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August 25, 2004 "ABC Channel 4 News Story"

Posted January 31, 2005

This video also appears in the Tributes section of Simon's Place. Simon's school, Uintah Elementary, put on a lemonade stand in Simon's honor during the first week of school in August. They raised $1800 for Alex's Lemonade Stand in support of pediatric cancer research.

A few notes on the TV story:

If you don't see the video yet, it's probably loading in. It starts with silenced volume under the initial titles, then the volume cranks up when you see the male anchor. You may need to increase the volume on your computer to hear it well.

The anchor mistakenly calls Simon's cancer "neurobalostoma" (instead of neuroblastoma), a flub that seems to indicate how few people know the meaning of "blast", which refers to immature cells. The big problem with neuroblastoma cells is that they aren't mature enough to function as proper cells with a programmed time for cell death, so they grow out of control.

The reporter states that cancer was found in Simon's skull at diagnosis. It's true there was already bone involvement in the skull at diagnosis, but the big concerns at that time were bone marrow disease and the primary tumor on his nerve column, near the left adrenal, and the metastatic tumor threatening paralysis on his spine in his upper back, and the tumor growing on his right lung. Not a very good soundbite, is it?

The song you hear in the news story is called "You've Crossed Over", written and performed by Laz Slomovits of Gemini. The text of the poem appears as a separate Tribute to Simon.

ABC Channel 4 News Story, August 25, 2004 (3.9 MB Quicktime movie, 2.5 minutes)
You may want to turn up the volume on your speakers to hear the audio in the clip.

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