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MESSAGE BOARD Archive January 2004

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Saturday, January 31, 2004 -- 14:08:44 (EST)
Name: Victor Boyse-Peacor -- Email:
Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • What a funny picture of Captain Simon Underpants! Now I know how to play Pokemon. Do you ever play? Do you still collect cards?
    Love, Victor

    Saturday, January 31, 2004 -- 12:04:31 (EST)
    Name: stephanie saenz
  • simon
    happy for the "good" news. call if you need anything. our prayers are with you
    xoxoxox stephanie

    Saturday, January 31, 2004 -- 11:37:50 (EST)
    Name: Gari Stein
  • Hello everyone, so glad fot the big relief....I am sending 50,000 hugs and kisses...MWA!!!! love, Gari

    Saturday, January 31, 2004 -- 10:41:14 (EST)
    Name: Rachel Obstfeld -- Email:
    Location: Irvine, CA USA
  • Hi Simon! I hope that you feel better and I loved your Captain Underpants pictures! I really miss you and I wanted to tell you something funny I heard the other day - did you know that Racecar spelled backwards is still Racecar? So we are cheering for you and we know that you will be the fastest racecar and beat out this nasty sickness! Love, Rachel (and my Mom, Dad and Noah send hello and hugs too!)

    Saturday, January 31, 2004 -- 00:58:51 (EST)
    Name: Webmaestro
    Location: Miami, Florida USA
  • Very nice and useful website. Please visit my website!!! :)

    Friday, January 30, 2004 -- 23:41:30 (EST)
    Name: Rebecca -- Email:
    Location: Oberlin, OH USA
  • Dear ones,

    We just want to send our love and prayers. I'll try to call this weekend. We are so happy Gran Ann is there enjoying her beautiful grandchildren!

    love & kisses & hugs & more love,

    Rebecca, Randy, Emma & Schuyler

    Friday, January 30, 2004 -- 22:42:45 (EST)
    Name: Merla Eaton -- Email:
    Location: Salt Lake City, UT
  • Hi Simon and family, I'm so glad I checked your website tonight and found out that you don't have a new tumor! The kids in your class and I are all sending good thoughts your way every single day. Hope you enjoyed the cards and popcorn--you helped them earn that popcorn party! We miss your smiling face and hearty laugh and we hope you'll be back with us soon.

    Friday, January 30, 2004 -- 16:49:43 (EST)
    Name: Liz, Mike, Emma, & Lucas Kennedy -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor,
  • Dear Mary, Markus, Simon, & Miriam,
    We're holed up in a winter wonderland here, but we're sending out our best wishes to all of you. You're especially close in our thoughts as you go through this new challenge. xoxoxoxo

    Friday, January 30, 2004 -- 11:31:48 (EST)
    Name: stephanie saenz
  • simon hope you are doing great!!! miss your sweet, smiling face.
    stephanie at uintah

    Friday, January 30, 2004 -- 07:30:01 (EST)
    Name: Heather Budd -- Email:
    Location: Buxton, England
  • Hi Simon,
    I am an old friend of your moms and want to let you know that you have friends here in England to add to all your other friends across the world who are dancing and sending good thoughts to help you and your chemo and your fantastic family to beat that cancer.You are all doing a great job! We are Heather, Tim and Amie aged 8 and Susie aged 6. We were very interested to hear of your trip to the opera. Sounds like you and Miriam really enjoyed it! Amie and Susie have never been but they like the ballet, which uses dancing instead of singing to tell the story! We have seen the Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.

    Friday, January 30, 2004 -- 03:35:10 (EST)
    Name: Sally
    Location: Seattle,
  • Sending love....hope to talk soon.

    Friday, January 30, 2004 -- 00:45:34 (EST)
    Name: Jack Winter -- Email:
    Location: Salt Lake , UT
  • For the fella who makes a difference: Hi. I'm a friend of your teacher, Mrs. Eaton, and she has told me what a great kid you are. She keeps me in touch with the latest developments, and from this little corner of the city, I just want to add my love to all the others who care about you.

    Thursday, January 29, 2004 -- 23:19:05 (EST)
    Name: Anne Holman -- Email:
    Location: Salt Lake,
  • Hi Vodoseks; just a quick note to let you know we are thinking about you all and are holding you close in our thoughts.

