Franco Nori

Our research work is interdisciplinary and explores the interface between condensed matter, atomic physics, optics, quantum optics, nano-science, quantum information, and computing. We are also studying quantum nano-electronics, opto-mechanics, nano-mechanics, biophysics, light-to-electricity conversion, and photonics.

Physics Department, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1040

Also with the RIKEN Advanced Science Institute, Saitama, Japan.

For information on our more recent research (done during this century), please see our publications from 2000.

All the PDF files are available here: *Updated* list of Publications grouped by topic

The links below correspond to our research work done (mostly) during last century.

Quantum Computing ( Not updated since 2002 or so )

Collective Transport in Disordered Systems ( Not updated since last century )

Suppressing Quantum Noise in Solids: Squeezed Phonons ( Not updated since last century )

Feynman Path-Integral Analytical Studies of Quantum Interference:
Superconducting Networks, Josephson junction Arrays, and Electron Motion in Magnetic Fields

  • Course (Physics 406): Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics

  • Course: Rackham Interdisciplinary Seminar on Spatio-Temporal Complexity in Science and Engineering.
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