November 10-13, 2011

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Workshop Venue:
West Hall

Lecture Hall: 340 West Hall (3rd Floor)

University of Michigan
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Workshop Program

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Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS) "Scattering Amplitudes and the Positive Grassmannian"

Zvi Bern (UCLA) "Gravity from gauge theory and UV properties"

 Summary talk - Amplitudes: Looking to the future

Rutger Boels (Hamburg) "Loop level amplitude relations from non-adjacent BCFW shifts"

Camille Boucher-Veronneau (Stanford) "N ≥ 4 Supergravity Amplitudes from Gauge Theory at Two Loops"

Vittorio Del Duca (INFN) "Amplitudes, Wilson Loops, Hexagons and Symbols"

Dan Freedman (MIT) "The harmony of the c-theorem and the a-theorem"

Johannes Henn (IAS) "Analytic results for scattering amplitudes in N=4 super Yang-Mills"

Henrik Johansson (IPhT Saclay) "Progress on Color-Dual Loop Amplitudes"

Renata Kallosh (Stanford) "E77 and Noether-Gaillard-Zumino current conservation"

Jared Kaplan (SLAC) "The Holographic S-matrix"

Zohar Komargodski(Weizmann & IAS) "RG flows in Diverse Dimensions"

Gregory Korchemsky (IPhT Saclay) "Hidden symmetry of four-point correlators and amplitudes in N=4 SYM: Part II"

David Kosower (IPhT CEA-Saclay) "Maximal Unitarity at Two Loops"

Matthias Neubert (Johannes Gutenberg University) "Infrared structure of scattering amplitudes in non-abelian gauge theories"

Radu Roiban (Penn State) "On the non-planar beta-deformed N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory"

David Skinner(Perimeter Institute) "Dual Superconformal Invariance and Loop Amplitudes"

Emery Sokatchev (LAPTH-Annecy) "Hidden symmetry of four-point correlators and amplitudes in N=4 SYM: Part I"

Marcus Spradlin (Brown) "Constructing High-Loop Integrands from a Curious Collinear Constraint"

Stephan Stieberger (MPI) "The Harmony of Superstring Amplitudes: Implications from/to Field-Theory"

Gabriele Travaglini (Queen Mary University) "Harmony of (super) form factors"

Jaroslav Trnka (Princeton) "Scattering Amplitudes as "volumes" of local polytopes"

Pierre Vanhove (IPhT CEA/Saclay and IHES) "Four-graviton amplitude in string theory"

Pedro Vieira (Perimeter Institute) "The OPE for Null Polygon Wilson Loops"

Anastasia Volovich (Brown) "Applied Symbology"




Workshop Organizers:
Nathaniel Craig (IAS/Rutgers)
Henriette Elvang
Michael Kiermaier
(Princeton University)
Aaron Pierce

Workshop Secretary:
Angela Milliken
University of Michigan
450 Church Street
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1040
[P] 734-763-9698
[F] 734-763-2213

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