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March 10, 2013



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Research Activities and Interests: Symbolic Computation, Triviality


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  1. "Construction of Invariant Scattering Amplitudes without Kinematical Singularities for Arbitary Spin, Nonzero-Mass, Two-body Scattering Processes," The University of California, Berkeley, UCRL 11113 (1963), dissertation directed by H. P. Stapp [abs] [pdf].
  2. "Construction of Invariant Scattering Amplitudes for Arbitrary Spins and Analytic Continuation in Total Angular Momentum," Phys. Rev. 130, 442–457 (1963), with A. O. Barut and I. J. Muzinich [abs] [©] [pdf].
  3. "Theoretical Basis of the Symmetrization Postulate," Phys. Rev. 49, 1008–1009 (1966), with A. Messiah and J. Bros [abs] [©] [pdf].
  4. "Energy-Momentum Conservation Implies Translation Invariance: Some Didactic Remarks," J. Math. Phys. 8, 1807–1816 (1967) [abs] [©] [pdf].
  5. "Analytic Form Factors for Any Spin," Phys. Rev. D1, 1380–1388 (1970), with Y. P. Yao [abs] [©] [pdf].
  6. "Difficulty with a Kinematic Concept of Unstable Particles: the Sz.-Nagy Extension and the Matthews-Salam-Zwanziger Representation," Commun. Math. Phys. 21, 314–333 (1971) [abs] [©] [ pdf].
  7. "Euclidean Fermi Fields with a Hermitean Feynman-Kac-Nelson Formula. I," Commun. Math. Phys. 38, 65–80 (1974) [abs] [©] [pdf].
  8. "On the Bound States of the Massless Free Field in Two Space-Time Dimensions," Nucl. Phys. B116, 133–140 (1976), with R. Seiler and D. Uhlenbrock [abs] [©] [pdf].
  9. "The Euclidean Loop Expansion for Massive λφ4: Through One Loop," Commun. Math. Phys. 54, 193–218 (1977) [abs] [©] [pdf].
  10. "Instability of the Existence of Non-Abelian Vector Potentials," Phys. Lett. 76B, 599–601 (1978) [abs] [©] [pdf].
  11. "Euclidean Nonlinear Classical Field Equations with Unique Vacuum," Commun. Math. Phys. 63, 13–29 (1978), with J. Rauch [abs] [©] [pdf].
  12. "Bounds for the Cutoff, Euclidean φ4 Perturbation Expansion," Phys. Rev. D19, 2935–2946 (1979) [abs] [©] [pdf].
  13. "New Mathematical Proof of the Uncertainty Relation," Am. J. Phys. 47, 606–607 (1979) [abs] [©] [pdf].
  14. "Large Width in the Lee model for the Higgs-Goldstone Sector," Nucl. Phys. B264, 423–436 (1986) [abs] [©] [pdf].
  15. "On the Lattice Approach to the Maximum Higgs Boson Mass," Phys. Lett. 211B, 457–464 (1988), with M. Einhorn [abs] [©] [pdf].
  16. "The Elastic Energy-Momentum Tensor in Special Relativity," Ann. Phys. 196, 345–360 (1989) [abs] [©] [pdf].


  1. TASI Lectures in Elementary Particle Physics 1984, TASI Publications, Ann Arbor, 1984, edited by DNW, 657 pp.
  2. Schoonschip, A Program for Symbol Handling, M. J. G. Veltman, 1991, edited by DNW, 165 pp. [pdf]

Invited Lectures (conferences)

  1. "On Stapp's Theorem," Lectures in Theoretical Physics, VIIA, (University of Colorado Press, Boulder, 1965), 173–189. with P. Minkowski and R. Seiler [pdf].

  2. "The Dirac Algebra for Any Spin," Lectures in Theoretical Physics, VIIA, (University of Colorado Press, Boulder, 1965), 139–172 [pdf].