    Thursday, January 29, 2004 -- 21:13:46 (EST)
    Name: Heather -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI US
  • Hi Simon! You don't know me, but I met your mom years ago at the U of M Child Development Center when she came with Deb Gurt to pick up Lev. Your sister, Miriam, and my daughter, Sophie, are close in age. We are still in Family Housing, the 1300s and probably know many of the same people. We also lived in Utah for many years and if you haven't, and get the chance, I recommend going up to Logan, that is where I lived. Logan's about an 80 mile drive north from Salt Lake and the canyons are amazing! If you want to go further and see something truly spectacular you could go to Bear Lake through Logan Canyon. Anyway, I've been checking your website and love the colors and cheerfulness of it! Take care, Heather Albee-Scott

    Thursday, January 29, 2004 -- 08:44:57 (EST)
    Name: Cindy Brown -- Email:
    Location: Columbus, Ohio USA
  • HI CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS (a.k.a. Simon)!!! You and I have never met but I met your mom at a meeting in Oberlin a couple of years ago and I bet you and I know lots of the same people in Oberlin like Rebecca for one!). Believe it or not, I have been visiting your site and reading about you and your amazing journey since the very FIRST day Simon's Place appeared! I just read that you try to avoid dog would LOVE my dogs! I have two 100-pound white shaggy Great Pyrenees. They are meant to guard sheep and they never, ever lick! If they can't find a sheep to guard they just lie down next to small children!! My sister lives in Montana and she has two also. She has bear that come into her yard for fruit from her trees, and her dogs think the best thing in the world is to get to chase a bear away! Imagine my sister's surprise the first time she saw a bear in a tree and her dogs below!! She did not know what to do... One time the dogs did not do a very good job--they just slept while a bear came in the yard. The bear tried to get pears from a tree and pulled the whole tree right out of the ground. It was by the front street and the pears just rolled down the street. In the morning the neighbors found all the area deer having a "pear party" in the street. A company came and took the pear wood away. And you know what? The silly bear (a bit of a dumb bear) came back for weeks and just stood looking at the place in the ground where his pear tree used to be. Every time I go to see my sister in Montana my plane stops in Salt Lake City. Remember in August when you had to take prednizome? What a funny coincidence--I was in Salt Lake City (well, just the airport) and I was taking prednizone too at the very same time!! I really thought about you then! In my case I made a little mistake with a poison ivy plant... Simon, I really, really admire you, and I want to tell you something special. For two years I have been a little shy about writing. I think that for every person who writes messages there are hundreds (maybe THOUSANDS) out there every day who read about your life...which (if I do my math right) means that there is a PLANET full of "mystery" people out there who read about you and love you and do interesting dances for you and think about you. Isn't it nifty that you are part of a planet full of lives? I just want to send good thoughts and happy dances and all good things your way!!

    ....Cindy (out here with the rest of the Simon's PLace planet of readers!!!!!)

    Wednesday, January 28, 2004 -- 20:50:22 (EST)
    Name: Marti and John Major -- Email:
    Location: Salt Lake, ut
  • It was so sweet to hear your mom's voice on our voice mail. Bless our moms! I am glad she could come in for a visit, and I hope she can go back to Ohio knowing how loved and revered your family is. Thankyou for letting us help. Ask for anything, and we will do what we can. It is such a blessing to be able to be here for you all. love and hope, from Marti and John

    Tuesday, January 27, 2004 -- 20:05:25 (EST)
    Name: Kristin -- Email:
    Location: Lynd., Oh U.S
  • ~Simon~

    I would like to start by saying that your one cute little boy!! You dont know who i am, but i am one of Jenn Sharpes best friends, Kristin Strah, & shes been keeping me updated about your conditions - because i lost a good friend to cancer... and so it makes it easier her to talk to me bout this becuase i know what its like to know someone with cancer. i would like to share my story of my friend with you, if you dont' mind. My friends name is Billy Ranells, he got diagonosed with Liver Cancer in the summer of 2001 by passing out on a baseball field during one of his games & being rushed to the hospital- which was where he found out the devasting news. just as you are, he lived life- he stayed strong & battled as hard as he possibly could, but than in May 2003 - the man incharge of heaven decided that it was his time to go fulfill his duties up there... and he passed away. It was a very difficult time for me because he was the first person that i cared for & KNEW that passed away. But with everything that i've read tonight & that Jenn has told me, you are one STRONG fighter and you gotta keep doing that. Fight because as you are now it sounds like things are gettin better - you have your good days- you have your bad days- but dont let anyone tell you differently! you keep moving & grooving-- you keep going strong!! I hope things turn out well for you and all your treatments help you!! Get Well Sweetie!


    Tuesday, January 27, 2004 -- 19:00:59 (EST)
    Name: Gari Stein
  • Hello Simon, I just finished my platelets dance and I am about to go to bed and spend my night attacking and destroying those bad cells and sending you sweet dreams today and always. Love, Gari

    Tuesday, January 27, 2004 -- 17:13:35 (EST)
    Name: Marta, Paul & Sam -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Just a quick note today to say positive energy vibes and healing thoughts are bombarding you from Ann Arbor, too - Did you feel that?

