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Last updated on July 16, 2009



    • Brief description of the government and list of ministers
    • Text in French with its publications also in Spanish and English (.pdf format)





    • Bosnia (Netherlands)
      • Comprehensive site on Bosnian situation
      • Press releases, U.S. documents, peace proposals
      • European viewpoints
    • Bosnia Home Page (CalTech)
      • News releases on the war
      • Press releases of Bosnian government officials



Cyprus (Republic) [Recognized Government]

Since 1974, Cyprus has been divided de facto into the government-controlled southern two-thirds of the island and the Turkish-Cypriot northern one-third. The Government ofthe Republic of Cyprus has continued as the internationally recognized authority; in practice, its power extends only to the Greek Cypriot-controlled areas. See BackgroundNotes for further information.

    • Government
      • Political, economic, social and cultural information
      • Description of government and international relations
      • Current news
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • Monthly bulletins and press releases beginning 1997
      • Resolutions and background information on the UN military forces in Cyprus
    • Statistics Service
      • Economic indicators arranged by subject
      • Excel spreadsheets of foreign trade

Cyprus (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)

Since 1974, Cyprus has been divided de facto into thegovernment-controlled southern two-thirds of the island and the Turkish-Cypriot northern one-third. The Government ofthe Republic of Cyprus has continued as the internationally recognized authority; in practice, its powerextends only to the Greek Cypriot-controlled areas. See BackgroundNotes for further information.

Czech Republic

    • Czech Basic Statistics (Charles University)
      • Economic, social, health, population, and environmental statistics
      • Very current information with text in English
    • Election Server, 1996
      • Candidates, parties, and results of 1996 House and Senate elections
      • Multilingual text, including English
    • Government Officials
      • Directory of cabinet ministers and members of Parliament
      • Text in Czech but links to analogous web sites in other countries facilitates translation
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Official Government Server
      • Primarily news and business information
      • Presidential biography and speeches beginning 1990
    • Parliament
      • Members of Parliament with party, district, and committee assignments
      • Primarily Czech with headers also in English
    • Statistical Office


    • Denmark's Official Website
      • Links to governmental information, foreign embassies, Danish embassies
      • Links to Cultural Denmark, tourist information and news
    • Danish Ministries
      • Links to Danish cabinet ministries with web pages
    • Ministry of Environment and Energy
      • Description of its subdivisions and their activities
      • Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland includes environmental,energy, and natural resource statistics
      • Most of web site in Danish or English; newsletters and publicationsin Danish only
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Description of the country, its economy, culture, and political system in English
      • Development policies toward individual third world countries also in English
      • Many of its press releases, policies, and diplomatic directories in Danish
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
    • Statens DataNet
      • Monthly economic data (national accounts, prices, unemployment
      • Data on Denmark provides comprehensive economic and social data (vital statistics, education, churches, foreigntrade) with some historical information
      • Text in English with Danish alternative


    • Estonian StateWeb Center
      • Official government web site with links to all branches ofgovernment
    • Estonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Directory and biographies of government officials
      • Consular information
      • Press releases on foreign policy in English
    • Estonia Online
      • Directory of government, business, and education sites
      • Clickable map of the country
      • Links to the CIESIN, Estonia Country Guide and Baltics Regional Node
    • Estonia President
      • Biography of President and description of the institution
      • Press releases and speeches beginning 1993
    • Estonian Riigikogu (Parliament)
      • Committee members and their political parties




    • Use Alta Vista's Babelfish to translate web pages or text from French to English
    • AdmiNet- The French Connection
      • French government agencies, politics and culture
      • Links to city information
      • French and English text
    • Assemblee Nationale
      • Directories of members and committees
      • Description of Assembly procedures
      • Minutes in PDF format
      • French only
    • Bank of France
    • Base Pacte (Treaty Data Base)
      • Summaries (in French) of bilateral and multilateral treaties to which France is a party
      • Treaties extend back to the 18th Century
      • Searchable by type of treaty and party
    • Constitution of 1958
      • Text of constitution, legal analysis and bibliography of French constitutional law
      • French only
    • Embassy to theUnited States
      • Extensive press releases and statements on foreign policy
      • Sections on trade and tourism
      • Searchable by keyword in English
    • Legifrance
      • Full searchable text of the JournalOfficiel beginning 1998
      • Constitutional, administrative, and juridical law and legislation
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Lengthy description of overall foreign policy
      • Special sections on defense, nuclear testing, and the European Union
      • Text in English with links to other languages
      • The Ministry also provides a treaty database which summarizes bilateral and multilateral treatiessince the 18th Century
    • National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE)
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations (Geneva)
      • Documents, press releases, and statements
      • Text in French ony
    • Senat
      • Directory of the Senate and summary of recent actions
      • French only


