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Last updated on July 17, 2011



    • Embassy to the United States
      • Excellent description of political system, names of executive and Parliamentary officials, statistics on Parliamentary
      • Economic and demographic information
      • Overall view of foreign policy as well as statements, speeches, and press releases since 1995
      • Text of Constitution
    • Parliament
      • Text in Armenia; English and Russian versions under construction as of October 1997
      • Non-functional as of December 1997


    • Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the United States
      • Directories of government officials
      • Organization of the government
      • History, geography, tourist information
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • Numerous statements in the United Nations made since 1999
      • Links to country information and President's web site
    • President
      • Extensive description of the history and culture of the country with the constitution and documents on claimed Armenian genocide of the Azerbaijanis
      • Biography of the President
      • Decrees and selected official documents beginning 1998
      • Links to cabinet ministries
      • English and Russian
    • State Statistical Committee
      • Economic indicators beginning 1990
      • Employment, agriculture, trade, prices
      • Some population and crime data
      • English and Russian
    • Monetary Agency
      • Structure, rules, and regulations of the agency
      • Money and banking statistics beginning April 1996
      • List of the country's financial institutions





    • Official Site of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran
      • Description of the structure of government of Iran
      • Names of the people occupying positions in the government
      • Text of the constitution and a few other important laws
      • General information, links to news organizations, etc..
    • The Embassy of The Islamic Republic of Iran in Ottawa
      • Description of government found under Iran Information
      • Economic statistics, culture, women, religion, and tourism information
      • Uses Java and heavily graphic
    • Iran Elections: Special Report (BBC)
      • Analysis of party changes from the Feb. 18, 2000 parliamentary elections
      • News stories on the reform victories
    • Iran Online
      • Links to many Iranian government websites including the Parliament and President
      • Text of the Constitution
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • Text of statements made to the Security Council beginning 1994 and General Assembly beginning 1996
      • "Iran in United Nations Resolutions"
      • Includes links to Iranian news sources
      • Text in English
    • President Khatami
      • Biography, speeches and interviews
      • Full text of his books
      • Biographies of cabinet officials
      • Includes English translations
    • Pars Times
      • Links to website covering all aspects of Iran
      • In the Iran section the Index and Reference pages of particular interest
    • Statistical Centre of Iran
      • Population, settled and unsettled, by age, sex, and religion
      • Literacy and employment
    • Historical Materials
      • CIA and Iran (New York Times)
        • British and Central Intelligence Agency plan to return the shah to Iran in 1952
        • Provides historical context and primary documents
      • Declassified Documents on Iran and the United States (National Security Archive)
        • Text of six declassified documents on the Iranian Revolution and the taking of American hostages in 1989
        • Time period: 1947-91
        • Includes a 1985 National Security Decision Directive and the 1991 National Security Decision 54



    • Comprehensive
      • Information Gateway
        • List of government agencies
        • Initial economic, military, and consumer information
    • Individual Agencies
      • Central Bureau of Statistics
        • Text of the Statistical Abstract of Israel
        • Preliminary Census results with population and housing data by city
        • Economic, weather, health and price data
        • Text in English and Hebrew
      • Defense Forces
        • History and structure of the Israeli military
        • Forces killed and wounded in terrorist attacks and war
        • Civil defense information for the Israeli public
      • Israel Elections (Political Resources)
        • List of web sites covering Israeli elections since 1996
        • Pictures of prime minister candidates
        • Links for the most current elections are more likely to work than those from previous years
      • The KNESSET -The Parliament of Israel
        • Directories of members and committees
        • Arab-Israeli peace documents
        • Historical election statistics
        • Description of basic laws
        • English version does not have text of debates
      • Ministry of Defense
        • Site primarily in Hebrew
        • Some press releases and special web pages in English
      • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
        • Primary documents on the peace process
        • Timeline and status of the Wye Agreement
        • Facts about Israel
      • Ministry of Religious Affairs
      • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
        • Description of the United Nations issues regarding Israel and historic UN documents
        • Geopolitics and the countries with which Israel has diplomatic relations
      • President
        • Virtual tour of housing
        • Current press releases in English
      • Prime Minister
        • Press releases
        • Petitions to the government
        • List of government corporations
    • Historic Documents
      • Jewish History Resource Center (Hebrew University/Jerusalem)
        • Encyclopedic articles on all aspects of Jewish history from ancient to modern
        • Wide range of primary source documents, including those on the Holocaust
        • Annotated bibliography of Jewish history data bases
      • Jewish Student OnLine (U.S.)
        • Encyclopedic articles cover anti-semitism, biographies, Israel, and Middle East peace process, and Holocaust
        • Statistics include Jewish population by country and U.S. state; war and Holocaust casualties, and the ethnic population of Israel
      • Trial of Adolf Eichmann (Nizkor Project)
        • 1961 trial transcripts in Jerusalem for Nazi war criminal in WWII
        • Includes court judgment
      • U.S.S. Liberty Documents
        • Israel attacked the American ship, U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967
        • Web site includes audio tables (in Hebrew) and English translation of Israeli communications
        • Also includes follow-up reports and reports by cryptologists
        • Conclusion: the shootdown was caused by the "fog of war" although the subject remains controversial outside the federal government
        • Tapes were released July 2003