    Tuesday, January 27, 2004 -- 07:15:31 (EST)
    Name: Lee Williams
  • Glad to read of your busy life around chemo stuff - you are all doing such a great job. Glad that Gran will be there for a visit. Schools have been closed for two days here due to snow and ice. Think of you often and sending good thoughts. Love, Lee

    Tuesday, January 27, 2004 -- 04:20:26 (EST)
    Name: Angela Thomas -- Email:
    Location: Tiffin, OH
  • Sending you love! You guys rock!!!!

    Fondly, Angela

    Monday, January 26, 2004 -- 21:37:51 (EST)
    Name: stephanie saenz -- Email:

    Monday, January 26, 2004 -- 16:47:08 (EST)
    Name: Carol Ganzel -- Email:
    Location: Oberlin, OH
  • Mary --

    I've been checking your web site for several months now, marveling at your keeping it up and letting all of us who are concerned know what's happening without our asking. Your family's activities yesterday ("a busy day") are amazing. I too remember well your excellent performance in _Hansel and Gretel_.


    Monday, January 26, 2004 -- 08:17:23 (EST)
    Name: Rebecca Cross -- Email:
    Location: Oberlin, OH USA
  • Hi Simon,

    We are sending you lots of positive energy - BIG hopeful hugs and prayers. From your parent's reports, it sounds like you are being your usual strong, brave and cheerful self. You are our teacher, my friend!

    How cool to see an opera - what fun you and Miriam must have had! We all enjoyed Hansel & Gretel last spring in Oberlin; I, too, was remembering your Mom in her role years ago on that same stage. (She was terrific!)

    Lots and lots of love and powerful healing, cancer-fighting, platelet-rising thoughts are coming your way!

    love from snowy Oberlin

    Rebecca, Randy, Emma & Schuyler

    Sunday, January 25, 2004 -- 22:05:00 (EST)
    Name: Kris Hopkins -- Email:
    Location: Clinton, NY
  • Hey, Captain Underpants -- you look pretty spiffy in that red cape! And, just like C.U., you've already shown that same sort of "can do" attitude, Simon -- and Miriam and your mom and dad have done some amazing work during the past couple of years, too! So keep up that super effort during this next round of chemo treatments! We'll all be rooting for you!

    Since I'm so far away and can't cook a meal for you or help with the laundry or anything, I'm going to see if I can learn lots of different ways of saying "good-bye" to cancer cells. As I find each new phrase, I'll pass it on to you. That way, depending on your mood, you can pick a different language or phrase that suits the way you're feeling. Here's one you may already know (it's my favorite way to yell at mosquitos or other bothersome bugs when they come buzzing around ... mostly when it isn't snowing, of course! ;-): "Geh' weg!"

    Meanwhile, platelet dances and warm, anti-cancer thoughts are coming your way from Upstate New York!

    Love, Kris and Company

    Sunday, January 25, 2004 -- 18:54:40 (EST)
    Name: Gracie Davis -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI USA
  • I think Captain Underpants is funny! And pantyhouse too. We want to see you and Miriam sometime in Salt Lake City. I have a blank orange belt in karate class. I think it is fine! I am sorry you didn't get to come to my birthday party this year. Maybe next year you will get to come. Feel better soon. Love, Gracie

    Sunday, January 25, 2004 -- 16:42:05 (EST)
    Name: stephanie saenz -- Email: chaz
    Location: salt lake city, ut usa
  • simon, i love your cape. wish i could wear one, but my daughter prefers me not to! be strong,think happy thoughts and know you are an incredible inspiration to all of us at uintah.have mom let us know what you need and we will try to make it happen. love you simon. thanks also for helping me become more internet educated.

    Sunday, January 25, 2004 -- 14:54:23 (EST)
    Name: Grann a.k.a Ann Craig -- Email:
    Location: Oberlin, OH
  • Dear Simon: TOMORROW I'm flying out to Salt Lake City to see you. I'm excited. We'll get to do some thngs together. Granddad has a student doing research, so he has to stay here to do glass blowing and pour liquid nitrogen and all that kind of stuff. Tell Miriam to pick up her playthings when she is asked to so she can come to meet me at the airport this time. Love to all of you,

    Saturday, January 24, 2004 -- 13:52:43 (EST)
    Name: Jane, Emily and Lance -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Dear Simon,

    YOu look so great with that red cape--It hopefully has powers of fight and might to tackle this new round of cancer fighting. You are so BIG in the picture-- you look about 10 years old! Emily is taking this cool natural history class (where they learn about reptiles, and mammals and all that cool stuff). SHe told us at dinner this week that they just found the biggest snake in the world and it weighs over 700 pounds-- can you imagine? Hope your fighting power helps you fight through this next battle with chemo--- we are all rootin for you-- love Jane, Lance, Cara and EM

    Saturday, January 24, 2004 -- 02:16:14 (EST)
    Name: Annette Steve & Rowan
    Location: Oakland, CA
  • Simon,

    Was so great to see you. So sorry the news wasn't better in New York, makes me sad and angry. Do you feel that way too? You are one strong boy - I can always see that and I believe in your body's ability to fight that disease. We love you very much!

