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Greetings for Simon from All Over the Place

From Susie Parker, a Web fan

Hi Simon and Miriam!

I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed visiting your web page and learning more about what great kiddos you both are. It is clear to me that your Mom and Dad are very, VERY proud of you and I can see why!

I hope you are doing something fun right now, like perhaps playing a game of Uno or maybe looking at a very special book. Have you found something today that made you giggle?

Your two cats are beautiful! I have four cats and a big yellow dog named Cassie who looks like she is smiling all the time. She's much bigger than the cats, but I think that Cassie believes she's a cat because she seems to follow whatever the cats do except for one thing. She LOVES swimming in our pool, and as you probably know, most cats do not like to play in water! It is great fun to watch Cassie splashing around in the pool. She looks very joyful when she does it and I am sure it feels very good to her because she has a LOT of hair!

I hope you both have a terrific evening and that you have shared some smiles today. I will keep checking in on you, often!

Sunshine and Prayers!

Miss Susie

P.S. I am attaching a photo of Cassie.

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