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Last updated on July 15, 2009

U.S. Territories are listed on this web page for geographic purposes only.


American Samoa (U.S. Territory)



    • Bangladesh
      • Basic directory information of government officials and political parties
      • Includes President, Prime Minister, Cabinet, and constitution
      • Election results
    • Parliament
      • Legislative branch of government
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Description of the country and its political system
      • Foreign policy
      • History and country profile
      • Opportunities for foreign aid
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • Speeches in the General Assembly beginning with the 51st Session
    • Bangladesh Website
      • Maintained by the Library of Congress
      • Study of the country


    • Brunei
      • Main government web site
      • Press releases on current foreign relations issues
      • Summary of history, culture, and economics
      • National development plan
    • Prime Minister
      • Role of department and organization chart
      • Links to agencies under the Prime Minister's purview, including crime control
    • Monarchy
      • His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah
    • Constitution
      • Text of 1959 constitution in English
    • Ministry of Communications
      • Page-by-page guide to development plans, including ports and communications
    • Ministry of Foreign Relations
      • Guiding tenets of foreign policy
      • Links to diplomatic missions



Translations | Search Engines | Government Agencies | About China | News


    • AltaVista's Babelfish
      • Translates Chinese web pages (with subsequent links) and pasted text to English
      • Also translates English to Chinese

Search Engines

    • China Internet Infromation Center
      • Yahoo-type arrangement of Chinese cultural, government, and business material
      • English interface
      • Links to general international search engines rather than providing its own

Chinese Government Agencies

    • Central Government of China
      • English language version of the Chinese government portal
      • Links to government agencies on the web and news
    • ChinaLaw (University of Maryland)
      • Text of existing law in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau arranged by subject and translated into English
      • Text of very recent law from local newspapers
    • Judiciary
      • Supreme Court and other reported cases
      • Text in English
    • Constitution
      • Constitution adopted in 1982 with updates through 1993
      • Text in English
    • Chinese Embassy (Washington, D.C.)
      • Substantial information on Chinese foreign relations and public policy issues (human rights, Taiwan, Hong Kong)
      • Economic statistics, education information, and travel
      • One China Principle and the Taiwan Issue (Chinese Government)
        • White paper by the Chinese government asserting Taiwan is part of China
        • Urges U.S. government to only maintain non-governmental (e.g. commercial and cultural relations with Taiwan)
        • Issued on February 21, 2000
    • Ministry of Commerce
      • Text of Chinese foreign trade laws and regulations
      • Bulletin board of sales opportunities and list of products for sale
      • Basic import/export data
    • National Statistics Bureau
      • Monthly and quarterly data on general economic indicators
      • Statistical standards
      • May require Internet Explorer
      • Government Online Project www.

About China

    • Chinese Biographical Database
      • Indexes biographies of over 900 Chinese biographical figures
      • Search engines by name, birth year, career, education, family, positions, and historical events
      • Includes government, military, and Communist Party figures as well as cultural figures
    • China Data Center (UMich Only)
      • Extensive socioeconomic and geographic data sets on China, its provinces, counties, cities, and townships since 1997
      • Includes 2000 Census plus provincial statistical yearbooks
      • Numerous maps
    • China Economic Information Network
      • Numerous economic indicators and business products information
      • Initial screen in English; remainder of web site in Chinese
    • Chinascape
      • Government, law, military, and political web sites as available for Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
      • Cultural, news, travel, and business information
    • China Statistics (CIESIN)
      • Regional and local agricultural, economic, health, natural resource and population data for China's administrative regions and local areas joined to Geographic Information Systems
      • Most files available through file transfer protocol (ftp)
      • Telnet interface to the 1% Public Use Microdata Samples of the 1982 Chinese Census
    • Declassified U.S. Documents
    • ISI Emerging Markets (UMich Only)
      • Macroeconomic statistics for China and economic forecasts
      • Analysis of companies and industrial sectors
      • Detailed import and export statistics by commodity and country
      • Extensive list of Chinese laws in all subjects
      • Text in English
    • Joint Study of the Sino-Japanese War, 1931-45
      • Bibliography of overviews and archival sources
      • Chinese, Japanese, and English
    • Picturing Power: Images of the Cultural Revolution (Indiana/Ohio State)
      • Chinese posters of the Cultural Revolution, 1963-79
      • Includes translated text
    • Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping
      • Excerpts of speeches, diaries, and orders, 1938-1992
      • Text in English
    • Tracking the Dragon: National Intelligence Estimates on China During the Era of Mao, 1948-1976
      • Excerpts of 38 declassified CIA intelligence estimates on China
      • Considerable data on China's military and economy
      • Foreign policy toward the Soviet Union
      • Additional full text documents are available on the CIA web site at
    • See also China's 50th Anniversary