    We have great news here with the birth of our new niece Amelia Antoinette Elisabeth Wire yesterday. She is my brother Joe's daughter and was 7 lbs 15 onz and 20 inches. Bet you'd like to hold her. Maybe you can come visit again soon. Rowan sure had
    fun playing dueling bionicals with you.

    We'll see you and Miriam in March in Utah!!

    Love, Annette

    Friday, January 23, 2004 -- 16:58:42 (EST)
    Name: Gari Stein
  • You go Simon go-with that chemo-telling bad cells to go-go-go-tell them Captain Underpants told them so. Much love, always, Gari

    Friday, January 23, 2004 -- 16:23:10 (EST)
    Name: The Burgers
    Location: Ithaca, NY
  • Hi All,
    Just wanted you to know that we're sending all the "energies" you requested in one of your recent posts. Hope you can feel the love and support reaching out to you from near and far! xo Liza, Mike, Jolan and Jenna

    Friday, January 23, 2004 -- 00:00:57 (EST)
    Name: j
  • am MD in radiology at UofM..Simon is adorable and we love him to hear happy news!

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 -- 16:28:54 (EST)
    Name: matt kaplan -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Hey guys. We've been thinking about you often and trying to send good thoughts your way. I continue to admire your strength and the amazingly positive attitude and energy that Simon has. And as we all know, captain underpants always comes out on top (interesting image)!! So we will keep thinking and praying and hoping for the best. Love Matt, Caroline, and Hava

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 -- 16:05:33 (EST)
    Name: Agustina -- Email:
    Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan US
  • Hey guys, i havent talked to you in a while, it took me so long to finds this website. But finally i did and i need ur phone number to call you!!! im glad to see that you guys are doing well please call or write me and email love ya guys

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 -- 16:05:33 (EST)
    Name: Agustina -- Email:
    Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan US
  • Hey guys, i havent talked to you in a while, it took me so long to finds this website. But finally i did and i need ur phone number to call you!!! im glad to see that you guys are doing well please call or write me and email love ya guys

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 -- 15:06:52 (EST)
    Name: carol longsworth -- Email:
    Location: Oberlin, Ohio USA
  • Mary and Markus, We continue to be inspired by your brave reports and Simon's wonderful attitude. It is surely heart wrenching yet uplifting to see how all of you face this dreadful "emergency", to use Simon's word. You are a strong family and I can sense in your spirits God's presence with you.
    Your devoted friends, Carol and Bob

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 -- 11:18:26 (EST)
    Name: Gretchen Spreitzer -- Email:
    Location: ann arbor, mi usa
  • I am sending a lot of prayers and thoughts your way. You help me remember to hug my girls a little tighter everynight when I tuck them into bed. You are an inspriration to us all.

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 -- 09:08:13 (EST)
    Name: Gari Stein -- Email:
  • Hello out there so captain underpants and all. I am trying to touch base with grandma Ann. If you see this Ann and can take a moment to send me your e-mail or home address that would be to all-Gari

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 -- 02:42:13 (EST)
    Name: Marcie and David Obstfeld -- Email:
    Location: Irvine, CA USA
  • Wow! What a handsome and brave Captain Underpants! What is all that white stuff in the window? Is is snow? It looks like you have had quite a bit of it. We wish you lots of love and strength as you begin this new round. We will be sending energy to all of you!
    Love, Marcie, David, Rachel and Noah

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 -- 01:20:41 (EST)
    Name: Sally Olson
    Location: Seattle,
  • Hi guys. I've been thinking of you constantly since I talked with Mary last weekend (I hope skiing was fun!). The flood of support you have received takes my breath away. So many folks love and admire you. It supports me too, in a way.
    As always, sending love and prayers your way, Sally

    Wednesday, January 21, 2004 -- 00:29:21 (EST)
    Name: Mary Craig -- Email:
    Location: Salt Lake City, UT USA
  • Dear Friends,

    Thank you, thank you for the flow of support you send our way. Your love and courage to tread this path with us sustains us in so many ways. We post updates because we have to tell this story in order to bear it. And we post updates because we know that the story reaches so many open hearts and minds. We feel that "torrent" of support; we seek it as we read your messages every day.