    • Ministry of Information
      • Full text of Constitution and biographies of leaders
      • Brief descriptions of the government, international relations policy, arts, and education
      • News releases beginning October 1996
      • Text in English
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • Speeches before the United Nations
      • Historical background on Kuwaiti issues at the UN
      • Security Council resolutions related to Kuwait and voting records
      • Conventions signed by Kuwait and information about the mission




    • Morocco
      • Official website of the Kingdom of Morocco
      • Link to the English text of the new Constitution
    • Morocco on the Net
      • Links to websites dealing with all aspects of Morocco


    • Ministry of Information
      • Description of country, its geography, economy, and foreign relations
      • Explanation of government and list of executive agency officials
      • Basic Statute of Oman



    • Country of Qatar
      • Extensive annotated links to business, companies, education, government, Islam, media, and travel
      • Links include a combination of local sources and those from other countries, including the U.S. government
      • Numerous maps
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Text of current speeches
      • Documents of the Gulf Cooperation Council Summit of 1996
      • Sections on foreign relations, the government, and culture under development as of August 1997
      • Requires graphical browser

Saudi Arabia

    • Saudi Arabia(Embassy to U.S.)
      • Description of country, its religion, people, economy and resources
      • Links to information about government officials and press releases
      • Text in English
    • Saudi Arabia (U.S. Embassy to Saudi Arabia)
      • Description of country, its religion, people, economy and resources
      • Links to information about government officials and press releases
      • Text in English
    • Saudi Arabian Information Resource
      • Ministry of Information web site
      • Deals with all aspects of Saudi Arabi
      • Includes statistics dealing with oil, agriculture etc.
    • Saudi Arabia (ArabNet)
      • Brief description of history, culture and government
      • Business and tourism links
    • Saudi Arabia Central Department of Statistics
      • Brief statistical tables and reports on population and housing for the nation and individual cities
      • Includes economic data on national accounts, employment, wages, and cost of living
      • Text in English

South Sudan

    • Government of South Sudan
      • Government officially inaugurated on July 9, 2011
      • Web site lists official duties of President and ministries
      • Texts of current laws
      • News items




    • Tunisie Site du Gouvernment
      • Official site of the government of Tunisia
      • In French
    • Tunisia (Arab Net)
      • Description of history and political structure
      • Primary economic and legal information
    • Tunisia Online
      • Brief description of the government and its political parties
      • Tunisia's history, society, culture, economics, and tourism
      • Brief demographic and economic data


    • Central Bank
    • Embassy to the United States
      • Foreign policy statements, including the war on terrorism and deaths in Armenia
      • Travel and tourism information
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Press releases and statements on Turkish foreign policy
      • Government organization and structure
      • Information on Turkish economics, politics society, and tourism
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • Press releases and statements on earthquakes
    • State Institute of Statistics
      • Social and economic indicators for Turkey and its individual provinces (population, vital statistics, health, education, justice)
      • Monthly economic indicators on a national level (GDP, prices, banking)
      • Separate section on women's statistics