News Sources

    • China News Digest
      • English summary of news around the world about China
      • Issued on daily basis with archives since 1995
      • Search engine does not cover entire archive but can be useful
    • Foreign Broadcast Information Service, 1975-96 (UMich only)
      • Indexes foreign radio broadcasts and newswires translated into English
      • Approach by keyword, title, subject, and region
      • Once the translations are identified, you can find the text in the Serials/Microforms Room
      • The call number for China is Micro-F X208
    • Inside China Today
      • News, business, culture, and travel information
      • News service archived to December 1, 1996
    • World News Connection (UMich only)
      • Text of foreign radio broadcasts and newswires translated into English since November 1994
      • Searchable by keyword, date, and region
      • Translations from countries with a U.S. trade embargo (e.g. Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Libya) were removed beginning October 1999
      • Replaces the Foreign Broadcast Information Service beginning in 1996
    • South China Morning Post
      • Daily English-language newspaper published in Hong Kong
      • Most of website requires password
      • Newspaper archived since July 28, 1992 on Academic Universe (UMich Only) under News/Major Newspapers
    • Xinhua News Agency
      • Official newswire service of the Chinese government
      • Daily news in English on politics, economics, business, and culture
      • Archived since 1977 on Academic Universe (UMich Only) under News/Wire Services

East Timor


French Polynesia (French Territory)

Guam (U.S. Territory)

Hong Kong (China Special Administrative Region)

    • Government Information Center
      • Links to government agencies, services, and news
    • Office of the Chief Executive
      • Policy address, speeches, statements, press releases, and biography
      • Text in English
    • Legislative
      • Legislative Council of Hong Kong
    • Bilingual Laws Information System
      • Text of Hong Kong letters patent, standing orders of the Legislative Council
      • Sino-British Joint Declaration, Basic Law of Hong Kong, Chinese laws applying to Hong Kong
      • Separate files for laws before and after transfer of power from Britain to China
      • English and Chinese
    • Census and Statistics Department
      • Basic population, labor, trade, and business data in HTML or Excel format
      • Hong Kong in Figures and press releases
      • Some time series beginning 1992
      • English and Chinese
    • Hong Kong Directory
      • Includes business, economy, culture, government, and education


    • Government of India "GOI Directory"
      • Links to businesses, discussion groups, and news digests
    • President
    • Prime Minister
    • India Parliament
      • Description of the Parliament
      • Full text of Parliamentary debates beginning November 27, 1995
      • English and Hindi
      • Directory of national and state government agencies with internet sites
      • The printed Lok Sabha (House of the People) debates are available in Buhr, 1952-98 and the Graduate Library, 1999+ (J 500 .K25); the Rajya Sabha (Council of States) debates in Buhr, 1961-79 and Graduate Library, 1980+ (J 500 .J23)
    • Judiciary
      • Courts of India
    • India Code
      • Text of Indian laws in force
      • Searchable by keyword, year, and law number
    • India Embassy to the United States
      • Foreign policy issues and news
      • Links to the Indian President and Cabinet
      • Election statistics since 1952 as well as current election information
      • Search engine
    • India Ministry of External Affairs
      • Economic statistics, social policy, and trade policy
      • Describes foreign policy by country but not overall policy
    • India Ministry of Finance
      • Highlights and press releases about the current national budget
      • Review of the national economy for the previous year
    • India Network Foundation
      • SAMACHAR provides links to Indian newspapers
      • A Research Resources section has links to census and other data about the Indian states
    • Census of India
      • Brief national data from the 1991 Census on population, economics and religion
      • Updated population data and vital statistics for the Indian states
      • Catalog of 1991 Census data in paper and electronic format
      • Population clock and plans for the 2001 Census
    • IndiaStat (UMich Only)
      • Demographic, economic, weather, and environmental statistics beginning at various years but essentially the 1990s
      • National data with some state and city material
    • Jain Commission Report
      • Report on the assassination of Shri Rajiv Gandhi, former prime minister, on May 21, 1991
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • Description of India and basic statistics
    • Reserve Bank of India
      • Economic data
    • India Website
      • Library of Congres "Portals to the World"



