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This is a digital reprint of a large collection of materials from the prewar proletarian film movement in Japan.

There were similar movements around in the US and Europe, but Japan’s predates them and was far larger in scale. It started in the Tokyo area, but spread across the country. Most historians have focused on Prokino, or the Proletarian Film League of Japan. This was a large organization that had outposts all over Japan. They made many films, published books and journals, and raised money from high profile filmmakers and intellectuals. They were also the focus of intense government scrutiny and violently put down by 1934.

However, there were also unaffiliated film worker strikes and smaller precursor movements that focused on screenwriting and criticism. This collection highlights the latter, while providing nearly complete access to the publications of Prokino itself. Originally, I included downloadable copies of extant Prokino films, including Yamamoto Senji kokubetsushiki, Yamasen Watamasa ro-no-so, Tochi, Dai junikai Tokyo Me De, Zensen, and the student film Supotsu. However, I took these down when a Japanese publishing house released a DVD of the films.

As co-editor and co-author of detailed annotations with Makino Mamoru. Contents include: books: Eiga to Shihonshugi, Puroretaria Eiga no Chishiki, Puroretaria Eiga Undo no Tenbo, Puroretaria Eiga Nyumon, Puroretaria Eiga no Tame ni, Puroretaria Eiga Undo Riron; journals (near complete runs): Eiga no Eiga, Eiga Kaiho, Eiga Kôjô, Puroretaria Eiga, Shinko Eiga, Puroretaria Eiga, Purokino, Eiga Kurabu, Eiga Dokokai, Eiga Totsugekitai, Eicho; and posters, newsletters and precious leaflets from the censors’ office. Visit.

Digital Reprint of Prewar Proletarian Film Movements Materials