It was only fairly recently (2021) that I realized that I should document the sources of some of the terms that I define or explain in the Glossary. I realized that especially when I was reading Irwin (2017) and was adding terms from there that I might later want to go back to. From then on, I've done my best to include my sources unless they came from a website that I was linking the term itself to.

Since then I have also made some efforts -- so far very incomplete -- to look back at terms that I had included in the Glossary previously. Where possible, if I can find a source for at least part of what I've written for the term, I've included that here as well. This typically is for terms that I would not have been familiar with myself.

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    Therefore, inventories held long must be financed. A position is defined to have a positive carry if the coupon rate on the security held exceeds the interest cost of financing and to have a negative carry in the opposite situation.
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Also personal communication with PhD student Dyanne Vaught.
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