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Saturday, August 28, 2004 in Salt Lake City

Simon's Memorial Service was a rich and full event. We are grateful to all who participated in making the service happen. We were surrounded by fans of Simon that day. What a beautiful feeling that was!

The process of documenting the service on this Web site is a slow one, and we will add further to this page over time.

  • Mary's Remarks at Simon's Memorial Service

  • Der Mond is aufgegangen
    Text in German and English of Simon's favorite German lullaby, plus photos of the performers.

    Archive: Invitation to Simon's Memorial Service

    Out-of-town guest list updated 8/23/04.

    Artwork, quilts, photos, and other items from Simon's life will be on display in Eliot Hall throughout the activities.
    10:00 am Art-making and other activities for children (and brave adults) in Eliot Hall
    10:50 am Begin entry and candle-lighting in the Chapel
    11:00 am Memorial Service (overflow seating in Eliot Hall)*
    12:15 pm-ish Lunch and reception in Eliot Hall

    *Adult-supervised childcare will be provided in the church playground during the service for anyone needing a break. All ages are expected and welcome to come to Simon's service. There will be remarks addressed to the children present as well as time during the service to share thoughts about Simon. The art-making before the service should help participants focus their thoughts.

    What to wear
    Simon loved bright, rich colors. He gravitated away from anything dark or dull. Let's honor him with our happy, colorful clothes at his memorial service!

    Memorial Fund
    In lieu of flowers or other gifts, we request contributions to the Simon Craig Vodosek Memorial Fund.

    First Unitarian Church of Salt Lake City
    569 South 1300 East
    Salt Lake City, UT 84102
    Telephone: 801.582.8687

    Mapquest map of church location
    To get your own map and/or driving directions, visit Mapquest.

    Out-of-town guests and family
    Please be sure to contact by email or via phone at 801.585.9844 to let us know that you are coming. We are excited to know that many friends and family members are making the journey, and we continue to hope that others are making plans to come, too. Lee still has hosts available for those wishing to stay in homes. She has also arranged a reduced rate ($69 per night for a studio, $89 per night for a 2-room suite) at a conveniently located hotel (right across from Trolley Square, where Simon loved to eat dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory).

    Here's what we know so far about who's coming. From the Craig clan: Julie, David, Jocelyn, Ann, and Norm. From the Vodosek clan: Irmi, Peter, and Christina. From the Tabbutt clan: Betty, Fred, Ken, Joanna, and Benjamin. From the Williams clan: Lee, Lucy, Liddy, Curt, Lawrie, Madi, Lexi, Steve, Annette, Rowan, and Mell. From Ann Arbor days: Anne, Tom and Johannes; Matt, Caroline, and Hava; Deborah; Melanie?; Kathy and Marina; Jerry D.; Carol S.; Kristy H. From Oberlin days: Jane, Barbara, and Sally B. Have we missed anyone? We want to be sure you know about the gatherings for out-of-town guests and family. If you're coming and we haven't listed you here, please let us know by emailing If you want to come, but you can't make it, let us know that, too!

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