Selected Presentations

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  1. "Facility Location with Competition or Decision-dependent Uncertainty: Models, Algorithms and Extensions", 2022.

  2. "Multistage Distributionally Robust Mixed-Integer Programming with Decision-Dependent Moment-based Ambiguity Sets", 2022.

  3. "Optimization and Data Analytics Tools for Addressing COVID-19 Related Problems", Data-driven in Uncertain Times, Big Data Ignite 2020 Webinar Series.

  4. "A Summary of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering Tool for Fighting COVID-19", IOE Lunch-and-Learn, Ann Arbor, MI, April 2020.

  5. "Scenario grouping and decomposition algorithms for chance-constrained programs", INFORMS Optimization Society Conference, Denver, CO, 2018.

  6. "Solving 0-1 Semidefinite Programs for Distributionally Robust Allocation of Surgery Blocks", INFORMS Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, 2016.

  7. "Location design and relocation of a mixed carsharing fleet with CO2 emission constraint", INFORMS Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, 2016.

  8. "Optimizing the Profitability and Quality of Service in Carshare Systems", Department of Industrial Engineering, Clemson University, 2016.

  9. "Parallel Scenario Decomposition of Risk Averse 0-1 Stochastic Programs", the XIV International Conference on Stochastic Programming, Brazil, 2016.

  10. "Integer Programming Approaches for Appointment Scheduling with Random No-Shows and Service Durations", Department of Decision Sciences, National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School, 2016.

  11. "Moment-based Distributionally Robust Server Allocation and Scheduling Problems", INFORMS Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 2015.

  12. "Distributionally Robust Approaches for Optimal Power Flow with Uncertain Reserves from Load Control", 2015.

  13. "Decomposition Algorithm for Optimizing Multi-server Appointment Scheduling with Chance Constraints", DOS Seminars, School of ISyE, Georgia Tech, 2015.

  14. "Risk Averse Shortest Path Interdiction", INFORMS Computing Society Conference, Richmond, VA, 2015.

  15. "Loss-Constrained Minimum Cost Flow under Arc Failure Uncertainty with Applications in Risk-Aware Kidney Exchange", INFORMS Computing Society Conference, Richmond, VA, 2015.

  16. "Optimization Models for Differentiating Quality of Service Levels in Probabilistic Network Capacity Design Problems", INFORMS Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 2013.

  17. "Stochastic Modeling and Approaches for Managing Energy Footprints in Cloud Computing Service", INFORMS Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 2013.

  18. "Optimizing Infrastructure Design and Recovery Operations Under Stochastic Disruptions", INFORMS Computing Society Conference, Santa Fe, NM, 2013.

  19. "Chance-constrained programming models and approximation algorithms for general stochastic bottleneck spanning tree problems", INFORMS Computing Society Conference, Santa Fe, NM, 2013.

  20. "Exact Interdiction Models and Algorithms for Disconnecting Networks via Node Deletions", INFORMS Optimization Society Conference, Miami, FL, 2012.