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E-mail:  :yaacov.ritov@gmail.com; yaacov.ritov@huji.ac.il;  yritov@umich.edu etc.

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הבלוג שלי, עברית בלבד          youtube (Hebrew)          Data Science (Hebrew)

B.Sc. 1973 (The Technion, I.I.T., Electrical Engineering), M.Sc., 1980 (The Technion, I.I.T, Electrical Engineering), Ph.D. 1983 , (Statistics, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Mr. and Mrs. Francis Hock Emeritus Chair in Statistics): Lecturer, 1984; Senior Lecturer, 1989; Associate Professor, 1990; Professor, 1992.  

University of Michigan: Professor, 2015 - .  

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I have learned a lot in my life. Unfortunately, most of it about technicalities. Here are some details. 

Publications, manuscripts, books, thesis, etc.:

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Michael Law

Hamid  Eftekhari

Debarghya  Mukherjee


 Saar Gershuni

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Guy Leshem

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Das große Karthago führte drei Kriege.

Nach dem ersten war es noch mächtig.

Nach dem zweiten war es noch bewohnbar.

Nach dem dritten war es nicht mehr aufzufinden.-Bertolt  Brecht

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Yakov Ritov, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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