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SIMON SAYS Archive June 2002

June 23, 2002 "A boy with a Web site

Late at night, when Simon was supposed to be falling asleep, Mary was lying next to him, waiting for her moment to sneak out.
Simon: "Hey, I have an idea! We could ask the guy who made my Web site to make a bird to go with the butterfly."
[Ahem, Doug!]
Simon: "I know why I have a Web site. Because lots of people love me, and they can go there and look at things and say things. And they all want me to get better from my cancer."

June 25, 2002 "Public Relations"

Simon: "Look at me, I'm dirt!"
When we took out the camera to take a picture of our favorite dirt in his Tonka truck, he added:
 "You need to put this on my web page!"
We are realizing that Simon is acutely aware of how public a persona he has become!

June 23, 2002 "Magic Inside of Us"

Simon: "We have magic inside of us."
Mary: "What kind of magic is inside of you?"
Simon: "Cancer-fighting magic!"

June 21, 2002 "How very true"

"Having cancer is not very fun. Because I have to take all these medicines when there are fun things to do!"

June 21, 2002 "Insect Enthusiast"

Simon: "Look! An ant in our house!"
Mary [eyeing the crumbs under the breakfast table]: "We need to clean the floor."
Simon: "No! We don't have to." [excited] "For lots of ants come in our house. They creep along, looking for food!"
[Mary: Yikes!]
Simon: "See, there's another one!"

June 16, 2002 "Mr. Sociable"

On our return flight from Salt Lake City to Ann Arbor, we secured 2 seats near the front of the plane in the bulkhead row to keep Simon in the cleanest air possible on the plane. His immunity was still low, and we have learned that the air is a lot better at the front of the plane. Markus and Miriam headed back to row 25 while Mary and Simon got settled in the window and middle seats in row 5. A little while later, a young woman took the isle seat next to Mary. Simon (who has apparently never hoped for an empty seat next to him on a plane trip) cheerily commented,
"It's nice for someone to join us!"

June 12, 2002 "On the chairlift at Park City Resort"

Markus: "I'm surprised this is so slow."
Simon (who had previously complained about being bored, to which Mary replied he simply needed to occupy the time by thinking of something else):
"I think it's fast. I'm doing what my mom told me about being bored. Forget about it's slow. See how it's fast. Right, Mommy?"

June 8, 2002 "In spite of it all"

On the first Saturday in Utah, we went to the Heber Valley Railroad to see Thomas the Tank Engine pulling a long chain of passenger cars (what a money-maker at $14 a ticket!). After our ride, we browsed the sales tent (more money-making) and headed out to the lawn to enjoy live music by a talented von Trapp-style family and a funny magician. Simon, who had complained of leg pain most of the day, asked to be carried to the bathroom. He was tired out, and desperate for a toilet. Despite all the struggle, he looked at Mary in the bathroom and said,
"It's really fun here!"

June 8, 2002 "Goofy Girl"

While traveling in our "big, red van" in Utah, Miriam mocked our disrupted sleep schedule with a funny game in her car seat.
Miriam: "One, two, three, fall asleep." [And she closed her eyes and rested her head on her car seat.]

Miriam: "One, two, three, wake up!" [Eyes open, goofy grin.] ". . . Hi!"


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