    Thank you!


    Tuesday, January 20, 2004 -- 22:16:33 (EST)
    Name: Priscilla/Ira -- Email:
    Location: Oberlin, OH
  • This is from Ethan's mom and dad. The first thing that Ethan said when he (and Rona) arrived in RI this past week-end was "How come I never knew about Captain Underpants." Well I know as our grandaughter Maggie knows the whole crew including Professor Poopypants and the Wedgie women, we are well-versed in C.U doings. Enjoy! We have read your web site from the beginning and can only imagine how difficult this is for you all.Love to you all.

    Tuesday, January 20, 2004 -- 22:02:31 (EST)
    Name: Deborah, Marek, Lev & Jacob -- Email:
    Location: Northfield, MN USA
  • Hi Mary, Markus, Captain Underpants - I mean, Simon, and Miriam,
    It has been a while since we have seen you all, but we think of you often and remember the fun times at Family Housing we all shared together. We miss the hastily improvised shared dinners, the playdates and the occasional mom's night out. It seems that this year will bring you new challenges, but we are sure you will meet them with the courage and grace (and humor) you have shown until now. We continue to count you among our dearest friends and we share the difficulty of what's ahead with you . We also share the treasure of the little gems you give to us.
    lots of love,
    Deb, Marek, Lev & Jacob (who will be 2!)

    Tuesday, January 20, 2004 -- 21:37:03 (EST)
    Name: Katherine Lawrence -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Hi Simon,
    You are certainly the handsomest Captain Underpants I've ever seen! I can't believe how much you've grown since I met you almost 6 years ago, when your dad was carrying you around during a tour of the business school. I am so sorry to read that you are due for heavy-duty treatment again, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you'll soon be as healthy inside as you look on the outside. Lots of love, Katherine

    Tuesday, January 20, 2004 -- 19:59:21 (EST)
    Name: amy -- Email:
    Location: ann arbor, mi
  • Dear Mary and Markus,

    Add mine to the stream of tears flowing your way from Ann Arbor to Utah, joining streams coming from New York, Ohio and around the world, stream gathering into a torrent to bring you strength. That you have the presence of mind to share with us the comforts you've felt from the kindness of strangers reflects a level of grace the likes of which few of us have likely been privileged to be part of in the past and we are all blessed by you for it. Thinking of you all....

    Tuesday, January 20, 2004 -- 09:21:56 (EST)
    Name: Jean Watson -- Email:
    Location: Dover, OH USA
  • Simon,
    I'm sure it's safe to say that any readers of your Mom's recent postings are a bit teary, and wish the news had been better. But one look at the picture of you standign there in your underpants and your ear-to-ear grin tells us that we must learn from you how to enjoy life and keep hoping for good results.

    I just finished rereading your posting of the sermon on Hope from your previous pastor in Michigan - I remembered having scanned it a while ago but wanted to go back to it in light of the recent news. I found it helpful, perhaps you might too. (For anyone reading this posting who wants to take a look, it's under "Cancer Links".)

    We're heading your general direction in a few days - to Colorado to go skiing. As we're heading west from Cleveland via Chicago to Denver I'll be sure to take advantage of being closer to Utah to look on the window in your general direction and wave. Maybe next year's trip will be to Utah and we can see you in person - that would be great!

    Love, Jean

    Monday, January 19, 2004 -- 17:58:24 (EST)
    Name: Marta, Paul & Sam -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor,
  • Simon,

    Just like your Mom, we were hoping for really good news of no more cancer. And just like her, we have felt sad and teary that there is cancer and that you now have to get ready for more chemo. We can't seem to understand why a kid should have to have such a disease and fight so hard against it - our minds know that it is dumb to wonder "why" because that is not the point - disease happens and human beings haven't figures out all the answers. But the heart keeps saying, "That's not fair!" But over the many months that we have been getting to "know" you through this website, we have been so amazed to see how you do keep fighting it, and you keep being a great kid at the same time. We love that red cape! And we love that big smile! And so even though we don't quite understand how you do it, we also know that you will keep being terrific Simon (except when you are Captain Underpants) as you keep fighting this cancer. And we will keep on loving you and thinking good thoughts about you and for you, all the time. You are the greatest - just watch out for exploding toilets!

    Marta, Paul & Sam

    Monday, January 19, 2004 -- 17:46:59 (EST)
    Name: Bonnie -- Email:
    Location: Traverse City, MI
  • Hey Simon!
    My thoughts are with you - thanks for the wonderful beads you and the rest of your family sent - they surely helped and I had a wonderful birth - and Kyleigh's nursing now but she sends her love and prayers too!

