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SIMON SAYS Archive September 2002

September 27, 2002 "The Birds and the Bees"

While Simon and Markus worked on a fried egg for breakfast (Simon's current preference is "medium everything: medium crispy, medium big, and medium runny--and the egg should be flipped-ed"):
Simon: "Daddy, you know what happens if you keep the egg warm and the rooster stuff gets inside the mommy . . . you get a chick!"

September 14, 2002 "Cartoon Commentary"

Watching Bugs Bunny while awaiting blood results on his first visit back to the hospital after his transplant, Simon commented:
"That rabbit sure knows how to protect himself!"

September 12, 2002 "Why Robbers Steal"

A conclusion arrived at after Mary explained a circuitous path to obtain the vending machine goodies Simon craved (since she had no cash small enough for the change machine, she had to make a purchase to get some change, and then go to the machine--a good .5 mile walk around the hospital . . . ):
Simon: "I know why robbers steal. Because they don't have any money!"

September 11, 2002 "Fun with Games and a Volunteer named Allyson"

Playing a Parchesi-like game called "Trouble", Simon had this exchange with Allyson.

Allyson: "If you land on me, I'll have to go back to the beginning."

Simon: "Don't worry. If you don't want to go back to the beginning, I'll just jump over you."


Simon: "A tie means two people win."

September 10, 2002 "Hair Clip"

Handing Simon a hair clip during a long-awaited chance to visit him in the hospital, Miriam generously offered:
"Simon, do you want to put this on your hair?"

Simon (good-naturedly): "I don't have any hair!"

September 10, 2002 "Taking Care of Butter"

After Grann went all the way to the cafeteria to locate individually-wrapped pats of butter for Simon to use on his bread, Simon offered this critique:
"Grann doesn't know how to take care of butter. First she put it in her pocket. Then she leaved [sic] it out. And that isn't how you're supposed to take care of butter!

September 10, 2002 "Shrinky Dinks"

Upon learning that one more sheet of shrinky-dink plastic had been found, Simon said:
"Maybe we can use that shrinky-dink paper because this is too fun to stop!"

September 8, 2002 "9 Lives"

Watching a vintage cartoon where a cat's 9 lives leave its body to scare away the threatening mice and revive the poor cat, Simon remarked:
"I can't believe we have one soul and cats have 9. That's amazing."

September 8, 2002 "Feeling Drugged and Sick"

Simon: "My brain is not thinking the right way!"

September 6, 2002 "Simon's 'Very Own' Art Therapist"

Simon enjoyed his chances to work with art therapist Adrienne in his room during his transplant recovery phase in the hospital. Noting the practical side, Simon said:
"I wish we had Adrienne at our house because she does painting projects, and you don't have to pay! . . . I wish it was like that in the toy store--that we could get everthing without pay."

September 6, 2002 "Fluid behind the ear drum"

Dr. Yanik took a peek inside Simon's ears to see how his ear infection was healing. He explained to Simon that there was probably fluid hiding behind his eardrum, causing pressure and pain. Simon replied:
"I know why you can't see it: camoflage!"

September 5, 2002 "The Hard Part"

Mary: "The doctors say that you should be getting near the end of the hard part--and that's good!"
Simon: "I wish the hard part could be over now!"

September 5, 2002 "Itchy Skin"

Simon: "Mommy, you're my itch girl."

September 4, 2002 "Missing His Mommy"

Before falling asleep at bedtime, Simon called deliriously for his mommy.
Simon: "The bestest mommy ever, the bestest mommy in the whole wide world, the bestest mommy a kid can ever have."

September 4, 2002 "Narcotic Dreams"

Rousing briefly from a nap, Simon muttered:
"I see pipecleaners in my dream."

September 4, 2002 "Hungry"

Simon: "I'm hungry!"
Not normally an unusual phrase coming from a five-year-old, but oh-so-fabulous to hear after days without any interest in food.

September 4, 2002 "Early Morning Mutterings"

In a cute, unworried voice, Simon uttered a few bizarre things.

"The nurses . . . week!"

"The bunnies are at my toes."

September 2, 2002 "Champagne"

Anyone familiar with the scene in 'Dumbo" where Dumbo and the mouse take a bath in champagne and see some pretty weird visions will be able to guess Simon's line of thinking here:
Simon: "When I was a little kid, my aunt Julie gave me some champagne, but my brain didn't get funny."
(Rest assured that Aunt Julie may have once given Simon a fingerful of champagne at the holiday dinner table for a taste!)


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