  3. "Macroscopic Causality and Permanence of Smoothness for Two-Particle Scattering," Lectures in Theoretical Physics, XB, (Gordon and Breach, New York, 1968), 357–376 [pdf].

  4. "Topics on Euclidean Classical Field Equations with Unique Vacuua," Feynman Path Integrals: Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Feynman Path Integrals, Marseille, 1978, S. A. Albeverio, ed. (Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 1979), 189–202, with J. Rauch, invited lecture by DNW.

Invited Talks (conferences)

  1. "Instanton Gas Parameters in the Double Well Model," Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics: Proceedings of the VIth International Conference on Mathematical Physics, Berlin (West), August 11–20, 1981, R. Schrader, R. Seiler, and D. A. Uhlenbrock, eds. (Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 1982), 295–297.
  2. "Higgs Parameters and the Euclidean Two-Point Function," Lattice Higgs Workshop, Florida State University Supercomputer Research Institute, May, 1988, with M. Einhorn, 20-minute talk by DNW.

Conference Proceedings

  1. "The Jost-Hepp Theorem for Analytic Vectors," Analytic Methods in Mathematical Physics, Symposium on Analytic Methods in Mathematical Physics (1968: Indiana University), Robert P. Gilbert and Roger G. Newton, eds. (Gordon and Breach, London, 1970), 557–560.

Unpublished Reports

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Undergraduate Honors Theses

Summer Undergraduate Research Awards

Courses Taught

I-67126 Rec I-84505 Lec
II-68807 Sem 240 Rec(1)
I-68145 Rec II-85506 Lec
601 Lec 125 Rec(1)
II-69126 Rec I-85405 Lec
I-69240 Rec II-86405 Lec
601 Lec 240 Rec(1)
II-70240 Rec I-86511 Lec
802 Sem II-87512 Lec
I-70511 Lec I-87405 Lec
II-71512 Lec II-88506 Lec
I-71513 Lec I-88405 Lec
II-72126 Rec II-89240 Rec(3)
511 Lec I-89240 Rec(1)
I-72140 Rec II-90405 Lec
512 Lec I-90240 Rec(3)
II-73513 Lec I-90240 Rec(3)
621 Lec II-91405 Lec
140 Rec I-91507 Lec
I-73621 Lec II-92512 Lec
240 Rec 240K "Lec," Rec(1)
II-74Sabbatical I-92451 Lec
I-74507 Lec 240K "Lec," Rec(2)
140 Rec 715 (2 sem hrs, Susan Sund)
II-75511 Lec II-93452 Lec
240 Rec 240K "Lec," Rec(2)
I-75512 Lec I-93240K "Lec," Rec(2)
125 Rec 334K Tutors
II-76240 Rec (3) 240 Rec(2)
III-76125 Rec Senior Thesis (Michael Weiss)
126 Rec II-94453 Lec
I-76507 Lec 240K "Lec," Rec(2)
240 Rec 334K Tutors
II-77240 Rec(4) Senior Thesis (Michael Weiss)
I-77509 Lec I-94240K "Lec," Rec(2)
125 Rec 334K Tutors
II-78510 Lec II-95240K "Lec," Rec(2)
I-78240 Rec (1D-1R) 334K Tutors
II-79240 Rec (1D-1R) I-95242 "Lec," Rec(1)
III-79240 Rec II-96240K "Lec," Rec(2)
I-79507 Lec 334K Tutors
240 Rec I-96240K "Lec," Rec(2)
II-80511 Lec 334K Tutors
240 Rec 240 Rec(3)
I-80405 Lec II-97240K "Lec," Rec(2)
II-81405 Lec 334K Tutors
240 Rec I-97240K "Lec," Rec(2)
I-81Sabbatical 334K Tutors
II-82140 Rec(3) 125 Rec(3)
I-82505 Lec II-98240K "Lec," Rec(2)
II-83506 Lec 334K Tutors
I-83505 Lec 260 Lec, "Rec"
II-84506 Lec

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