    Monday, January 19, 2004 -- 16:50:52 (EST)
    Name: Gretchen Weir -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Hello Simon and gang:
    I sure wish I had a Captain Underpants at my house!

    He looks mighty powerful with that red cape and wonderful smile! Clearly he is a super hero.

    And an inspiration to us all.

    Love to all.

    Monday, January 19, 2004 -- 13:43:44 (EST)
    Name: Anne Gross -- Email:
    Location: Harrisonburg, VA USA
  • I send much love to you all. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

    Meanwhile, Captain Underpants HAS been seen in this area, although I'm not sure a residence has been established. Personally, I'd wear more's cold here.


    Monday, January 19, 2004 -- 10:21:34 (EST)
    Name: Steve Robertson -- Email:
    Location: St. Paul, MN
  • Hello Simon and the 3Ms,

    I was sorry to hear the results of the latest workup. We think about you frequently and each time we send our strongest healing mojo in Simon's direction.
    It is good to hear that Captain Underpants is making an appearance in your house. Just watch out for the wicked wedgie woman!!

    Sunday, January 18, 2004 -- 22:12:11 (EST)
    Name: Amber Joy Dimkoff -- Email:
    Location: Burke, VA USA
  • Hi Simon! It was great talking to you (and Miriam!) on the phone Friday. I am visiting Mark right now. He was hoping to see you in New York, but he just missed you! Remember when we went to see Beauty and the Beast? I was at the theatre yesterday and thought of you. Mark and I are praying for you and your family and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

    Sunday, January 18, 2004 -- 17:59:54 (EST)
    Name: Gari Stein
  • Hello to captain underpants...I will have to look for that book....I am sending you all the healing energy I can muster and will double up on my prayers for all of you. Sending you my heartfelt love, today and always. Gari

    Saturday, January 17, 2004 -- 21:41:13 (EST)
    Name: Leah -- Email:
    Location: Sauk Rapids, MN USA
  • Dearest Mary, Simon, and family,
    I am heartbroken to read of the scan results. You are all close in my heart. Keep fighting!!!
    "You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

    Saturday, January 17, 2004 -- 16:19:53 (EST)
    Name: Rebecca, Randy, Emma & Schuyler -- Email:
    Location: Oberlin , OH USA
  • Hi Simon,

    Hmm. It's a very curious thing that Captain Underpants ALSO resides right here at 29 S Prospect Street! Perhaps you can help me solve this mystery...

    We just want to send you our love from snowy Oberlin. I sure wish the test results had been different in New York. I loved reading about all the kind people you encountered on your travels.

    We are holding you all in our hearts and thoughts, and sending you our strength and hope!
    much love & hugs all around
    Rebecca & crew

    Saturday, January 17, 2004 -- 12:25:53 (EST)
    Name: Annie Tintle -- Email:
    Location: Waldorf, MD USA
  • Hi Simon, its Annie and baby Harrison from the airport. We just wanted to have a look at your wonderful website (go mom) and say hello. It was so fun to meet you, Harrison absolutely loved playing with you. Tell your mom I said hello, we're sad we didn't get to say goodbye at baggage claim. Have a great day "moosing" around.

    annie, jason & harrison tintle

    Saturday, January 17, 2004 -- 11:34:24 (EST)
    Name: barbara blodgett -- Email:
    Location: new haven, ct usa
  • Simon and Mary,
    It was great to see you in NYC this week. It was a real treasure for me to spend a whole day with you because I really like you guys. I'm sorry to hear that the test results were not so good. Cancer sure is a tough thing to fight.
    P.S. Keep the scarf or give it to someone who needs it.

    Saturday, January 17, 2004 -- 10:29:55 (EST)
    Name: Kris Hopkins -- Email:
    Location: Clinton, NY
  • I'm so sorry to hear that the news from New York wasn't brighter. And on some level, it may have been all the harder to process, given the better news you'd just had in CA. But how reassuring all those contacts with good folk along the way must have felt.... (Your account is wonderful reminder to us all that a pleasant and open attitude, even with people we may never see again, can have a really positive impact.)

    And, as avid readers of Captain Underpants for many years, my children would no doubt heartily approve of Simon's and Miriam's choice of super heros. He and his sidekicks George and Harold are certainly goofy -- and in Mr. Krupp's case, sometimes grumpy -- but they always do whatever's necessary to save the day!

    May that red cape give *all* of you the strength and confidence to deal with the challenges ahead. And may the jubilant cry of "Tra-la-laaa" allow you to smile and laugh a bit along the way.

    In the meantime, we'll be thinking more warm, healing, cancer-chasing thoughts for you, Simon!