United Arab Emirates


Related Web Sites

    • Arab World Human Development Report (UNDP)
      • Assessment of education, health, and economic issues in Arab countries
      • Statistical tables in appendix include some trends since 1955
    • Arab-Israeli Conflict
      • Course guide for simulation on the conflict and peace process
      • Includes internet links about the subject, individual countries, government officials, and government foreign policies
    • Arab Net
      • Overview, history, business, cultural, government, and tour information for each Arab country
      • Government information includes summaries of the national structure, foreign policy, education, health, and the military
      • News in Arabic and links to related web sites
    • Arab Social Science Network
      • Annotated and unannotated links to government web sites arranged by country
      • Also includes economic, political, and legal information
      • List of social science research centers by country
    • Arab World, Turkey and the Balkans: A Handbook of Historical Statistics
      • Population, education, economics and health for the Ottoman Empire, primarily 1850-1914
      • Ref. Room HA 4556 .M351 - not available on the web
    • Asian Governments on the Web (Gunnar Anzinger)
      • Comprehensive and updated list of government agencies and embassies
      • Tabular index by country indicates number of entries and last update
    • Asian Studies Virtual Library
      • Most comprehensive Internet source for culture, politics, economics, geography, news, and archaeology of Asian countries
      • Inclusion of official government web sites varies
      • Scope includes Asian continent, Caucasus, Middle East, and the Pacific
    • Avalon Project (Yale)
      • Full text of historic legal and political documents for the U.S., Western Europe, and the Middle East
      • Includes Code of Hammurabi, Hamas, Israeli Declaration of Independence
    • Camena Country Profiles (IFC)
      • Economic and social indicators for countries in the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia
      • Includes GDP and GNP, poverty rates, illiteracy, and child malnutrition
    • Central Eurasia Project
      • Profiles of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan
      • Country sections include background, travel, economic, environmental, demographic and political information
      • Central Eurasian Elections includes the latest election news, political party information, and links to related sources
    • Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
      • Web site focused on policy
      • Its Annual Statistical Yearbook (Docs. HA 4666 .A18) provides country data in Arabic and English on population, industry, energy, and transportation
    • Encyclopedia of the Orient
      • Multimedia encyclopedia of the Middle East and North Africa from ancient times to the present
      • Identifies people, places, and events with hotlinks and maps
      • Country descriptions include the populations of major cities
    • Eurasia News [Web]
      • Current week's news on the Baltic countries, Central Europe, Iran andIraq
      • Also includes Eurasia Research Center has occasional papers and archived news
    • Gulf 2000 Project (Columbia University)
      • News sources, background information (demographics, economics, government, human rights, oil, and press), and reference materials for the eight Gulf countries: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman
      • Combination of local government and U.S. government sources as well as academic web sites
    • Internet in the MidEast and North Africa: Free Expression and Censorship (Human Rights Watch)
      • A 1999 report examining the laws and censorship in Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia and Yemen
      • Policy recommendations
    • ISLAW: Islamic Law (Univ. Leipzig)
      • Information for 35 countries organized by name of country
      • Links to constitutions, laws, a description of the legal system, human rights, and treaties
    • Middle East Research Institute Special Dispatch
      • Selective translations of the Middle East news media on current events, including the war with Iraq
      • Series focused on major current events since 1998
    • Middle East/North Africa Resource Guide
      • Comprehensive guide to internet resources for the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia
      • Resources arranged by country and by academic discipline (anthropology, economics, history, religion, sociology)
      • Links include country home pages, discussion lists, and homepages of foreign students residing in the U.S.
    • Middle East Review of International Affairs
      • Journal provides numerous articles on Middle East issues
      • U.S. Middle East Policy Database provides extensive annual summaries of U.S. foreign policy, 1980+
      • Links to news, facts, and countries in the Middle East as well as a global calendar of events
      • Meria News requires subscription and invites reader participation
    • Mideast Web for Coexistence
      • Detailed current maps of the Middle East and broad historic maps spanning thousands of years
      • Historic peace documents
      • Brief economic, demographic and health data for Middle East countries
    • Model League of Arab States
      • Excellent guide to members of the Arab League and related states
      • Considerable information about individual countries
      • Background information on the League
      • Information about Model League of Arab Nations simulations
    • Political Resources on the Net
      • Hundreds of links to parties, movements, elections, political organizations, government, and embassy web sites arranged by country
      • Searchable by country or world region
      • Web site has outstanding coverage and merits its high ratings
    • Tarjim
      • Translates English to Arabic and Arabic to English
    • World Area Studies
      • Extensive list of area studies web sites for each region of the world
      • Multidisciplinary with links to history resources as well as culture, politics, and sociology
      • Cites sources which may be difficult to find elsewhere

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