    • Parliament
      • Members of Parliament
      • Election information and candidates for the Presidency
      • Links to the web sites of Parliaments in other countries
      • Basic population statistics for Georgia
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs


    • The University of Alberta is a German government depository as of August 2004
    • Embassy to the United States
      • Cultural and statistical information
      • Tracing German ancestors
      • Government includes section on foreign policies such as Middle East, United Nations, and former Soviet Union
    • Federal Statistical Office
    • German Bundestag
      • Directories of members
      • Recent calendars and press releases on current topics being considered
    • German Federal Government
      • History, organization and function of the federal government (Bundesregierung)
      • Biographies and background on the Federal Chancellor (Bundeskanzler) and various Ministries (Bundesministerien) with links to individual ministry web pages as available
      • Press releases
      • Web site primarily in German
      • Facts About Germany provides background information, demographic and economic statistics, and press releases in English
    • German Law Archive (Oxford University)
      • Links to German law, court decisions, statutory instruments, and bibliographies in English
    • German States
      • Map and population of each of the German States with extensive links to the web sites located in each State
      • Government agencies comprise only a small percentage of the links
      • Text in German
    • Germany Law and Government (Lawresearch)
      • Links to the three branches of German government annotated in English
      • Extensive list of individual German laws on the internet
    • Index of Federal Offices (University of Hannover)
      • List of federal web sites without annotations
      • Text in German only
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations (Geneva)
    • Woche in Bundestag-Parlamentskorrespondenz
      • Weekly review of activities in the Federal Legislature
      • Text in German only
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • States of Germany (Answers.Com)
      • Describes the organization of the German states and their subdivisions
      • Links to Wikipedia articles on each of the states
      • Includes a list of state ministers since World War II
    • Historical Materials


    • Gibraltar is a British Colony
    • Gibraltar
      • Brief political history
      • Tourism information, business directory, port information andstatistics


    • Institute of International Relations (Panteion University)
      • Papers primarily on Greek foreign policy regarding Turkey, Cyprus,the European Union and the United States
      • Text in Greek and English
    • Ministry of Defense
      • Text of military recruitment policy in English
      • Defense policy in Greek only
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Extensive foreign bilateral and multilateral policy information
      • Country description, business, and economics



    • Dependency of Great Britain
    • Board of Industry
      • History of industry in Guernsey and manufacturing
      • Current trade shows




Isle of Man

    • Dependency of Great Britain
    • Government
      • Descriptions of the Island and its culture
    • High Court of Tynwald
      • Parliamentary officers and procedures
      • Selected current Parliamentary documents



    • Dependency of Great Britain
    • Government
      • Description of government and links to agency web sites
      • Tourist and business information




    • Department of Statistics
    • Lithuania (Paris Metro)
      • Links to the Presidency and most cabinet offices, including foreign affairs and statistics
      • Some of the government web sites have English as well as Lithuanian versions
      • Additional links to history and culture
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Parliament
      • Lithuanian only
      • Extensive documentation and directories



    • Macedonia
      • Links to national symbols and some government bodies
      • Lists of cabinet members and government bodies with phone numbers
    • President
      • Biography of the President
      • Speeches and press releases of President and cabinet
      • Links to government agencies
      • English or Macedonian




    • Monaco Tourist Office
      • Monaco Info describes 700 years of Grimaldireign with biographies of the Royal Family
      • Tourist information and packages

Montenegro (Yugoslavia)

    • Montenegro
      • Biographies of the current cabinet ministers
      • Organization of the government
      • Recent news releases


    • Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS)
      • Economic, demographic, and environmental indicators in English
      • StatLine index to data in Dutch only
      Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Embassies and consulates worldwide
      • Foreign policy speeches and briefings
      • History, description of country, and economic statistics
      • Primarily in Dutch but an English version, accessible from the framesindex, under development as of September 1997
    • Netherlands
      • Biographies of government officials; information from the Economics Ministry
      • Parliamentary agenda
      • Text in English
    • Het Parlement
      • Describes history and functions of both houses of parliament
      • Some information in English
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations

Northern Ireland




    • Instituto Nacional de Estadistica
      • Summary economic, social and cultural statistics for the nation,region, and large cities
      • Catalog of publications
    • Parliament
      • Description of Parliament and directory of members
      • Schedules and text of legislative meetings
      • Headings in English but text in Portuguese only


    • Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Romania and Bucharest
      • Business opportunities in Romania and descriptions of companies
      • Some files may require a subscription
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Description of foreign policy objectives
      • Diplomatic missions and consular information
      • Text in Romanian, French and English
    • National Institute for Statistics
      • Social and economic indicators since 1998
      • Catalog of publications
      • Romanian Statistical Yearbook, available fordownloading to hard drive
    • Parliament
      • Bill tracking, Parliamentary debates and documents since 1996/97
    • Romania
      • Extensive descriptions of the governmental system
      • Biographies of officials
      • Links to government web sites
      • Illustrated history of Romania
    • Romania Factbook
      • Geographic data and maps of major cities
      • Natural resources, energy and agriculture
      • Population, age, religion and literacy rate
      • Political composition and economic data
      • Selected legislation
    • Romania, Your Business Partner
      • Detailed economic profiles of Romanian industry (e.g. agriculture,construction, retail trade)
      • Romanian Statistics in Brief
      • Foreign trade statistics
      • Commercial law


Federation Government | History | News | Regional Governments
Russian Studies | Search Engines | Statistics in English | Translations

Translation Services

    • Promt's OnLine Translator
      • Translates Russian language web sites and their immediate links into English and vice versa
      • Translations to and from French, German, Russian, and English
      • Translations are not perfect but will provide a sense of the subject
    • AltaVista'sBabelfish
      • Translates Russian web pages (with subsequent links) and pasted text to English
      • It may, however, skip certain sections
      • It does not translate English to Russian

Search Engines

    • Aport
      • Annotated directory of Russian web sites in the Google mode
      • Subjects are primarily Russian politics, entertainment, language and travel
      • Interface in English and Russian
      • Directory section is similar to @ATRUS
      • Features automated translations of English to Russian and Russian toEnglish
    • List
      • Classified guide to the internet in Russian
      • Good source for laws and politics
      • Annotations include language of web site (Russian or Russian and English)
    • Rambler
      • Best known Russian search directory with text in Russian only
      • Links to entertainment sites with some legal and cultural material
    • Yandex
      • Keyword search engine to web sites in the CIS countries
      • Alternative English interface

Federation Government

Russian Federation Regions

    • Bashkortostan (Republic)

    • Chechnya (Republic)

    • Ivanovo (Region)
      • Ivanovo
        • News, business, and tourist information
        • Text in Russian with link to English site

    • Jewish Autonomous Region
      • Jewish Autonomous Region
        • Description of government organs and biography of governor
        • English sidebar with text in Russian

    • Karelia (Republic)
      • Government
        • Description of government
        • Extensive links to web sites of executive branch agencies and local governments
        • Description of judicial and legislative branches
        • State symbols, news
        • Text in English or Russian

    • Khabarovsk (Territory)
      • Duma
        • Description of powers and committees
        • Text in Russian
      • Government
        • Investment opportunities
        • Text in English

    • Khakassia
      • Khakassia (Republic)
        • Investment laws and tourism
        • Substantial information on minerals industry
        • Text in English

    • Komi (Republic)

    • Leningrad (Region)
      • Government
        • Extensive web site with text in Russian

    • Lipetsk (Region)
      • Government
        • Directory of government officials
        • Laws on investment
        • History, culture and tourist information

    • Mari El (Republic)
      • Government
        • Structure of government and information on the President
        • Press releases and links to web sites
        • Russian only

    • Mordovia (Republic)
      • Government
        • Primarily Russian text
        • English text includes economic and investment information
        • Online exhibit of the sculptor Stepan Erzia

    • Moscow (Federal City)

    • Nizhny Novgorod (Region)

    • Orenburg (Region)
      • Government
        • History, culture, transportation, economics
        • Text in Russian

    • Samara (Region)
      • Government
        • Detailed history of towns in the region
        • Social and economic descriptions and statistics
        • Description of government, including the responsibilities of Dumacommittees and their current membership
        • English or Russian

    • Saratov (Region)
      • Government
        • Biographies of city officials
        • City budget and description of city programs (e.g. social services)

    • Sverdlovsk (Region)
      • Government
        • Extremely detailed rules on the powers and authorities of the government
        • Includes description on how a bill becomes a law
        • Text in Russian

    • Tatarstan (Republic)
      • Government
        • History and culture of the Republic
        • Economic and population data
        • Description of government powers and directory of officials withe-mail addresses
        • Constitution and policy documents with the Russian Federation
        • English and Russian

    • Udmurtia (Republic)
      • Government
        • History of the Republic
        • Population data, including that of major towns
        • Economics and investment opportunities
        • Description of government
        • Striking design
        • Text in English

    • Yaroslavl (Region)
      • Government
        • Investment, economic, tourist and press information
        • Text in Russian with link to English site


    • Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press, 1992+ [AP 2.C9752 with current issues in Serials and Microforms]
      • Continues Current Digest of the Soviet Press,1949-1992 [AP 2 .C9752]
      • Also available through Academic Universe (UMich Only) since June 1, 1983 under the Current Digest of theSoviet Press
    • Inter Fax News Agency
      • Today's political and business news for all of the CIS countries
      • Archived since January 13, 1998 with one day time-delay on AcademicUniverse (UMich Only)
    • ITAR-TASS Russian NewsAgency
      • Current Russian news requires a subscription
      • Data archived in English since 1994 in the WorldNews Connection (UMich Only)
    • Moscow Times
      • Today's top headlines in English
      • Stock market news
    • Online Data Bases of Russian Publications (Eastview) (UMich Only)
      • Subscription includes full text of central Russian newspapers and those of the CIS/Baltic states
      • Most publications in Russian although a few newspapers in English
      • Searchable by keyword and date
    • St. Petersburg Times
      • Comprehensive coverage of local and national news
      • Today's news free; archive since 1994 requires a subscription
    • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
      • U.S. government news, analysis, special reports, and summary economicand human rights information for Russia and Eastern Europe
      • The Newsline feature has current news broadcasts to Eastern Europe beginning April 1997
      • Newsline replaced the Open Media Research Institute Daily Digestreports and provides a searchable archive to its reports back to 1991
      • OMRI Daily Digests, 1991-1999
    • RussiaToday
      • News, business, culture, and travel information for Russia and CIScountries
      • News service archived to December 2, 1996
    • Vladivostok News
      • English-language newspaper of the Russian far east
      • Political and business news with candid editorials
      • Archived since December 1995 with a search engine
      • Links to the dail version
    • Voice of Russia
      • Radio broadcasting and telecommunications service
      • Special reports on foreign and domestic public policy
      • Multilingual text
    • World News Connection
      • Text of foreign radio broadcasts and newswires translated into English since November 1994
      • Searchable by keyword, date, and region
      • Includes ITAR/TASS news agency
      • Translations from countries with a U.S. trade embargo (e.g. Iran,Iraq, Sudan and Libya) were removed beginning October 1999

Russian History

    • Cold War International History Project
      • Primary documents and articles on the history of the Cold War
      • Includes the arms race, policies of leaders, book reviews
      • Lengthy sections on Stalin and Khrushchev
      • Searchable by keyword, subject tree, type of document
    • Red Files (PBS)
      • Accompanies a television series about Soviet intelligence, sports, propaganda, and a secret mission to the moon
      • Transcripts and pictures from program
      • Text of interviews and searchable access to an English version of the Russian archives
    • Revelations from the Russian Archives (Library of Congress)
      • Translations and copies of key documents on Russia's political and foreign relations documents since 1917
    • Russian History Index
      • WWW gateway to Russian history by period as well as journals and reference rools
      • Excellent annotations

Russian Studies

    • G7 Support Implementation Group
      • Coordinates external assistance to the Russian Federation
      • Web site describes activities and provides brief data in its Overview of External Assistance
      • Its Donor Assistance Data Base of 6000 projects requires a subscription
    • Internet Parliament
      • Election news, laws, and candidates for the Dec. 1999 Duma electionand March 2000 Presidential election
      • English interface with text in Russian
    • NUPI Centre for Russian Studies Database
      • Searchable data base of short fact sheets on modern Russia
      • Includes information on administrative units, 50 political parties, 150 institutions, 100 ethnic groups, and more than 1000 public figures
    • Russian and East European Studies (U.Pittsburgh)
      • Links to national homepages for Eastern Europe
      • Additional links by discipline (e.g. government, economics, language) and type (software, databases, discussion groups)
    • Russian Elections - 1996
      • Biographies and speeches of Presidential candidates for June 16, 1996 election
      • Numerous public opinion polls and current analyses
      • Links to other election sites
    • Russian Politics (Russia Net)
      • Biographies of cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament (Duma)
      • Voting for parties and candidates in the 1995 and 1996 elections
      • Russian constitution, map of administrative divisions, ethniccomposition
    • Russian Regional Database (Univ. of Strathclyde)
      • Data for eleven Russian regions and their individual administrative areas
      • Population, largest city, basic economic and labor conditions
      • Social information includes college education, optimism for thefuture
    • Russian Studies (Lyandres/Stanley)
      • Annotated guide to Russian studies with live web links
      • Search engines, history, news, journals, the arts, language,government, libraries and discussion lists
      • Appeared in the January 2000 issue of College and Research Library News

