Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Awards Ceremony, Initiation. Lecture and Banquet
April 18, 2012


Full Member Initiates included (L-R): Sarah Aciego, Arun Kumar Kota,
Rajat Banerjee, Christopher Nelson, Chelsea Chen, Todd Arnedt & Hensheng Wang.


Associate Member Initiates include (L-R): Sarah Wice, Liz Duval, Tricia Merkley
Ashley Gearhardt, Chase Barrett Hellmer, Katherine Harris, Michael Katz & Lindsay Nelson.

Science and Math Teacher of the Year Award*

Committee Chair Peter Woo (L) with Co-Winner Scott Heister (Willow Run Community School)
Co-Winner Melanie Dever (Mill Creek Middle School) could not be present.
*Funding for these awards was provided by Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company, and a generous donation from a Chapter member

Science Fair 2012 Winners**
Click HERE to see the posters.

Front Row (Junior Division) (L-R): Joey Costello (Clague), Shreya Menon (Clague)
and Claire Vogel (St. Francis)
Back Row (Senior Division) (L-R): Katherine Selwa (Greenhills) & Aaron Brodkey (Huron).

**Funding for these awards was provided by Chapter Dues and a generous donation from a Chapter member

50-Year Members

Seven members were honored for 50 years of active membership in Sigma Xi

Present at the Banquet were Herman Merte and Bob Zand

Lecture on Sleep

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