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Greetings for Simon from All Over the Place

From Leonie and Mia Friedrich in Canada

Hi there Simon...;-)

I'm a BIG big dog and i hope you are not afraid of big dogs like me? I'm almost the size of a little pony and if you would be around and if you would live next door, you even could have a ride on my back. I wouldn't mind. I love children. But then sometimes i'm so happy to see them in the distance that i run, run very quickly towards them and then they think i'm mad at them and they run away and hide behind their moms. Too bad....i only want to lick their faces and their legs. This is what i like best. Licking somebody means giving kisses in dog language. We have no lips, so we can't really give kisses, but we can lick. I lick the other dogs in our family, i lick the people i live with and i also lick the cats. Because my tongue is so big and the cats are so small they are all wet when i lick them. But they do like it. They even come and ask me to lick them. I heard you are not really feeling too well? I'll send you lots of love and lick your hands and legs very gently.

your huge furry friend from Canada

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