Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Awards Ceremony, Initiation. Lecture and Banquet
April 22, 2015

Banquet Brochure

(The Chapter is grateful for a very generous donation from Ms. Cathleen Zepelin
to establish a fund in memory of Dr. Harold Zepelin, a Sigma Xi member, who died in 2006.)

Full Member Initiates included (L-R): Ioulia Kovelman and Francine Dolins
(Not present were Shiuhyang Kuo, Yujing Liu, William Lloyd III, and Shanshan Wan)


Associate Member Initiates include (L-R): Carolyn Mingione, Katherine Kitchen Andren, Catharine Fairbairn,
Kimberly Brink, Cristina Bigras and Margaret Echelbarger
(Not present were Irisa Arney, Junaira Jilani and Mine Muyan)

Science and Math Teachers of the Year Award*

Soon Lee Morningstar (Clague Middle School), Committee Chair Peter Woo, and Bridgette Joy Sparks (Saline High School)

*Funding for this award was provided by The Pfizer foundation (established by Pfizer Inc, the pharmaceutical company).

Science Fair 2015 Winners**
Click HERE to see the posters.

(L-R) Kellen Black (Forsythe Middle School), Shea O'Brien (Forsythe Middle School), Sydney Dillon (Saline Middle School),
Monica Choi (Greenhills School), and Jeremy D'Silva (Gabriel Richard High School).

**Funding for these awards was provided by Chapter Dues and a generous donation from a Chapter member

50-Year Members

Ten members were honored for 50 years of active membership in Sigma Xi.
Their names and the Chapter that elected them in 1965 are:

After the dinner, the attendees were treated to a thought-provoking lecture about
bilingalism and the brain, by Dr. Ioulia Kovelman of the Center for Health
Growth and Development and the Psychology Department at the University of MIchigan.

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