Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Awards Ceremony, Initiation. Lecture and Banquet
April 19, 2018

Banquet Brochure


(The Chapter is grateful for a very generous donation from Ms. Cathleen Zepelin
to establish a fund in memory of Dr. Harold Zepelin, a Sigma Xi member, who died in 2006.)

New Members

(L-R): Associate Members: Natalie Radosevich, Julene Pummill, Emily Laub, Amy Bakerjian, Kiran Gafa and Full Member Frederick Becchetti.
(Not present: Full Members: Ernest Behringer, Georges Benjamin, Rowena Ng, Fariz Rahman and John Stratton.
Associate Members: Wassim El-Sayed, Hallea Garcia, Megan Huynh, MariamNasser, Megan O'Brian and Maryellen Zbrozek.)

Science and Math Teacher of the Year Award

(with Committee Chair Peter Woo*)

Stephen Armstrong (Pioneer High School)


*Funding for this award was provided by The Pfizer foundation (established by Pfizer Inc, the pharmaceutical company).

Science Fair 2018 Winners**

Click HERE or on the photo to see the posters.

Front Row
(L-R) Jack Johnson, John Paul Myers and Arundhathy Suresh
Back Row
(L-R) William Chung and Ryan Gudal

**Funding for these awards was provided by Chapter Dues.

50-Year Members

Eight members were honored for 50 years of active membership in Sigma Xi.
One of them (Philip Gingerich) was able to attend the banquet. Their names and
the Chapter that elected them in 1968 are as follows:

David L. Anderson (024: Elected by the University of Wisconsin Chapter).
William D. Becher (016: Elected by the University of Michigan Chapter).
James J. Duderstadt (043: Elected by the California Institute of Technology).
John W. Gesink (016: Elected by the University of Michigan Chapter).
Orin G. Gelderloos (022: Elected by the Northwestern University Chapter)
Philip D. Gingerich (060: Elected by the Princeton University Chapter)
John W. Henderson (042: Elected by the Johns Hopkins University Chapter)
J. Michael Moore (016: Elected by the University of Michigan Chapter)

After the dinner, the attendees were treated to a fascinating lecture about
the scientific discoveries of scientists associated with the University
of Michigan, presented by Prof. Frederick Becchetti, emeritus
professor of physics at the University of Michigan.

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