Russian Statistics in English

    • Official Statistics of the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States[Doc. Cen. CD-ROM Dox 84, DocumentsWorkstations]
    • 2002 Russian Population Census
      • Population of Russia and its regions, 1970-2002, by sex and urban/rural designation
      • Population of the largest cities by sex
      • Microsoft Word and Excel spreadsheet formats
    • 1989 USSR Population Census [Doc.Cen. CD-ROMDo97 and Docs Lan]
      • Data on Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania
    • Education for All: 2000 (UNESCO)
      • Extensive report on educational reform in Russia during the 1990s
      • Population data throughout the 1990s includes total population, marital status, crime, children with handicaps, income and poverty
      • School data includes enrollment, number of schools, and educational facilities
    • Ethnologue
      • Comprehensive dictionary to 6500 world languages
      • Arranged by language and lists speakers per country
      • Country data provides number of speakers per language, percentages of religious groups, number of blind persons, and number of deaf institutions
    • Foreign Investment Promotion Center
      • Russian macroeconomic and sectoral data
      • Economic forecasts
      • Sectoral analysis of various aspects of the economy, some in pdf format
      • English text
    • Human Development Report (UNDP)
      • Web version summarizes regional and country statistics on economic, social, and educational development
      • Each annual version focuses on an individual topic
        • 1995 issue addressed gender equality
        • 1997 issue carried poverty statistics by country with additional dataon life expectancy, literacy, and per capita gross domestic product
      • 1998 issue carries a human development index (life expectancy, literacy, education and GDP) with data by sex and women in managerial or parliamentay positions
      • 1999 covers globalization and the quality of life
      • Paper copy (Doc. Cen. HD 72 .H92) carries murder, rape, drug crime,and prisoner statistics forselected industrialized countries appear in the statistical appendix
    • Info Nation (UN)
      • Brief population, geography, economic and health data on the RussianFederation
    • International Population Data Base (U.S. Census Bureau)
      • Vital statistics, population by age, sex and ethnicity, labor forcefor 1950 to present
      • Not all data available for every year
    • Macroeconomic Analysis Reports: Russia (ISI Emerging Markets) (UMichOnly)
      • Numerous monthly, quarterly, and annual economic data
      • Russian and/or English
    • Russia and Eurasia Facts and Figures Annual, 1993+ {Ref. DK 1 .U13]
      • Continues USSR Facts and Figures Annual, 1977-1992(Ref. DK 1 .U13]
    • Russia Statistical Yearbook [Doc. Cen. HA 1450.12.A33]
      • Annual compendium of vital statisticsl, employment, income, education, culture, housing, environment, public finances, industry and agriculture
      • Regional data follows the main set of tables
      • Tables in Russian but English table of contents at the back of the book
      • Soviet Statistics Since 1950 [Doc.Cen. HA 1444.P6311] is an English summary of data, 1950-87
    • Russia Votes
      • Latest election results for President and the Duma
      • Public opinion polls on the elections
      • Also includes the latest polls on individual well-being, the nation, Chechnya, and international relations
    • Siberian Economic Statistics
      • Text-based list of statistics sources for Siberia
    • State of the World's Children (UNICEF)
      • Annual report with different emphasis each year
      • State of the World's Children - 2000
        • Calls for leadership in resolving children's problems
        • Country data on births, deaths, nutrition, health, education, demography, economics, women, and rates of progress
      • State of the World'sChildren - 1999
        • Focus on education and illiteracy
        • Country data on both topics, demographics, economics and health
        • PDF and gopher (plain text) versions
    • UDB Statistics (Eastview - UMich Only)
      • Search for current Russian statistical publications in English or Russian
      • Data in English or Russia
    • UNESCO Statistics
      • Educational enrollment and attainment data for individual countriesfor the past 15 years as excerpted from the UNESCO Statistical Yearbook
      • Time series data for individual countries on adultilliteracy, school funding, and the media
    • World DevelopmentReport (World Bank)
      • Current GDP, balance of payments, and finance data
    • World Income Inequality Data Base (UNDP)
      • Data base of Gini coefficients and income equality for 149 countries,including Russian Federation, 1981-
      • Alternative data from numerous sources
      • May be viewed on the screen or downloaded into Microsoft Access
    • See Russian News for statistical data appearing in the news media and Statistical Resources on the Web for other international sources

San Marino

    • Primarily travel, business, and economic information
    • List of government agencies and political parties appears under Cultural and Social Establishments


