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Greetings for Simon from All Over the Place

From the Persons Family in Fort Worth, Texas

Dearest Simon,

I think of you so much! I love the pictures of you with your friends on your website. I have enclosed a picture of my son, Cryton. I hope that you like it. This was back in March of this year, while he was still on accutane. He is playing in a car (he likes the thought that he could drive!). The other little boy (whose face you can only see half of) is one of Cryton's older brothers, Slater. He is sitting in the lap of a friend of ours named David.

Although you do not know us, we feel very close to you and your family, and are praying strongly for you! It gave me a lot of joy to see the picture of Captain Underpants that used to be on your website, and Cryton loved it, too!

Denise and John Persons,
Hayes, Garrett, Slater, and Cryton (b. 05-28-00, d. 05-10-04)
from Fort Worth, Texas

Hello again, Simon! Cryton thinks the pictures of him without hair are just hilarious. He loves to look at them and laugh. I guess because of his age he has difficulty remembering the other times he did not have hair.

If you want to write back to us, we would love to hear from you!

Denise and Cryton Persons and family

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