paul Stepanek, Leonding, Austria
Daniel and Katherine Styer, Oberlin, OH
Kathleen Sutcliffe, Ann Arbor, MI
Betty and Fred Tabbutt, Olympia, WA
Stephen and Marcia Tallman, Salt Lake City, UT
Angela, Shayne, Christi, and Shayla Thomas, Tiffin, OH
Sylvia Torti and Donald Fiener, Salt Lake City, UT
Phyllis Valentine, Ann Arbor, MI
Martha Morrison Veranth, Salt Lake City, UT
Markus Vodosek and Mary Craig, Salt Lake City, UT
Simon Craig Vodosek, Salt Lake City, UT (his personal savings)
Marianne von Hippel, Anchorage, AK
Johannes Vonmoltke, Ann Arbor, MI
James Walsh, Ann Arbor, MI
Jean and Albert Watson, Dover, OH
Kendra and Lee Weasel, Deerfield, MI
Nancy and Jeffrey Weatherford, Tecumseh, MI
Kevin and Susan Weidenbaum, Oberlin, OH
Victoria Whitaker, Salt Lake City, UT
Linda and Mell Williams, Arnold, MI
Merrilee and Jeffrey Witmer, Oberlin, OH
Eric and Jennifer Wolf, Ann Arbor, MI
Melissa Wooten, Highland Park, MI
Mayer and Joan Zald, Ann Arbor, MI
Antonios Zavaliangos, Bryn Mawr, PA

Groups and Organizataions
First Unitarian Universalist Church of Ann Arbor, MI
Arts at Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Students, Faculty, and Staff of the Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor, MI
The William Davidson Institute, Ann Arbor, MI
Alex's Lemonade Stand, Philadelphia, PA
Customers and Staff of the King's English Bookshop, Salt Lake City, UT
David Eccles School of Business, Salt Lake City, UT
National City Bank
Nature's Spa at Avalon (a fundraiser by Simon's sister and cousins!)

Gifts to Other Organizations in Simon's Memory
American Cancer Society
Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation
Canadian Cancer Society
Neuroblastoma Research Fund at the University of California, San Francisco
The Ronald McDonald House
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Children's Forest in Israel

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