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Last updated on April 18, 2008

    • Comprehensive Directories
      • Canada (Official Government Gateway)
        • Information about Canadian government, its organization and symbols
        • Links to federal agency, federal program, and provincial agency web sites
      • Canadian Federal Institutions
        • Federal agencies listed alphabetically
      • Canadian Government at a Glance
        • Hierarchical overview of Canadian government organization
        • Links to web sites at each level
      • Canadian Government Information (Natl Library of Canada)
        • Links to national and provincial government web sites
        • Business, legal, and library information
        • Text of on-line Canadian government publications
      • Canadian Government Information on the Internet
        • Federal government information by subject
        • Links to Provinical and municipal sites
      • Canadian Government Telephone Directory
        • Search entire Canadian government by name or telephone number
        • Secondary approach by agency and subagency with the names of officials
        • Provides name, address, telephone number and fax number
      • Canadian Who's Who (Univ.Toronto Press)
        • Second most recent version of this standard biographical directory
        • Searchable by name, birthplace, birthdate
      • Intergovernmental On-Line Information Kiosk
        • Extensive list of municipal government web sites
        • Some provincial and federal government links as welll as postal codes and telephone directories
        • Alphabetical list of web sites in the Federal Executive, Parliamentary, and Judicial Branches
        • Links to major government and non-government web sites in the provinces
    • Canadian Depository Library Program
      • Links to Canadian Federal and Provincial government web sites
      • Weekly Checklist of Canadian Government Publications with on-line ordering for Canadian libraries
      • List of Canadian depository libraries, contacts, and information notices
      • An initiative of the Department of Canadian Heritage
      • Includes information on Canadian museums, archives and libraries
    • Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
      • Canadian foreign policy documents
      • Information for Canadian exporters
      • Travel and consular information
    • Elections
      • Starting point for links to 2000 Canadian elections
      • Links to parties, candidates, platforms
      • Background information on Canadian electoral system
    • Elections Canada
      • Highlights of the 1996 Canadian Elections Act, its changes on campaigns and voter registration
      • Results of the November 27, 2000 general elections -available after polls close at 10:00PM Eastern time
      • On-line voter registration for Canadian citizens living outside Canada
    • Federal Court of Canada
      • Text of decisions since 1990
      • Federal Court rules
    • Index to Federal Royal Commissions
      • Royal Commissions are equivalent of U.S. Congressional Hearings
      • Site contains 150 commission reports dating back to Confederation (1867)
    • Government Information in Canada
      • Electronic journal for discussion and study of Canadian federal, provincial/ territorial, and local government information
    • Historic Documents
    • Legal Materials
      • Canadian Law and Tobacco
        • Text of national and provincial laws related to tobacco
        • Subject approach includes manufacture, packaging, sale, smoking, signage and enforcement
      • Frequently Requested Acts Laws and Regulations
        • Most frequently requested Acts of Parliament, arranged alphabetically
        • Constitution, consolidated legal code, and annual statutes since 1995
    • National Archives of Canada
      • Searchable data base of government records
      • Separate data base of aboriginal and postal service records
      • Guide of Canadian genealogy, 1871 Census records for Ontario
      • Special exhibits, including paintings, maps, Treaty 8 and World War II
      • Services to the government and public
    • National Library of Canada
      • Canadiana reference tools and web sites by subject
      • Links to Canadian libraries and digital projects
      • Services to the public
      • AMICUS is its online catalog
    • Parliament
      • Parliament
        • Directories of the Senate and House of Commons
        • House of Commons committee directories and transcripts of evidence (hearings)
        • Text of Hansard's House of Commons Debates beginning September 18, 1995
      • Canadian Parliamentary Publications: A Research Guide (Univ. of Toronto)
        • Well-organized and detailed guide to publications of the House and Senate since 1867
        • Definitions, online, print and microform sources
    • Prime Minister
      • Biography, speeches, and press releases
      • Short statistical fact sheets on Canada
      • Canada Yearbook, 1867-1967
        • Yearbook is an annual summary of Canadian economics and culture supplemented by statistical tables, similar in scope to statistical abstract
        • Browse 100 years of the yearbook by year or subject to find Members of Parliament, insurance statistics, Canadian participation, size of the militia, photos of the army in World War I
        • Extracts from the current edition are also on the Statistics Canada web site
        • The Graduate Library has the series in paper as HA 741 .A3 with the current edition in the Documents Center
      • Statistics Canada
        • 2001 Census: Population and dwelling counts, a detailed analysis of growth rates, demographic trends and geographic distribution
        • Daily press releases on economic and demographic subjects with keyword index
        • Selected publications and downloadable files
        • 90% of Stat Canada statistics are not available free on its web site
        • EStat (UMich Only) provides access to the full text of the most current censuses
      • University of Toronto Data Library Service
        • Subject access to Canada statistics, both those available free-of-charge and those depository publications requiring on-site access
        • Covers all subjects, geographic codes, atlases, books, CDs, and internet products
        • Includes tables of contents for historic Canadian censuses
        • Finding Canadian Statistics is especially comprehensive and carries excellent annotations
    • Supreme Court of Canada
      • Decisions (reports) since 1989
      • Bulletins and press releases
      • Searchable index
    • Tax Forms
    • What's New by Date
      • Daily updates from Government of Canada web sites, organized by date with most recent first, generally for given calendar month, with archives available
    • See also Canadian Politics and Canadian Studies


