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Greetings for Simon from All Over the Place

From the New England Aquarium, courtesy of Michele Williams

Dear Vosodek Family:

At Michele Williams' request, I am happy to send along some images of
the New England Aquarium for Simon. If the penguins are one of Simon's
favorite exhibits, our penguin staff have just put together a really
great website all about our penguins, complete with pictures, a tour of
the exhibit and history. If you'd like, you can visit it at I have also put in the mail today a small
gift from the Aquarium - and our sea lions - to Simon, so I hope that it
will arrive some time next week.

A diver in the Giant Ocean Tank cares for our two green moray eels,
among 600+ other animals.

Choolia - a little blue penguin - is one of the newest additions to our
penguin exhibit. Little blues are the smallest penguins in the world and
full-grown are still only the size of a football.

Myrtle the Green Sea Turtle is the undisputed queen of the Giant Ocean
Tank. She weighs about 600 pounds and celebrated her 60th birthday in
March. The second image is of the phytogel cake that our divers cooked
up for Myrtle on her special day. The gel contains algae and special
vitamins and was decorated with shrimp, squid and brussels sprouts -
Myrtle's favorite.

Here is Zuma the sea lion creating a painted masterpiece. Yes, our sea
lions have learned to paint! I am sending along more information
about this in the mail, as well as an official sea lion painting.

My thoughts are with you and your family.

Lucy Seche
Communications Coordinator

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