Historic Documents


    • Official Kazakhstan
      • History of country, geography, economic development information
      • Tourism as well as a list of cultural and archaeological sites
      • Constitution and structure of government
    • Constitution
      • 1995 constitution in English
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • Speeches of the UN Ambassador, President, and Foreign Minister since 1997
      • Description of country and list of government officials
      • UN resolutions about Kazakhstan
    • Kazakhstan Website
      • Library of Congress "Portals to the World"



Macau (China Special Administrative Region)



Marshall Islands



Myanmar (Burma)


New Zealand


North Korea

    • Official Homepage
      • Searchable text in English and Korean
    • AltaVista's Babelfish
      • Translates Korea web pages (with subsequent links) and pasted text to English
      • Also translates English to Korean
    • Korean History Project
      • History of North and South Korea from prehistory to present
      • Description of both governments, travel, weather, time
    • North Korea
      • Daily news from the Korea Central News Agency beginning December 2, 1996
      • News represents opinions of Kim Jong II and North Korean foreign policy
    • People's Korea
      • English-language web site with North Korea policies
      • Includes military affairs, economics, and foreign relations with the U.S. and South Korea
      • Most documents dated 2000+
    • Socialist Constitution

Northern Mariana (U.S. Territory)


Papua-New Guinea




Solomon Islands

South Korea

Sri Lanka

    • Sri Lanka Government Web Portal
      • Links to President, Prime Minister, and Parliament
      • Includes information on government agencies and ministries
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Foreign policy statements since 1998 and current press releases
      • Text in English
    • Central Bank
      • Socioeconomic data since 1990 (employment, births, etc)
      • Current weekly and monthly economic indicators (prices, interest rates)
    • Sri Lanka Website
      • Library of Congress "Portals to the World"

Taiwan (Republic of China)




    • The Government of Tibet in Exile
      • Links to government, the country's status, and news
    • Constitution
      • Text in English
      • 1991 version
    • Tibet Information Network
      • Reports on Tibetan education, economics, religion, policies, and leaders
      • News stories
      • Tibet File provides maps of counties and names transliteration; population by city and ethnic origin; links to Chinese and Tibetan-related web sites



    • Embassy to the United States
      • Description of political, social, and cultural situation
      • Biographies of officials and press releases of political speeches
      • Business and travel information
    • Turkmenistan Website
      • Library of Congress "Portals to the World"



    • Government
      • Portal of the State Authority
      • Includes president, courts, administration, and statistics
    • Embassy to the United States
      • Press releases since 1997
      • Some foreign policy statements
      • Tourism and visa regulations
    • Cyber Uzbekistan
      • Business and travel news
      • Brief political and embassy information