    • Courts
      • Supreme Court commercial and criminal decisions since 1998 searchable by keyword, appellant, type of action, date or judge
      • Structured and keyword searches of Sheriff Court decisions since September 1998
      • Maps and contact information for all courts
      • Leaflets meant for the public (e.g. potential juror information, do-it-yourself divorce)
    • Scottish Law Online
      • Links to courts, legislation, organizations, governments, professional bodies, societies, universities, journals, publishers bookshops
    • First Minister
      • Entry point to the Executive Branch
      • Biographies of ministers
      • Subject links to Scottish government under What We Do
    • Scotland General Register Office
      • Online access to the 2001 and 1991 censuses
      • Time series data on population statistics
    • Parliament
      • Members of Parliament (MSP) listed by name and region with biographies and financial data
      • Debates beginning May 12, 1999; full text of committee meetings
      • Bills, reports, written and oral answers
      • Educational materials and the Parliamentary buildings
    • Historical Sources
      • Timelines of British History (BBC)
        • Detailed timelines of political and cultural events since 4000 B.C.
        • Explanation and illustration at the very bottom of the screen
        • Arranged chronologically; search engine at top of page refers toentire BBC web site

Serbia (Yugoslavia)

    • Serbia-Info (Ministry of Information)
      • Description and maps of Serbia and its provinces (including Kosovo)
      • Form of Serbian government and constitution
      • Foreign policy news items


    • Constitutional Court
      • Information about the court and text of Constitution in English
      • Court rulings from 1993 in Slovakian
    • National Council (Parliament)
      • Online broadcast of sessions since 2004
      • Digital archive of Slovakian documents since 1848
    • Slovakian Politics
      • Biography of the President, directories of the government and political parties, 1994 election results






