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August 29, 2000 "Sing When the Spirit Says Sing"

Posted February 14, 2005

For Marina
This clip is for Marina and her family. Just today (February 14, 2004) I saw a message on the MESSAGE BOARD from Marina's mom, Kathy. I am so sorry that Marina is feeling sad about missing Simon. It really is hard, and I notice that many of us are now beginning to feel the real pain. A friend of Simon's here in Salt Lake City named Ellen has also recently noticed how sad Simon's death is for her. I think Miriam is feeling deeper stuff now, too. I know that I am.

Marina, Kathy, Miriam, and everyone else, let's take some joy in remembering what fun it was to hang out with Simon. He had so much energy and sparkle. He helped us all feel happy and alive. Our memories of him can still do that for us.

I remember how Marina talked at Simon's memorial service about her memory of him coming to her birthday party. It was hard having birthday parties so far apart--you in Texas and us in Utah. But it gets especially hard when you're missing a friend who won't be able to come to any more birthday parties.

I must have been sensing Marina's birthday happenings because I was already working on this little clip BEFORE I saw Kathy's post. So, here it is.

The Clip
On this fine day in late summer of 2000, Simon and Marina (both age 3) and Miriam (age 11 months) are dancing around as they watch a Raffi videotape to the song, "Sing When the Spirit Says Sing." Simon and Miriam were both taking music class at Gari Stein's, although this episode must have taken place during the summer break.

Among the accoutrements of musical play are the baby sling, which Simon is using as a costume. Marina is playing a chopstick, which kids use in amazing ways to imitate instruments. Miriam has a ribbon stick. They all seem to be having a wonderful mix of fun in the group and fun on their own.

August 29, 2000 "Sing When the Spirit Says Sing" (3.8 MB Quicktime movie, 1.5 minutes)
You may want to turn up the volume on your speakers to hear the audio in the clip.

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