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SIMON SAYS Archive October-December 2002

Items marked NEW were added on March 5, 2005.

November 23, 2002 "Forgetting"

Simon: "Forgetting is like somebody stealing your brain."


November 20, 2002 "Halloween Candy"

Simon: "Grann, I need to wait for Halloween again, 'cause you know why? I'm all out of Sweetarts."

November 8, 2002 "Speaking of Clocks"

Simon and Markus made a fabulous clock out of the mechanism of a broken clock. Simon painted it in vivid colors and wrote the numbers on it himself. Noticing a difference on the clock one day, he stated:
Simon: "That clock has three hands!"
Mary: "Yes. That's the second hand. It counts the seconds, and they go the fastest."
Simon: "Second hand? Are you crazy? I call that the third hand!"

November 8, 2002 "Last Morning in the Hospital for MIBG"

Waking up in a sweet, calm mood in his "isolation chamber" hospital room, Simon was having a dream about going home. He rambled along something like this:
"But how can I go home AND stay here? How can I do both? I didn't want my dream to end. I was afraid I would miss the nurses and doctors who are being so nice to me."
[And this was coming from a kid who spent 4 days hooked up to a urinary catheter that was draining radioactive pee into a lead-lined bucket beside his bed!]

November 4, 2002 "Getting Ready for the Big Cuddle Break"

Before Simon went into the hospital for his MIBG therapy, with its period of forced isolation, he and Miriam gave each other a good-bye hug. Simon gave Miriam a loving kiss on the cheek. They lingered in their hug.
Miriam: "I'm going to miss you for your therapy."

October 2002 "Getting Along at Work"

Mary shared with Simon that she was having trouble agreeing with someone at work about how to get things done.
Simon: "Why is [that person] acting that way? Maybe s/he doesn't want to be at work. Maybe s/he wants to be alone. Tell him/her that if s/he acts like that s/he's breaking love, and in a way that's breaking the earth."


October 20, 2002 "Insight about Grandad"

Out of the blue.
Simon: "I know why Grandad can't come and stay with us as often as Grann."
Mary: "Why?"
Simon: "Because every day at 11 o'clock he has to pour liquid nitrogen. Or else everything in his lab would burn up inside."

October 13, 2002 "So Angry!"

After getting his Iscador injection (1.0 ml of mistletoe via a tiny subcutaneous needle like an insulin shot), Simon expressed his fury.
Simon: "Sometimes I get SO angry!"
Mary: "And then what?"
Simon: "I just want to turn on all the lights in the whole world until all the electricity goes away!"
Mary: "And then what?"
Simon: "Use batteries!"

October 2, 2002 "Discipline for Parents"

While Miriam screamed and protested her banishment to a 1-minute time-out because she failed to return to the dinner table after leaving without being excused, Simon profusely admonished his parents' tactics.
Simon: "Do you guys want to be screamed at? No! So, the only thing to do is to let the kids do whatever they want! . . . If you want to be screamed at, then fine, give her a time out."

"Let's not use the stairs for the uncooperative chair."

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