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Last updated on February 13, 2008

    • Angola Website
      • Maintained by the Embassy of the Republic of Angola, Washington, DC
      • Angolan culture, business, news; relief efforts to aid the country
      • Under Government: structure of the government, profile of the President, and election statistics
      • Under Reference: directory of key officials, constitution, news releases and speeches
    • Constitution
      • Text of 1992 constitution in English
    • Laws (Library of Congress)
      • Guide to legal collections on Angola
    • Parliament
      • Searchable text in Portuguese
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • List of UN ambassadors and other pertinant information



Burkina Faso



    • President
      • Executive branch of government
      • Searchable text in French
    • Constitution
      • Text of 1996 constitution in English
    • Index on Africa
      • Annotated links to Cameroon's politics, economy, culture, environment, tourism, and news
      • From the Norwegian Council for Africa
    • Embassy of Cameroon
      • Offical site of the Cameroon Embassy in the United States

Cape Verde

Central African Republic



Congo (Democratic Republic of)

Congo (Republic of)


Equatorial Guinea





    • Official Site
      • Official Republic of Ghana site, with government information in English
    • Parliament
      • Highlights, news, and members
    • Constitution
      • Text of 1992 constitution in English
    • Embassy of Ghana
      • Official website of the Ghanian embassy to the United States


    • Official Website of Guinea
      • Contains information about the political institutions of Guinea
      • Contains economic and geographical information
      • Searchable text in French
    • Judiciary
      • High courts of Guinea
      • Searchable text in French
    • Guinean U.N. Mission
      • Permanent mission of the Republic of Guinea to the United Nations


Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire)


    • Government of Kenya
      • Includes President's Office, government, news, and history
    • Constitution
      • Text of 2001 constitution in English
    • Legislature
      • Kenyon Parliament
    • Central Bank of Kenya
      • Monthly and annual economic indicators since 1996
      • Includes inflation, exchange rates, and balance of payments
    • Embassy to the United States
      • Addresses of government officials
      • Description of economy, education, tourism
    • Kenya Website
      • Library of Congress "Portals to the World"
      • Various aspects of the country
    • Kenyaweb
      • News, tourism, and historical information
      • Unannotated links to government agencies


    • Lesotho
      • Official Government website
      • Government structures and documents
    • Cabinet
      • The country's ministers
    • Senate
      • Legislative branch of government
    • Constitution
      • Text of 1993 constitution in English (PDF)
    • Central Bank
      • Annual report beginning 1996
      • Current data on government finance
    • Lesotho Website
      • Library of Congress "Portals to the World"
      • Various aspects of the country












    • Parliament
      • The transitional government of Rwanda
    • Constitution
      • Text of 1991 constitution in English
    • Embassy to the United States
      • Current press releases about Rwanda from the Washington Post
      • Basic facts includes geography, people, and political issues
    • International Criminal Tribunal (UN)
      • Court indicted Jean Paul Akayesu for genocide
      • Text of indictment, hearings, rules of the court, and annual reports
      • Full text of judgment issued September 1998
    • Rwanda Website
      • Library of Congress "Portals to the World"
      • Various aspects of the country
    • Leave None to Tell the Story: Genocide in Rwanda (Human Rights Watch)
      • Full-length book documenting causes for the 1994 genocide of 500,000 Tutsi in Rwanda
      • Uses primary sources and articles to conclude the international community response was insufficient
      • Nicely segmented into HTML sections
    • Rwanda Online
      • News, politics, culture, and society

São Tomé & Príncipe

    • President
      • Official site of the President of the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, in Portugese
    • National Assembly
      • Official site of the National Assembly of São Tomé and Príncipe, in Portugese
    • Statistics
      • Government statistics in Portuguese



Sierra Leone


Somalia has no functioning government as of March 2007

South Africa


    • Government
      • Speeches of Prime Minister
      • Addresses of cabinet agencies
      • Reform agenda and weekly issues Swaziland Today, the official government newsletter
    • Parliament
      • Members of Senate and Assembly
      • Address of His Majesty at opening 1997 session
      • Text in English
    • Constitution
      • Draft of constitution
    • Swaziland Website
      • Library of Congress "Portals to the World"
      • Varius aspects of the country



    • Constitution
      • Text of 2003 constitution in English
    • National Assembly
      • Official site, in French
    • Republique Togolaise
      • Descriptive information on foreign, economic, and domestic affairs
      • Government ministers included under Information Utilities
      • Text in French and English
      • News



    • See Congo (Democratic Republic of)



Related Information

    • African Data Dissemination Service (USGS)
      • Maps showing rainfall and types of vegetation in Africa
    • Africa Research Central
      • Guide to archives, museums and libraries in Africa
      • Searchable databse of primary source repositories in Africa
      • Links to archives in U.S. and Europe
    • Africa South of the Sahara (Stanford U.)
      • Extensive annotated guide to individual African countries and the region
      • Includes culture, politics, travel, human rights
      • Searchable by topic, country, and keyword
    • African Governments on the Web (Gunnar Anzinger)
      • Comprehensive and updated list of government agencies and embassies
      • Tabular index by country indicates number of entries and last update
    • African Population Data Base (UNEP)
      • Population counts for 4800 administrative units in Africa, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000
      • The full data set must be ftp-ed
    • African Wide Database (UMich Only)
      • Index to over 300 journals and books on the entire African continent since the 19th Century
      • Includes scholarly material from African, European, and North American sources
      • Most entries have a brief annotation
    • Commonwealth Secretariat
      • Background on member countries
      • History, geography, social, economic, and statisticial information
    • First African Rulers
      • List of first head of state of individual African countries beginning 1957
      • Name coded with reason for leaving office and a link to the current ruler
    • IFC in Africa (Internaitonal Finance Coporation)
      • Basic economic and investment data for individual countries in Africa
      • Directory of IFC projects
      • Guidance on investment procedure
    • Middle East/North Africa Resource Guide (U. of Utah)
      • Comprehensive guide to internet resources for the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia
      • Also includes Mauritania, Somalia, and a section on African Studies
      • Resources arranged by country and by academic discipline (anthropology, economics, history, religion, sociology)
      • Links include country home pages, discussion lists, and homepages of foreign students residing in the U.S.
    • Organizations of Africa (MBENDI)
      • Extensive list of African international organizations with a description and mail/phone contacts
      • Links from many of the organizations to descriptions of their member countries
    • Political Resources on the Net
      • Hundreds of links to parties, movements, elections, political organizations, government, and embassy web sites arranged by country
      • Searchable by country or world region
      • Web site has outstanding coverage and merits its high ratings
    • United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
      • News of social and economic development issues
      • African Economic Outlook provides analysis of economic and social conditions with some regional and country statistical data
      • AfricaBIB lists periodical articles found under Bibliographical Resources
    • U.S. AID: Sub-Saharan Africa (Agency for International Development)
      • Country and regional aid programs
      • News, sports, and cultural information
      • Statistics and maps on crops, famine potential, and economic development

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