      Nunavut (Canadian Territory)
      • Government of Nunavut
        • Newest Canadian province as of April 1, 1999, after separation from the Northwest Territories as part of settlement of Inuit land claims
      • Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.
        • Private corporation set up to ensure that the terms of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement between the Inuit, the government of Canada and the government of the Northwest Territories are met
        • Contains text of Agreement, history and updates on implementation

      Ontario (Canadian Province)

      • Government of Ontario
        • Links to government and related agencies
        • Brief description of the province
      • Ontario Legislative Assembly
        • Directory of members
        • Text of proceedings (September 1995+) and Hansard's Debates (March 18, 1996+)
        • Calendars, bill texts, and additional legislative documents
        • Province included on this web page due to Michigan proximity

      Quebec (Canadian Province)


    • Bank of Mexico
    • Census of Population and Housing: 2000
      • List of print, internet, and CD-ROM publications available from the 2000 Census
      • As of June 2004, internet access limited to general national and state data as well as census procedural documents
      • Text in Spanish only
    • Informacion Juridicas
      • Constitutions and selected government web sites of Mexico and its states
      • Numerous links to academic web sites
      • Spanish only
    • Embassy to the United States
      • Extensive and slick web site
      • Economic and social statistics
      • Explanation of government structure and position on human rights
      • Text of ambassador's speeches
      • List of consulates in the U.S.
      • Children's section
      • Text in English
      • If page is down try one of the consulates
    • National Institute of Statistics, Geography, and Informatics
      • Current social, demographic, economic, and health statistics for Mexico, its states and urban areas
      • National Development Plan and related links
      • Spanish and English
    • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
      • Speeches by the minister and undersecretaries of foreign affairs
      • Data on the economy and drug control efforts
      • No search engine for locating specific pieces of information
    • Permanent Mission to the United Nations
      • Speeches made in the UN since 1998
      • Focus on Security Council reform and elections
      • English and Spanish
    • Political Resources on the Net
      • Links to parties, movements, elections, political organizations, government, and embassy web sites arranged by country
    • President
      • Extensive news coverage of economics and state visits
      • Most recent State of the Nation address
      • Text in English or Spanish
    • Neighbors, Mexico and the United States
      • Historical text dealing with relations between Mexico and the United States
    • United States-Mexico Border Statistics Since 1900
      • State and county level data of the border states, 1900-1988
      • Includes Baja California, Sonora, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, Texas, New Mexico Arizona and California
      • Demographics, economics, industry, trade, education, health and migrations
      • Ref. Room HA 755 .S78 - not on web

United States (UMich)

    • Extensive executive, legislative, and judicial links
    • Bibliographies, grants, taxes
    • Comprehensive web locators

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