Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Initiation Banquet
April 13, 2011

Full Member Initiates included (L-R): Judith Erb (Promotion), Max Shtein,
Kimberly Houchens (promotion), Alexander Khmaladze, and Weiqiang Chen.

Associate Member Initiates were (L-R): Curtis Greene, Sang-Heon Song, Kimberley Rose,
Kathleen Matthews, Erin Mark, Erica Dawson, Laura Boxley, Erin Bonar and Jenna Robison Andrew.

Teacher of the year was Christine Gleason (Greenhills School),
shown here with Dr. Peter Woo, Chair of the Selection Committee.

Winners of the Sigma Xi prizes for outstanding posters at the Southeastern Michigan Science Fair Exhibition included (L-R):
Joseph Shelcusky (St. Thomas) "The Jell-o Laser"; Victoria Parr
(Greenhills) "Analysis and Comparison of Pathogenic Bacteria on Two
Different Types of Athletic Mouth Guards"; Anjuli Patel (Forsythe) "Do
Humans Cause Sinkholes?" and Veer Shetty (Forsythe) "Does Reaction
Time Vary by Age?" (One of the winners could not be present: Corinne
Gardner (Greenhills) "The Effect of Ax1 Kinase on R28 Neuronal Cell Survival")

Four members were honored for 50 years of active membership:

James Ward Brown (1961: University of Michigan Chapter) is Professor of
Mathematics at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. He earned his A.B. in
physics from Harvard University and his A.M. and Ph.D. in mathematics from
the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. His doctoral dissertation was on
Special Functions. Dr. Brown is coauthor with the late Professor Ruel V.
Churchill of two classic texts, which are now in their eighth editions.
They make up the Brown-Churchill Series, published by McGraw Hill, and
appear in a number of foreign languages, including Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, Arabic, and Spanish. Many members of Sigma Xi have studied from at
least one of these books: Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems and
Complex Variables and Applications. Dr. Brown has received funding from
the National Science Foundation and was honored with a Distinguished
Faculty Award from the Michigan Association of Governing Boards of
Colleges and Universities.

Sylvan Kornblum (1961: University of Michigan Chapter) was born in
Antwerp, Belgium. He received his B.A. at Washington University, St.
Louis in 1951 and then went to graduate school here at the University of
Michigan (University of Michigan, 1953, M.A. (1953 Philosophy); M.S. (1955
Psychology); and Ph.D. (1960: Psychology). He was a postdoctoral fellow at
the Applied Psychology Research Unit in Cambridge England (1960-1961) with
D.E. Broadbent. He was a research psychologist at MHRI from 1970-1998,
when he retired and became an Emeritus Professor. He has been on the
editorial board for Acta Psychologica from 1976-1990. He had research
grants from NIH, NATO, NSF, NIMH, and other others over the years. He has
more than 50 publications and four books.

Dipak Lai Sengupta (1961: University of Michigan Chapter) received his
B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in physics and M.Sc. degree in radio physics from
Calcutta University, India, in 1950 and 1952, respectively, and a Ph.D.
degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada,
in 1958. He was a research fellow in electronics at Harvard University and
taught at the University of Michigan from 1959-1986, then chaired the
Electrical Engineering and Physics Department at the University of Detroit
Mercy from 1986-2001, when he retired as emeritus professor. He has
published numerous papers on antenna theory and practice, radar and
navigation systems, including books and chapters on the topic. His current
interests include the history of wireless and the social impact of science and technology.

Gilbert Stanley Omenn (1961: Princeton University Chapter) is Professor
of Internal Medicine, Human Genetics and Public Health here at the
University. He directs the UM Center for Computational Medicine & Biology
and the Proteomics Alliance for Cancer Research. He served as Executive
Vice President for Medical Affairs and as Chief Executive Officer of the
University of Michigan Health System from 1997 to 2002 and was formerly
Dean of the School of Public Health, and Professor of Medicine and
Environmental Health, University of Washington, Seattle. He was Associate
Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Associate Director,
Office of Management and Budget, in the Executive Office of the President
in the Carter Administration. He is a longtime director of Amgen Inc. and
of Rohm & Haas Company.

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