Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Awards Ceremony, Initiation. Lecture and Banquet
April 19, 2017

Banquet Brochure

(The Chapter is grateful for a very generous donation from Ms. Cathleen Zepelin
to establish a fund in memory of Dr. Harold Zepelin, a Sigma Xi member, who died in 2006.)

Full Member Initiates included (L-R): Drs. Jamie Winters, Ravi Samala, Daniel Fisher and Tim Chambers
(Not present: Minden Sexton).


Associate Member Initiates include (L-R): Valencia Montgomery, Hilary DeShong,
Spencer Dawson, Fernanda Cross, Bryce Meerhaeghe and Victoria Bankowski
(Not present: Abagail Breidenstein, Kathryn Tolle and Jaime Muñoz Velázquez).

Science and Math Teacher of the Year Award (with Committee Chair Peter Woo*)

Ann Catherine Broderick (Washtenaw Technical Middle College)


*Funding for this award was provided by The Pfizer foundation (established by Pfizer Inc, the pharmaceutical company).

Science Fair 2017 Winners**
Click HERE or on the photo to see the posters.

Front Row (Junior Division)
(L-R) Ahmed Haider, Omar Azizi, Mazin Mehmood.

Back Row (Junior and Senior Division)
(L-R) Nathan Hadjiyski (Junior Division), Arjun Patel (Junior division),
Forrest Flesher (Senior Division) and Cooper Klein-Kassab (Senior Division)
(Not Present: Rohan Kheterpal, Daniel Passmore, Marlies Michielssen, Shrikant Chand, and Neha Seshadri)

**Funding for these awards was provided by Chapter Dues.

50-Year Members

Four members were honored for 50 years of active membership in Sigma Xi.
None of them were able to attend the banquet. Their names and the Chapter that elected them in 1967 are as follows:

Norman Lurie (016 University of Michigan)
Nina McClelland (016 University of Michigan)
Gordon Parker (090 Wayne State)
Richard Wilson (016 University of Michigan)

After the dinner, the attendees were treated to a fascinating lecture about
the Bristle Mammoth by Prof. Daniel Fisher, Director of the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology.

The audience learned, among other things, that Mammoths that died in that
period (15,000 years ago) were sometimes consumed by humans (this one
was clearly cut into pieces by humans and deposited in a pond for
later consumption). It is possible to place an exact date (season, day
of the week) to the time of death and at that time the mammoths were
NOT being killed by humans - they were being killed by other mammoths
during the mating season. About 5000 years later, mammoths were being
hunted and killed by humans (the prepared carcasses were dying at
different times of the year and females and young mammoths were also
being consumed for the first time.

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