    Love, Kris, Rob, Emily, Danny, and Laura

    Saturday, January 17, 2004 -- 08:01:39 (EST)
    Name: Lee Williams
  • Just read the updated news from NY - hard I'm sure and hard to e by yourself to hear it but glad friends were there too. I am thinking of you and sending good thoughts and hopes to you. Thank you for keeping us so well-informed. Love, Lee

    Saturday, January 17, 2004 -- 08:01:39 (EST)
    Name: Lee Williams
  • Just read the updated news from NY - hard I'm sure and hard to e by yourself to hear it but glad friends were there too. I am thinking of you and sending good thoughts and hopes to you. Thank you for keeping us so well-informed. Love, Lee

    Friday, January 16, 2004 -- 13:32:45 (EST)
    Name: Gretchen Weir -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Love to all of you and best wishes for reassuring news. Let those tall and snow-capped mountains be an inspiration!

    Thank you for this wonderful web sight, which lets so many of us keep abreast of the journey.

    Friday, January 16, 2004 -- 11:46:10 (EST)
    Name: Jonel -- Email:
    Location: Pittsburgh, Pa USA
  • Simon and family, just wanted to you to know prayers and healing thoughts are coming your way from pittsburgh. with love from your nb family Jonel mom to Elijah nb 4. Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!

    Friday, January 16, 2004 -- 10:41:28 (EST)
    Name: Marta, Paul & Sam -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor,
  • We are thinking strong, healing thoughts - and waiting with bated breath ....

    Thursday, January 15, 2004 -- 08:54:14 (EST)
    Name: Laurie Krauth -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI US
  • Hi Mary, Markus, Simon and Miriam: I've been checking Simon's Place regularly since you left Ann Arbor and thinking about you a lot. I await information on what you learned in New York and hope you also get to have a little fun in my old hometown. Please let me know if I can be of help from here.

    Tuesday, January 13, 2004 -- 18:24:39 (EST)
    Name: Julia Welch -- Email:
    Location: Houston, Texas USA
  • Hi Simon, Mariam, Markus, and Mary!
    I have been thinking about you all and hoping that you had a good holiday. I am so glad that you have this website so that we can check on how Simon is doing. I am grateful that he is making progress. Please give both Simon and Mariam a big hug for me.
    Warm wishes,

    Monday, January 12, 2004 -- 22:39:09 (EST)
    Name: Kris Hopkins
    Location: Clinton, NY
  • Is it really cold out there in Utah? It has been here! We were well into the negative numbers for several days -- but at least it gave us an excuse to make jokes about having a "heat wave" when it finally rose above zero again! ;-) The kids were sorry it was so cold, though, because it's hard to go out and play in the snow when it's that's cold -- about two minutes is all any of us can take outside when it's so chilly, even if we're all bundled up.... But now it's above 20 again, so outdoor recess, here we come! ;-)

    So glad to hear the promising news from California! And a trip to Pixar, too??? Wow. How cool is that?! It really is a favorite with us, and I'm sure it is with you guys, too.

    Thanks for the update! Take care,

    Kris, Rob, Emily, Danny, and Laura

    Friday, January 09, 2004 -- 05:24:23 (EST)
    Name: Lee Williams
  • Simon and family - so glad to hear "minimal residual disease"!! Good work. And pleased to hear visit with Grandparents went so well, and that you had a visit with Rowan, Steve and Annette. It is cold here but no snow yet. Think of you often and so glad to read your good news. Happy New Year. Lots of love, Lee

    Friday, January 09, 2004 -- 05:24:14 (EST)
    Name: Lee Williams
  • Simon and family - so glad to hear "minimal residual disease"!! Good work. And pleased to hear visit with Grandparents went so well, and that you had a visit with Rowan, Steve and Annette. It is cold here but no snow yet. Think of you often and so glad to read your good news. Happy New Year. Lots of love, Lee

    Thursday, January 08, 2004 -- 18:15:12 (EST)
    Name: Marta, Paul & Sam -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor,
  • Simon, We are so happy to read those hopeful words - minimal residual disease. And we will keep hoping for the day we read the victorious word - cure. And now that we have read what yorr Dad had to say, we will future-perfectly think of your cure, too! Simon, you have done everything a boy could do to get to minimal residual disease, and we will live our lives trying to be as feisty and brave as you. Congratulations! Your family has done everything a family could too - and we think all the love and the sometimes laughter (we think there must have been some at Pixar Studios!)makes every day a good one (even when it's a "bad" day).

    We bought a new house so we are in the middle of moving, and I noticed that even though I am leaving some things that I have cared about, all the really important stuff I am taking with me - myself, my family, my chance to wake up in the morning and be in the world. Feels pretty good, huh? Of course, recently "being in the world" around here meant being in the COLD. It was about 9 degrees plus a nasty wind. Brrrrrr. Today was better though - just normal winter.