United Kingdom

    • Comprehensive Listings
      • Directgov
        • List of all British Government web servers by subject and function
      • British Government and Politics on the Internet (University of Keele)
        • Detailed list of government web sites as well as political and election web sites relating to the government
      • BUBLLINK / 5.15 British government
        • Catalogue of selected internet resources dealing with the British government
        • Descriptions included for all links
        • Alphabetic index
        • Browsing based on modified Library of Congress Subject Headings
    • Bibliographies
    • Bank of England
    • British and Irish Legal Information Institute
      • House of Lords, Employment Appeal, and Social Security Case law since 1996
      • Statutory instruments and Privy Council decisions due in Spring 2000
    • Cabinet Office
    • Casebase
      • Full text of British Courts of Appeal and Crown Office decisionssince April 1996
      • Searchable by case name, number, date, or division (e.g. crown, family, civil)
    • Century of Change: Trends in UK Statistics Since 1990
      • Outlines changes in social and economic characteristics between 1900 and 2000 on such topics as transportation, life expectancy, crime, movie attendance
      • Report in pdf
    • Foreign and Commonwealth Office
      • Annual report and background briefs on British foreign policy
      • Travel and consular advice
      • "British Documents on Foreign Affairs: Reports and Papers from the Foreign Office Confidential Print"
        • Call no. JZ 632 .B7761 in Graduate Library Stacks
        • Documents beginning in 1840's with present volumes to 1950's
        • Arranged geographically
      • British and Foreign State Papers, 1812-1968 (Buhr with indexes in Grad Library Stacks: JX 103 .A3)
      • Annual report and background briefs on British foreign policy
      • Travel and consular advice
    • Home Office
    • How Much is That?
      • Purchasing power of the U.S. dollar since 1665 and British pound since 1264
      • Historic interest rates, price of gold, and GDP for both countries with many series dating back 800 years
      • U.S. and British exchange rates with 40 other countries for a minimum of 90 years
    • Mission to the United Nations
      • Statements made to the General Assembly, 1997+, and Security Council
    • British Official Publications Collaborative Reader Information Services
      • Indexes 16,000 of the 200,000 Parliamentary Papers issued between 1833 and 1983
      • Also includes some non-Parliamentary documents
      • Browse by time period or subject
      • Indexed by keyword and various approaches
      • Corresponding Parliamentary Papers are available on microfiche in the Serials/Microforms Room as MICRO-F X 455; more complete index on CD-ROM in Documents Center (DoX4)
    • British Parliamentary Location Guide (UMich)
      • Spreadsheet showing location of Commons and Lords debates and sessional papers by year at the University of Michigan Library
      • Includes paper, microform, and online
    • House of Commons
      • Members, committees and officers of the House of Commons
      • Links to publications
      • Hansard's Debates
        • Full text of debates, oral questions and written answers beginning 1988
        • Hansard's Debates, 1803-2005 is the prototype of a historical digitized version
    • House of Lords
      • Members of the House, bills, committees, and officers
      • Links to publications
      • Hansard's Debates
        • Full text of debates, oral questions and written answers beginning 1994
        • Hansard's Debates, 1803-2005 is the prototype of a historical digitized version
    • House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1801+ (UMich Only)
      • Index to bills, reports, accounts and papers (including command papers), 1688 to present with full text
      • Searches may be delineated by a combination of keyword, type of document, subject, committee, and session
      • Viewing options include page-by-page or document download
      • All publications also located in the Graduate Library's Serials/Microforms Room as MICRO-F X455
        • 1801-1900, need year, volume and date (e.g. 1870, v. 4, p. 255)
        • 1901+, need microfiche number (e.g. 76-27)
    • Publications
      • Acts of Parliament
      • Command Papers (House of Commons)
        • Command Papers
          • Full text free on the internet since late 2004
          • Parliamentary papers on the internet since 2002
      • Library Research Papers
        • Full text (Adobe Acrobat) of background papers written for the House of Commons by its library staff beginning 1998
        • Sample subjects include economic indicators, political developments in Northern Ireland, European Union and NATO expansion
      • Public Bills (Commons and Lords)
        • Current session only
      • Statutory Instruments (Full text 1997- )
    • Voting Records
      • Roll Call votes in Parliament are called Divisions
      • Public Whip provides a subject approach to Commons votes since 2001 and lists individual dissenters
      • British Political Facts (Ref. Room JN 231 .B97 1986) lists Votes of Confidence and dates on which major votes were held
        • Once you obtain the date of a vote, you would need to go to Hansard's Debates for the text (J 301.H21 through 1988; web beginning 1988)
        • New edition of book on order as of August 2004
      • Dissension on the House of Commons, 1979-1992 (University of Hull)
        • Codebook for data set of roll call votes (divisions) in which members voted against the Conservative or Labour Party whips
        • Over 4000 votes were taken during the period
        • Appendix lists the votes and the date they were taken; text would appear in Hansard's Parliamentary Debates
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
    • Prime Minister (10 Downing Street)
      • Biographies of previous prime ministers and current cabinet officials
      • Prime Minister's speeches, interviews, and press releases
    • Public Record Office
      • Public information leaflets (army records, genealogical research, charts)
      • Full text of documents on popular subjects (Titanic), declassified material from MI5 for 1914-45
      • Learning Curve provides text of Edward VIII's abdication, Magna Carta, Queen Victoria's Census Record, Domesday Book
    • UK National Digital Archive of Data Sets
      • Index to government data sets on all subjects by classified approach and keyword
      • Accessible to manipulable data requires a free password
    • UK Statistics Authority
      • Press releases and data extraction tools for current and time series economic, population, and census data
      • Separate database for ward data in specific communities
      • Census Data includes pdf versions of printed reports, 1801-1937 with tables for 1991 and 2001
      • Numerous guides, including comparing data over time
    • Victorian Census Project
      • Data sets from the 1831 and 1861 Census in spreadsheet format
      • Nineteenth Century statistical abstracts, vital statistics, and poor law commissioner returns
    • Historical Sources
      • British Library of Political and Economic Science Pamphlets
        • Index to 90,000 pamphlets on British and European history from the 18th to Early 20th Centuries
        • Includes some League of Nations materials
        • Some pamphlets under social policy and transport, including poor law pamphlets, are digitized in pdf format
      • Palmer's Index to the Times (UMich Only)
        • Index to the London Times, 1790-1920 and 1970-1980
        • Searchable by keyword in title or subject
        • Does not have the newspaper's full text
      • Poole's Plus: Digital Index of the 19th Century (UMich Only)
        • Index to popular American and British journals, 1802-1906
        • Browsable by journal; searchable by keyword, author
        • Cites periodical, date and author
      • Timelines of England and Scotland (BBC)
        • Detailed timelines of political and cultural events since 4000 B.C.
        • Explanation and illustration at the very bottom of the screen
        • Arranged chronologically; search engine at top of page refers toentire BBC web site
    • See also Guide to British Parliamentary Papers at the University of Michigan and Commonwealth of Nations

Vatican (HolySee)

    • Press releases for the previous week
    • Web page with text of Catholic Church documents underconstruction


    • National Assembly
      • National Assembly first met on May 12, 1999
      • Description of Assembly procedure
      • Full text reports on Welsh government policy (e.g. health, housing)
    • Welsh Census data is covered by the Office of National Statistics


    • Statistical Office
      • Yugoslavia in figures covers population, economics, and natural resources
      • 1996 election results by party
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Press releases, interviews, and foreign policy
      • Special section on Kosovo
      • Updates may be several days late
    • Yugoslavia
      • The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia consists of the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Montenegro
      • Web site includes biographies of officials, constitution, national symbols, and a map
    • See also Montenegro and Serbia

Related WebSites:

