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Last updated on January 19, 2009

    • Afghanistan Law Guide (UMich Law Library)
      • Guide to printed sources of historical and current Afghan constitutions, subject compilations, and comprehensive legal sources
      • Includes translations to various languages

    • Constitution Finder (U.Richmond)
      • Links to Constitutions around the world in English and foreign languages
      • Also includes drafts and charters

    • Draft Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe (pdf)
      • Treaty drafted July 2003
      • Signed October 29, 2004

    • International Constitutional Law
      • Links to constitutions of 62 countries
      • Country pages may also include legislation, political parties, and court decisions

Legal Compilations by Country

    • Foreign and International Laws (Washburn Univ)
      • Foreign laws, area studies web sites, and news sources
      • Arranged by region and country

    • Foreign Laws (FINDLAW)
      • Extensive list of foreign laws arranged by country
      • Includes unique "unofficial" sources and some annotations
      • Additional search engine

    • Foreign Laws and Constitutions (House of Rep/LawMoose)
      • Texts of foreign constitutions, selected other foreign laws, and treaties

    • Global Legal Information Network
      • Search English summaries of laws from around the world since January 1976
      • A minimum search requires use of the Thesaurus and a country designation (e.g. Argentina and Criminal law)
      • Search may be refined by citing the legal instrument or date

    • Government Gazettes Online (UMich)
      • Identifies government legal gazettes available on the web
      • Annotations include URL, frequency, languages, dates, format, contents, and price
      • Project conducted by Caroline Crouse and Anthony Davis in Spring 2003 as an extension of their Alternative Spring Break at the United Nations

    • Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases (NYU)
      • Arranged by country and by subject (civil codes, constitutions, copyright, environment, human rights, and treaties)
      • Extensive explanations in context and foreign language material

    • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (UMich Only)
      • Indexes 450 legal periodicals published outside the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain since 1985
      • Approach by author, title, subject, and keyword
      • Western European languages, including English

    • Nations of the World (Law Library of Congress)
      • Separate web page for each country of the world links to constitutions and laws available on the web
      • Links to executive, legislative and judicial branch web sites
      • General sources include area studies, human rights reports, refugee reports, travel advisories

    • World Law Resource List (World Legal Information Institute)
      • Extensive list of legal Internet sites for over 50 countries outside the United States and South America
      • Multiple listings for many countries

Subject Compilations

    • Conditions of Work and Employment Laws (ILO)
      • Detailed database of maternity, minimum wage, and work time laws of countries around the world
      • Laws of individual countries or countries within a region can be easily compared
      • NATLEX, a related database, has the text of laws and decrees but a little harder to read

    • Drug Laws (UN Office of Drugs and Crime)
      • Narcotics laws arranged by name of country

    • EcoLex: A Gateway to Environmental Law
      • Index international treaties and environmental laws or regulations in most countries
      • Often provides the full text
      • Search by subject, country, date, or free text
      • Initial version not always easy to use

    • European Environmental Law
      • Full text of numerous environmental treaties, international laws, and case laws about environmental topics in Western Europe

    • International Boundary News Database
      • Single-paragraph news articles on international boundaries since 1991
      • Searchable by subject
      • Includes both boundary demarcations and boundary disputes

    • International Victomology Web Site
      • National laws on victims of crime, including a large number of U.S. sources
      • Data base of international research projects in progress and completed

    • NATLEX
      • Labor laws for 180 countries
      • Searchable by a combination of subject, country and year
      • Related database: Conditions of Work


    • International Law Office
      • Search for commercial law firms around the world by country, subject specialty, and/or language spoken

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