2.32 Kant

Category: History of Philosophy

Keywords: kant, kantian, maxim, maxims, intuition, transcendental, critique, berkeley, categorical, idealism, pure, synthesis, faculty, humanity, imperative

Number of Articles: 276
Percentage of Total: 0.9%
Rank: 56th

Weighted Number of Articles: 227.6
Percentage of Total: 0.7%
Rank: 74th

Mean Publication Year: 1966.6
Weighted Mean Publication Year: 1959.2
Median Publication Year: 1973
Modal Publication Year: 1937

Topic with Most Overlap: Idealism (0.0548)
Topic this Overlaps Most With: Early Modern (0.0141)
Topic with Least Overlap: Races and DNA (0.00021)
Topic this Overlaps Least With: Thermodynamics (0.00023)

A scatterplot showing which proportion of articles each year are in the Kanttopic. The x-axis shows the year, the y-axis measures the proportion of articles each year in this topic. There is one dot per year. The highest value is in 1883 when 9.4% of articles were in this topic. The lowest value is in 1921 when 0.1% of articles were in this topic. The full table that provides the data for this graph is available in Table A.32 in Appendix A.

Figure 2.80: Kant.

A set of twelve scatterplots showing the proportion of articles in each journal in each year that are in the Kanttopic. There is one scatterplot for each of the twelve journals that are the focus of this book. In each scatterplot, the x-axis is the year, and the y-axis is the proportion of articles in that year in that journal in this topic. Here are the average values for each of the twelve scatterplots - these tell you on average how much of the journal is dedicated to this topic. Mind - 1.0%. Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society - 0.9%. Ethics - 0.8%. Philosophical Review - 1.5%. Analysis - 0.2%. Philosophy and Public Affairs - 0.2%. Journal of Philosophy - 0.5%. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research - 1.1%. Philosophy of Science - 0.2%. Noûs - 0.8%. The Philosophical Quarterly - 1.1%. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science - 0.3%. The topic reaches its zenith in year 1883 when it makes up, on average across the journals, 9.4% of the articles. And it hits a minimum in year 1887 when it makes up, on average across the journals, 0.1% of the articles.

Figure 2.81: Kant articles in each journal.

Table 2.70: Characteristic articles of the Kant topic.


Another fairly easy topic to describe—it’s Kant. Both Kantian ethics and Kantian metaphysics end up here. Like all of the other early modern topics, it drops away a bit after Ryle takes over Mind and excludes all (non-Greek) history from that journal. But it always hovers a bit above the zero line.

I had expected there would be a bit more in recent years, but I think I’d been taking Philosophical Review to be a more representative than it turns out to be. The data is a little noisy, but it does look like Philosophical Review has been substantially more receptive to work on Kant in the last twenty years than any of the other journals.