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1 Belt, 1 Road One Belt, One Road
1:1 1. Short name for Argentina's policy in the 1990s of fixing its currency's value to the US dollar, one peso equaling one dollar.
2. Later, 1:1 trade policy referred to Argentina's trade balancing mechanism.
11 Chapter 11.
14 Points Fourteen Points.
17+1 A platform for cooperation between China and a group of initially 16, later 17, CEEC countries. It held summits each year from 2012 to 2021. In 2021 Lithuania dropped out and was followed out by Estonia and Latvia. The group now calls itself China-CEEC Cooperation [Source]
18th Century Rule The principle of gains from trade understood by writers as early as 1701 and stated by Viner (1937) that "it pays to import commodities from abroad whenever they can be obtained in exchange for exports at a smaller real cost than their production at home would entail."
19 Chapter 19.
1974 Trade Act of 1974.
1992 Europe 1992.
1997 Crisis Asian crisis.
1st Unbundling See 2nd unbundling.
21 Agenda 21.
201 Section 201.
2025 Made in China 2025.
2030 Agenda See Sustainable Development Goals
21st Century Maritime Silk Road The sea portion of the Belt and Road Initiative
232 Section 232.
2nd Unbundling The name given by Baldwin (2006) to the wave of international fragmentation that began in the late 20th century. Contrasts with the 1st unbundling in which production and consumption ceased to be kept together, permitting the growth of international trade.
2x2x2 Model The Heckscher-Ohlin Model with 2 factors, 2 goods, and 2 countries.
3 Seas Initiativve Three Seas Initiative.
301 1. Section 301.
2. Special 301.
3. Super 301
337 Section 337.
4-firm concentration ratio See concentration ratio. The sum of the market shares of the 4 largest firms in an industry. This is one of two widely used measures for firm concentration, or oligopoly. The other is the Herfindahl index.
4 Freedoms See Four Freedoms.
4 Motors See Four Motors for Europe.
421 Section 421.
45-degree rule See Thirlwall's Law.
5 Eyes Five Eyes.
50 Article 50.
50 Years Is Enough A U.S.-based coalition of organizations committed to the transformation of the IMF and the World Bank. Its more formal name is U.S. Network for Global Economic Justice. Its demands include debt cancellation, end of structural adjustment, and payment of various reparations.
7 Sisters Seven Sisters.
77 G-77.
806.30 imports Imports under Section 806.30. <>
807.00 imports Imports under Section 807.00.
90% Economy Term introduced by The Economist in 2020 to describe the state of the world economy that they expected to emerge after the Covid-19 Pandemic, meaning that it will take a long time to return to 100% of its pre-pandemic performance.