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You've Crossed Over, a Song for Simon by Laz Slomovits

As Simon's death approached, Laz Slomovits (one half of the Ann Arbor-based duo Gemini) began to compose a song for Simon. We had long hoped that musician friends would write songs about Simon, and Laz found his muse in Simon's death. During August, Laz told us he was nearing completion of the song, which captures so well the yearning we feel for Simon along with feelings of gratitude for his wonderful presence among us. Laz made a demo tape of the song, which we played during Simon's memorial service on August 28, 2004.

You've Crossed Over

You've crossed over the river little child.
You've crossed over, over to the other side.
Ooh, that river is so deep and wide.
But you left us something here inside.

Ooh, your memory is still shining bright.
Ooh, your memory, more precious than light.
When I think of you, my heart has wings.
When I speak of you, my heart sings.


Ooh, your sweetness, your joy, your smile.
Ooh, your mischief, just once in a while.
Precious little child, your journey is done.
But in all of us you'll go on and on.


Who knows what you would have done had you stayed?
What you'd have discovered or made?
But you didn't leave this world without giving a gift.
The memory of your love will always uplift.


© Laszlo Slomovits, August 2004

San and Laz Slomovits Laz Slomovits (pictured to the right of his brother, San) entered into a cycle of mutual admiration with Simon back in December 2001 when Simon was diagnosed. Who knows? Laz may have even noticed how special Simon was when he autographed CDs for a then healthy Simon and Miriam after performances by Gemini. San and Laz played mini-concerts for Simon in the hospital in Ann Arbor (see photos), and Laz once came to Simon and Miriam's daycare at Linda's (photos). San and Laz also played at Simon's 5th birthday party on the coldest May 17th in Ann Arbor history (photos--notice that San was wearing gloves to play the bones!).

Laz's songwriting became very important to us as we pulled together music for Simon's services. Laz's new song for Simon was played from a recording during the church memorial service. Later that day, our singer/guitarist friend Sarah Williams played two of Laz's other songs at Simon's graveside. The first was Simon's own favorite "Don't Forget to Sing" and the second was the gentle song of farewell called "Bye, Bye".

Photo courtesy of Gemini Web site.

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