Related Web Sites

    • Asia in the World Economy
      • Annotated regional and country links
      • Subjects include business, economy, government, the press, and society
    • Asia Library (University of Michigan)
      • First multilingual web site in North America with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and English text
      • Current on-line news in all languages, reference tools and dictionaries, and economic data
    • Asia Now (CNN)
      • Asian counterpart of CNN web site in the United States
      • Daily political, cultural, business and sports news
      • Links to Asia Week, a Time equivalent
    • Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
      • Organization of Pacific Rim nations promoting business development
      • News releases and the full text of major publications
      • Member nation profiles include brief descriptive information and extensive links to economic and business web sites
    • Asia-Pacific Network (MSU)
      • Links to area studies web sites, journals, newspapers, and film collections on Asian studies
      • Includes discussion of academic teaching materials
    • Asian Governments on the Web (Gunnar Anzinger)
      • Comprehensive and updated list of government agencies and embassies
      • Tabular index by country indicates number of entries and last update
    • Asia Society
      • American based organization for promoting good relations with Asia
      • Annotated links to the best web sites of Asian arts, education, population, culture, economics and government
    • Asia Source
      • Reprints English-language articles on Asian countries for the current week
      • Special reports on issues
      • Demographic, social, economic, and military data for individual countries with an alternative comparative approach
    • Asian Studies Virtual Library
      • Most comprehensive Internet source for culture, politics, economics, geography, news, and archaeology of Asian countries
      • Inclusion of official government web sites varies
      • Scope includes Asian continent, Caucasus, Middle East, and the Pacific
    • Asian Studies WWW VL Search Engine
      • Keyword search of web sites in individual Asian countries
    • Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
      • Speeches and documents of the ASEAN summits
      • Economic agreements, foreign policy and regional cooperation
      • Foreign trade statistics beginning 1993
      • Official web sites of ASEAN members
    • Bibliography of Asian Studies (UMich Only)
      • Index to journal articles and monographs on Asian culture, economics, and politics since 1971
      • Searchable and browsable by subject, country, and journal title
      • Once titles identifed, search MIRLYN-Web for call number of text
    • Camena Country Profiles (IFC)
      • Economic and social indicators for countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia
      • Includes GDP and GNP, poverty rates, illiteracy, and child malnutrition
    • Central Asian Studies World Wide
      • Contains a wide range of information relevant to the study of Central Asia, ranging from recent dissertations to links to disscusion lists about Central Asia
    • Central Asian and Caucasian Studies
      • Separate pages country guides to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekisan
      • When possible, links to each country include the main government web sites, national libraries or their addresses, and main newspapers
      • Other resources may include dictionaries, culture, travel, architecture, city web sites
      • Created by Janet Crayne at the University of Michigan
    • Central Eurasia Project
      • Profiles of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan
      • Country sections include background, travel, economic, environmental, demographic and political information
      • Central Eurasian Elections includes the latest election news, political party information, and links to related sources
    • Commonwealth of Nations
      • Background on British Commonwealth countries
      • History, geography, social, economic, and statisticial information
    • Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN)
      • Summary statistical data for each country
      • Includes demographics, vital statistics, protein consumption, government finance, landuse, employment, transportation, literacy
      • ASCII and LOTUS formats
    • Eurasia Research Center
      • Geographic coverage: Russia and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Middle East, Central and South Asia
      • Links to country home pages (some produced outside the country) and news sources, including the Clarinet News
      • Links to international and human rights organizations with interests in the area
    • Middle East/North Africa Resource Guide
      • Comprehensive guide to internet resources for the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, and Pakistan
      • Resources arranged by country and by academic discipline (anthropology, economics, history, religion, sociology)
      • Links include country home pages, discussion lists, and homepages of foreign students residing in the U.S.
    • National Bureau of Asian Research
      • Scholarly articles and analyses on Asian culture, politics, and economics
      • Extensive data base of Asian specialists, searchable by country and discipline
      • Links to Asian research organizations
    • Oceanian Governments on the Web (Gunnar Anzinger)
      • Lists web sites of national institutions and embassies
      • Table by country gives number of entries and date last updated
    • Pacific Regional Information System (SPC)
      • Extensive comparative tables of economic, social, demographic, and weather data from the individual South Pacific islands
      • Links to their corresponding national data web sites
      • Coordinated by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community
    • PacLII: Pacific Islands Legal Information Institute (U. of the South Pacific)
      • compilation of laws and court cases from the pacific region
    • Southeast Asia Division (UMich)
      • Comprehensive links to Southeast Asian government and non-government web sites and news sources
    • World Area Studies
      • Extensive list of area studies web sites for each region of the world
      • Multidisciplinary with links to history resources as well as culture, politics, and sociology
      • Cites sources which may be difficult to find elsewhere

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