    We are reading your progress and thinking of you all the time.

    Marta, Paul & Sam

    Tuesday, January 06, 2004 -- 21:00:03 (EST)
    Name: rebecca & emma -- Email:
    Location: Oberlin, OH USA
  • Good news, Simon! We are so happy to hear those wonderful words: minimal residual disease. We are all so very proud of you for being such a brave strong trouper, Simon, for three years. You are an inspiration.

    And a visit to Pixar studios?!! Wow! Monster's Inc. is one of our favorite movies. We just watched it again over vacation. I wonder if Mr. Pete has a similar twinkle in his eye to the one we love in his sister Kristin, who lives in Cleveland? She's married to a former student of Randy's (who is a fellow former Alaskan, like me.)

    We saw your Gran at Ben Franklin's the other day and she said her Christmas with your family and your Grampa was terrific. Yay!

    I'm thinking about trying out snowshoeing with my family this winter: what do you think? I think it will remind me - as the snow always does - of Alaska. Plus, we can pretend to be polar bears! Snow leopards! Arctic explorers! miss you-Rebecca

    I love you, Simon! -Emma

    Happy New Year to Simon, Miriam, Mary and Markus from Rebecca, Randy, Emma & Schuyler

    Tuesday, January 06, 2004 -- 08:45:59 (EST)
    Name: Claire Weiner
  • Hi Mary and Markus- just a quick note to let you know that I stay informed via your incredible web page. I too hope that 2004 will bring good things for Simon and for your family. Best, Claire Weiner

    Monday, January 05, 2004 -- 23:56:54 (EST)
    Name: Annette, Steve and Rowan
    Location: Oaktown, CA
  • Simon Miriam et all,

    Sure was nice to see you!! Glad we live in an area with good doctors so you had to come our way. Sorry you got rain for New Years Eve. Fortunately we had lots of snow in Yosemite and it was absolutely gorgeous. Next time you will need to try to fit that into your trip. I think it will rival Yellowstone. Was really fun to have time to catch up with you all and I know Rowan loved having you both all to himself and playing the Bionicals game on
    Simon's web site in tandem. Miss you.

    Love, ASR.

    Monday, January 05, 2004 -- 14:59:10 (EST)
    Name: Kyla Boyse -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, MI
  • Hi, you beautiful family!

    I was very glad to read good news about Simon's Accutane treatment going well (and how cool that it involves jello!). Good to get reassurance from another doc, too. The tour of Pixar sounded great fun. We love Mike (known to Alita as "funny-green-Mike-with-one-eye").

    Would you like us to mail you Miriam's baby doll that she left here so long ago, or is it long forgotten and not worth the postage?

    Speaking of babies, we are expecting another little Boyse-Peacor in June.

    We share your future perfect thinking for 2004, and think about you every day.

    Much Love,
    Kyla, Scott, Victor and Alita

    Sunday, January 04, 2004 -- 20:17:38 (EST)
    Name: amy -- Email:
    Location: ann arbor, mi
  • Congrats on learning to swallow those pills! And hooray for the reassurance you've gotten in California. We wish you indeed a future perfect--enjoyed reading Markus' letter--and glad to know that you seem to have found a new church to call home! Best to all--

    Sunday, January 04, 2004 -- 14:54:11 (EST)
    Name: Sally
    Location: Seattle,
  • Thank you for the thorough and hopeful update. I've been checking daily wishing for this kind of news! Best wishes for 2004. Much love, Sally

    Saturday, January 03, 2004 -- 11:32:39 (EST)
    Name: Kris Hopkins
    Location: Clinton, NY
  • Well, so much for knocking on wood! Not 2 days after I last wrote, Laura came down with the flu -- just before Christmas! -- and Danny got it just after she did. (Just like you guys, a younger sister got it first and then an older brother!) But they're both feeling much better now, and I hope you all are, too!

    Happy New Year, and all best wishes for whatever comes next.

    Love, Kris, Rob, Emily, Danny, and Laura

    Saturday, January 03, 2004 -- 08:55:51 (EST)
    Name: Jane -- Email:
    Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105
  • Hi Simon!!
    We are sending you greetings from your old playing ground-- Ann Arbor, Michigan. We hope the New Year brings you energy and healing. We wanted to let you know that it is still grey and cold here and there are NO MOUNTAINS! I am sure the mountains are beautiful where you live. I have heard a story that mountains have great energy inside that has all kinds of power and strength. We are hoping the mountain power sends you power and strength. Love to you today and always, Jane, Lance, Cara and Emily


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