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Greetings for Simon from All Over the Place

From Karen, Martha, Theo and Dash in Massachussetts

Hello to Simon and Miriam from your mom's old friend, Karen (in green jacket), Martha (in white), Theo (the kid who's your age, Simon), and Dashiell (or Dash, the little one, who's about ready to fuss when this picture was taken).
You're a champ, Simon! Hope you win all your GameCube games! And when are you giving your first concert, Miriam?

Hi Mary and Markus --
We've been following Simon's website and love your idea of collecting greetings, so we decided to send our wedding (yes, wedding -- hooray for Massachusetts!) picture, with a hello, after we eloped in Provincetown in early June. Though we've never met Simon, we have kept him so close to our hearts over all this time. We send all our love to him and to you and Miriam and the rest of your extended family, as well as admiration beyond measure for your stamina, energy, hope, honesty, and most of all, the love and care you give to Simon every day. Mr. Amazing he clearly is, but what an Amazing family he has behind him, too.
Karen (for Martha, Theo, and Dash -- born 3/22/04 by Martha!)

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