    • Avalon Project (Yale)
      • Full text of historic legal and political documents for the U.S., Western Europe, and the Middle East
      • Mixture includes Laws of William the Conquerer, Paris peace treaties, European Parliament, and World War II documents
    • Central and Eastern European Politics on the Internet (IndianaUniv.)
      • Internet links to election, government, research institute, news, and statistical offices
      • Each section is arranged by country and clearly labelled
    • Central Europe Review
      • Weekly news magazine with new on Central and Eastern Europe
      • Special feature articles on politics, economics or culture of the region
      • Searchable archives beginning June 1999
    • Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
      • Independent agency of U.S. Government, also known as the Helsinki Commission
      • Full text of political and economic documents on Eastern European countries
      • Full text of its monthly Digest beginning September 1996
    • Constitution for Europe
    • Czech and Slovak Studies
      • Separate pages include main government web sites, parliament, national libraries, news media, economics, statistics, and elections
      • Created by Janet Crayne at the University of Michigan
    • Eastern European Studies
      • Separate pages country guides to Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldava, and Ukraine as well as the Romani people
      • Links to each country include the main government web sites, national libraries, main newspapers, language, culture, city web sites, elections, and statistical data
      • Created by Janet Crayne at the University of Michigan
    • Eurasia News [Web]
      • Current week's news on the Baltic countries, Central Europe, Iran and Iraq
      • Also includes EurasiaResearch Center has occasional papers and archived news
    • Eurasia Research Center
      • Geographic coverage: Russia and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, MiddleEast, Central and South Asia
      • Links to country home pages (some produced outside the country) and news sources, including the Clarinet News
      • Links to international and human rights organizations with interests in the area
    • EuroDocs (BrighamYoung Univ)
      • Electronic texts, facsimiles, and translations of primary sources for European history, medieval times to the present
      • Regional and country sources
      • Examples: French Revolution pamphlets, Luther's 95 Theses, Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, World War II documents
    • European Governments on the Web (Gunnar Anzinger)
      • Comprehensive listings of national, regional, and municipal government sites as well political party information for most Eastern and Western European Countries
      • Includes language of site and name of government agency translated into English
    • European Policy Centre
      • Nonprofit organization promoting European integration
      • Web site includes news items, working papers, and briefing on economic and security affairs
    • European Research Centre for Migration and Ethnic Relations
      • Description of organization and publications
    • European Statistical Offices
      • Direct links to European and North American government statistical agencies
      • Description of European statistical agencies without a webpage
    • Historic Texts (Hanover College)
      • Full text of philosophical, religious, and political documents up to the Cold War
    • Polish Studies
      • Links include the main government web sites, national libraries, main newspapers, language, culture, city web sites, elections, and statistical data
      • Created by Janet Crayne at the University of Michigan
    • Political Resources on the Net
      • Hundreds of links to parties, movements, elections, political organizations, government, and embassy web sites arranged by country
      • Searchable by country or world region
      • Web site has outstanding coverage and merits its high ratings
    • Radio Free Europe/RadioLiberty
      • U.S. government news, analysis, special reports, and summary economic and human rights information for Russia and Eastern Europe
      • The Newsline feature has current news broadcasts to Eastern Europe beginning April 1997
      • Newsline replaced the Open Media Research Institute Daily Digest reports and provides a searchable archive to its reports back to 1991
      • OMRI Daily Digests, 1991-March 1997, also remained available as of May 30, 1997
    • Russian and East European Studies (U.Pittsburgh)
      • Links to national homepages for Eastern Europe
      • Additional links by discipline (e.g. government, economics, language)and type (software, databases, discussion groups)
    • Russian Studies
      • Links include the main government web sites, national libraries, main newspapers, language, culture, city web sites, elections, and statistical data
      • Also covers academic sites and Russian search engines
      • Created by Janet Crayne at the University of Michigan
    • Southeast European Studies
      • Separate pages country guides to Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Modern Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia
      • When possible, links to each country include the main government web sites, national libraries or their addresses, and main newspapers
      • Other resources may include dictionaries, culture, travel, architecture, city web sites
      • Created by Janet Crayne at the University of Michigan
    • World Area Studies
      • Extensive list of area studies web sites for each region of the world
      • Multidisciplinary with links to history resources as well as culture, politics, and sociology
      • Cites sources which may be difficult to find elsewhere
    • Western European Specialists Section (ALA)
      • Meta-index to classical, medieval, and contemporary European studies with special focus on French, German, Iberian, and Italian
      • Numerous references to historic documents
    • World War I Documents (Brigham Young University)
      • Full text of U.S. and European documents, pre-1914 to post 1918
      • Includes conventions, official documents by country, and documents by date

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