Professor Noboru Kikuchi

Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Computational Mechanics Laboratory

His major accomplishment and current research fields are as followed:

  1. Adaptive finite element method including automatic mesh generation and remeshing schemes for nonlinear problems in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics, especially the r (node relocation) method was developed (OPTIMESH)
  2. Development of micomechanical models for unilateral contact friction for analysis and simulation of metal and sheet-metal forming processes,
  3. Shape optimization of elastic structures, for topology and generalized layout optimization using the homogenization design method that is regarded as a break through method in mechanical design (OPTISHAPE),
  4. Topology optimization for material microstructures including piezoceramics, MEMS, and compliant mechanisms,
  5. Homogenization method in mechanics of composites including various bio-mechanical materials such as bones and tissues (PRE/POSTMAT, VOXELCON),
  6. Simulation of liquid molding processes such as RTM and SRIM for forming composite materials,
  7. Simulation of Thermo-Moding (Stamping, Drawing) Processes of Composite Laminates,
  8. Development of image based CAE(computer aided engineering) methodology
  9. Development of the First Order Analysis Method for CAE : Automotive Body Structures

He currently teaches analytical and differential equation methods in mechanics ( MEAM501 and 502), and the finite element method both in undergraduate and graduate programs ( MEAM305, 505, and 605 ), while he is also lecturing computer methods for engineering management in seminar series organized by industry. He has also started a new course : Automotive Body Structures from 1996.



Current Research Areas

The following specific areas are interested in making research by our research laboratory. Especially, NK is interested in application of the homogenization method to mechanics, design, and manufacturing study in mechanical engineering, while NK is working very closely with Civil, Material Science, and Aerospace Engineering.



Noboru Kikuchi is also closely working with Quint Corporation, Tokyo, Japan, Mr. Keizo Ishii ( ) is the President, in order to transfer his academic research into more industrial applications. More precisely, Mr. Keizo Ishii and his coworkers in Quint Corporation has developed general purpose commercially available engineering software

  • OPTIMEH : for Adaptive Finite Element Analysis
  • OPTISHAPE : for Topology and Shape Optimization of elastic structures
  • PRE/POSTMAT : for Global-Local Analysis of Composite Mechanics with emphasis of integration of micro-mechanics to the macroscopic global mechanics
  • VOXELCON : for Image Based Modeling and Analysis

With help of Professor Alejandro Diaz, Michigan State University, and Professor Scott Hollister, Bio-Engineering Program, University of Michigan. Details can be found at the web homepage of Quint Corporation.


Teaching Courses


Recent Presentation at Conferences and Lectures Given ( Adobe Acrobat pdf Files )

CLM (Computational Mechanics Lab) Lectures for Fundamental Computational Mechanics in 2000

  1. Least Squares and Moving Least Squares Method for SPH and Element Free Galerkin's Method  (by Noboru Kikuchi) February 1 and 7, 2000
  2. A Stabilized Mixed Quadrilateral Plate Bending Element for Reissner-Mindlin Type  (by Keizo Ishii, Quint Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) February 15, 2000
  3. Responce Surfce Method and its Application to Suspension Design  (by Tatsuyuki Amago, Toyota Central Research Laboratories, Nagoya, Japan) February 22, 2000
  4. Real Asymmetric Matrix Eigenvalue Analysis (by Heewook Lee, CML, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Michigan) March 14, 2000
  5. High Performance Computing in Computational Mechanics, (by Professor Kazuo Kashiyama, Department of Civil Engineering, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan) March 21, 2000
  6. Primer on Homogenization (by Bing-Chung Chen, CML, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Michigan) April 4, 2000
  7. Digital Engineering System for Nonlinear Design and Analysis, (by Professor Hirohisa Noguchi, Keio University), June 15, 2000


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