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Last updated on October 17, 2008

U.S. Territories arelisted on this web page for geographic purposes only.


Antigua and Barbuda






    • Government
      • List of cabinet officials
      • Pages for individual ministries under construction as of October 28, 1997




    • Brazilian Government Document Digitization Project
      • GIF or TIFF images of administrative reports from Brazil, 1821-1993
      • Annual Presidential Messages, 1889-1993
      • Almanak Administrative, 1844-1889, lists royal court members andcabinet ministers
      • Ministerial annual reports, 1821-1960
      • Provincial Presidential Reports, 1830-1960, including a subject indexto statistics located therein (e.g. canals in Rio de Janeiro)
      • Report text in Portuguese; interface in English or Portuguese
    • Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
    • Embassy to the United Kingdom
      • Brazil in Brief summarizes the country's governmentalstructure, economy, military establishment and political parties
      • Short biographies of executive branch officials
      • Statements of Brazilian foreign policy
      • Beautiful graphics but time-consuming to load
    • Ministry of External Relations
      • Statements of foreign policy
      • Brazilian embassies throughout the world and links to their web sites
      • Text in Portuguese only
    • Mission to the United Nations
      • Text of policy statements before the UN
    • Senate

British Virgin Islands



Costa Rica

    • Government
      • Links to cabinet agencies
      • Text of constitution and laws found under Normas basicas
      • Spanish only



Dominican Republic


El Salvador

    • ElSalvador Government and Politics (Georgetown)
      • Constitution, election laws, links to executive agencies, andpolitical party representation in the Legislative History
      • English or Spanish
    • Ministry of ExteriorRelations
      • Brief description of the country, government, economy and tradeopportunities as well as summary statistics
      • Server requires graphics and frames; may load slowly
      • Text in Spanish only




    • Republica deGuatemala
      • In Spanish
      • Official website of Guatemala
    • Guatemala(Gunnar Anzinger)
      • Most comprehensive and current links to Guatemalan government and its embassies
    • Guatemala Death Squad Dossier (National Security Archives)
      • Logbook with pictures of 183 people executed by the Guatemalan security forces, 1983-85
      • Links to related U.S. declassified documents
    • Guatemala:Memory of Silence
      • Report of the Historical Clarification Commission to the United Nations
      • Analyzes the human rights violations in Guatemala beginning in 1962 and makes future recommendations
      • Published in 1999
    • InstitutoNacional de Estadistica
      • Social, economic and demographic statistics
      • Includes city and state population from the 1994 Census


Haiti Embassy

    • Biographies and addresses of government officials
    • Text of 1987 constitution appears under "Documentation"


    • Ministry of Foreign Relations
      • List of government officials and selected biographies
      • Honduran diplomatic representation
      • Tourist information and basic economic statistics
      • Spanish or English




    • Economic Development Unit
      • Investment, business and labor laws
      • Vision of future economic development
    • Tourism web site disabled as of October 1997 due to volcanic eruption

Netherlands Antilles


    • Asamblea Nacional
      • Text of constitution and legal codes
      • E-Mail addresses of National Assembly officials
      • Current Assembly agendas
    • Central Bank of Nicaragua
      • Annual reports and current economic indicators
      • Monetary data includes prices and inflation rates




Puerto Rico (United States Territory)

St. Kitts & Nevis

    • Official site of the government of St. Kitts & Nevis
    • Includes the budget and directory of government ministeries

St. Lucia

St. Vincent and Grenadines


    • Constitution
      • Text of Constitution in English from Latin American Political DataBase (Georgetown)
    • Executive Branch
      • Names of Executive Branch members< LI>From Latin American Political Data Base (Georgetown)

Trinidad and Tobago

United States Virgin Islands (United States Territory)



Related WebSites

    • American Governments on the Web (Gunnar Anzinger)
      • Lists web sites of national institutions and embassies
      • Table by country gives number of entries and date last updated
    • Commonwealth of Nations
      • Background on British Commonwealth countries
      • History, geography, social, economic, and statisticialinformation
    • Council on Hemispheric Affairs
      • Washington-based group monitoring Latin American relations with the U.S. and Canada
      • News releases and position papers
    • Handbook of Latin American Studies (Library of Congress)
      • On-line index to scholarly works in the social sciences andhumanities on Latin America, beginning 1935
      • Search by author, title, subject, or keyword
      • Provides complete citations but not on-line texts
    • Hispanic AmericanPeriodicals Index (UMich Only)
      • Indexes periodicals, book reviews, and original literary works since 1970
      • Approaches include keyword, author, title, journal, controlled subject heading, date, and language
      • Subjects include history, politics, economics, and culture of Latin America and Hispanics in the United States
      • Provides citations but not the full text
    • Integration on the Internet
      • Annotated links to trade laws and agreements with a focus on Latin America
      • Includes NAFTA, Cartagena Agreement, MERCOSUL
    • Latin America Research Group (Federal Reserve Board/Atlanta)
      • Economic analyses, speeches and press releases on the Latin Americaneconomy
      • Links to country media, government, statistical, and stock exchangeweb sites
    • Latin American Development Archive (Johns Hopkins)
      • Working papers and data sets on development issues
      • Subjects include urbanization, immigration, and transnationalism
      • Codebooks in ASCII; data sets can be ftp-ed for use with SPSS
    • Latin American Embassies (UMich)
      • Complete directory of foreign embassies in Latin American countries and Latin American embassies and consulates in other countries
      • Includes links to the corresponding embassy web pages
    • Latin American Government Documents Project (Cornell)
      • Annotated list of Latin American government web sites in tabular format
      • Covers statistical, executive,legislative, judicial, and local government agencies
      • Countries are listed alphabetically within each subject
    • Latin American Election Statistics: A Guide to Sources (UCSD)
      • Quotations from scholarly sources providing a chronology of election developments and data in the Caribbean countries of Latin American since approximately 1800
      • See Nohlen's Elections in the Americas (Doc. Cen. JF 1001 .E365) for additional statistics
    • Latin American Political DataBase (Georgetown)
      • Extensive links to government web sites in Latin American countries
      • Includes constitutions, electoral laws, and election data
    • Latin American Studies (UMich)
      • Government, culture, language, and bibliographic sources on LatinAmerica
    • LatinWorld
      • Numerous links to constitutions, laws, and government agencies of Central and South American countries
    • MicroStateResources
      • Microstates are very small nations, such as the Bahamas
      • Arranged by continent and country
      • Links include U.S. State Department and CIA sources, travel andcultural information, occasionally government information
    • Oxford Latin American Economic History Data Base
      • Time series of data (1900-2000) for individual Latin American countries
      • Covers demographics, education, labor force, foreign trade, national accounts, conumer prices and commodity prices
      • Choose data range, country, year, and subject
      • Retrieve data in HTML or CSV format
    • Political Resourceson the Net
      • Hundreds of links to parties, movements, elections, politicalorganizations, government, and embassy web sites arranged by country
      • Searchable by country or world region
      • Web site has outstanding coverage and merits its high ratings
      • CentralAmerica and SouthAmerica
    • Small Islands Information Network
      • List of small islands by ocean with links to U.S. State Departmentinformation and country sites as available
      • Directory of organizations for small islands

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